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Your Android device is like a desktop with time; its performance starts to become sluggish. When you begin to fill your phone with videos, photos, files, and apps, the battery runs out faster, and it becomes hard to find your stuff. So, it is essential that you reboot your phone occasionally and you delete all […]
Hello, there tech geek. Here’s another post you are going to love. In this article, I will tell you a few ways to make your Android phone charge faster. Yes, That’s right. You will learn how to make your Android phone charge Faster. Having to charge your phone constantly is frustrating. Trust me, I have […]
Hello there, Big question ”can I unsend WhatsApp messages?” Answer ”Sure you can”. I am going to show you a quick magic trick, Well, it isn’t a ”magic trick” so to say. But it is awesome in every way. Today I will teach you how to unsend a message on WhatsApp after it is delivered. […]