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Your Android device is like a desktop with time; its performance starts to become sluggish. When you begin to fill your phone with videos, photos, files, and apps, the battery runs out faster, and it becomes hard to find your stuff. So, it is essential that you reboot your phone occasionally and you delete all […]
This is Hot, It is trending, it is blazing; I literally lack words to express concerning this; WhatsApp has given us the shock of our lives with a new jaw-dropping update. Previously, WhatsApp brought to us, the WhatsApp tag feature which I talked about once; And they didn’t stop there, We also saw cool features […]
Samsung has no chill when it comes to developing and designing smartphones, the new Samsung Galaxy A20 is an upper mid-range phone released April 2019 and is creating waves across countries ever since, Although Samsung didn’t include Bixby and other features like the Super Slow-mo etc. The Samsung Galaxy A20 mobile features and specifications are […]