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Transfer iTunes Music to Android device Connect between rhymes and humans has become quicker, easier, and nearly instantaneous due to modern technology. Especially with phones, laptops, pod and other portable devices media players which allow people to carry around thousands of songs around. Music application like Apple’s iTunes allows users to sync their music with their […]
Are you ready to know how to activate youtube dark mode? Alright, I will show you. Google has been rolling out a dark mode to all mobile apps. Last year, it added the ability to change YouTube’s background from white to black on its desktop website. The Dark mode is available now for iOS and […]
This post will teach you how to stop Facebook notifications. I know that because of busy schedules and other things, disabling Facebook notifications most times is not an option for Facebook users. But the big question now is, what happens when you are getting numerous pop-up notifications from Facebook? QUITE BORING RIGHT? Well, I have […]
Someone once asked me, how do you dm someone on tik tok? The answer is rather simple and with just a few steps you’d be sending direct messages on tik tok like a boss. What is a DM? DM means direct message, this kind of message is directed to a specific person on your contact […]