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Granted, technology had gradually eaten and recently is swiftly eating into everything around us – everything we do. From shopping to jobs to education to family and even relationships. Who knows what else it will jump on or what it hasn’t jumped on yet? It is only wise that, as it keeps eating into things, […]
In today’s software market, you can easily find many video format converters includes trial version, registered version, free version. But many of them are just illusions, and lack of technical support or gadgets may lead to incomplete conversion. At this time, a professional video format converter is particularly important. Here, I suggest you know about […]
According to studies done by GSMA, there are 8.8 billion mobile phones. Did you know that’s more than the current human population, which is 7.92 as given by the UN? In short, this means that there are people who own more than one phones. So, what are they doing on their devices? Adults spend an […]