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I bet a lot of you didn’t know about this. I have been using telegram for years and didn’t know that I could schedule messages on Telegram. In this short guide, I will show you how to schedule message on Telegram. Have you read my guide on how to schedule message on Android? A scheduled […]
Want to know a quick and easy method on how to see your comments on Facebook? I once made a comment on a post a long time ago, I was quite angry at the time. A few days later, I regretted posting that comment on the page, but it was too late. “If only I […]
Hey there guys, there are about 5 million+ Facebook users that login to Facebook every day and we never stop to find out how to check Facebook login history. Yeah, well, we think it’s not important, we don’t log out of our Facebook accounts, do we? Like it or not, there are people that could […]
Want to know how to save an image from Google Docs? Have you ever received an email from Gmail containing a docs file? Yes? Read on then, If you have been receiving docs files that contain images, then you probably have tried to download or save an image from Google docs. For beginners, it is […]