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Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail     Gmail is the best email service I’ve used since like forever.  It is so user-friendly and convenient that it’s impossible to imagine my phone without it. From being free from intrusive ads to more storage and syncing with Google Drive, Gmail is a staple go-to for any and […]
Top Chrome Extensions For Teachers 2018   A teacher’s reward might be in heaven but his tools are here and made better by extensions. From arranging other extensions to spell checks, these extensions give the greatest humans a reason and much easier way to do more and better for themselves and the entire planet. I […]
Best Chrome Extensions For Designers 2018 Hey there reader. I’d start this article by saying ”Thanks for being here”. I hope you enjoy your read. Designers, designers, designers!!! Over the weeks we’ve been talking about extensions for internet users of all kinds and classes and now it’s your turn. To become the better version of […]
Google Chrome Extensions For Developers 2018     I am a big fan of Google Chrome Extensions. I have actually published lots of articles in the past on Extensions, from 25 best Google Chrome Extensions to Google Chrome Security extensions, Google Chrome Extensions for students and others. This article is going to be centered on […]