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Basically, almost everyone of us uses Google chrome web browser every day, for work, to download files and even to stream videos online. So, you must have come across the word cache before, but for the benefit of those that haven’t and don’t know how to clear cache in google chrome, here’s a quick clarification […]
It is what is it. The Cookies I’ll be talking about are not the regular dessert that you can munch away. This article will show you how to delete cookies in Google chrome in a bit. The big question: What are cookies? This is one question you should know the answer to. There are a […]
Gmail is the best email service I’ve used since like forever.  It is so user-friendly and convenient that it’s impossible to imagine my phone without it. From being free from intrusive ads to more storage and syncing with Google Drive, Gmail is a staple go-to for any and every one. That said, the extensions listed […]