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A lot of people are concerned about the size of a game before they download it. The major reason why one would look for the best Android games under 200mb is that they don’t want their phone space to become full. If you belong to this category of people, don’t worry, I got you covered, […]
I have a problem and I don’t know if I am alone in this world. Want to know the problem I have? I don’t like Android games with low graphics! ’80s and 90’s kids, At some point in our lives we played a bunch of games with low graphics, but that was back in the […]
Hey there, android game freaks, I have another amazing article to show you how you can easily play highly compressed android games on your smartphone. There are a lot of highly compressed android games out there, but I will be sharing just the 12 best highly compressed android games for today. List: Best Highly Compressed […]
Hey there, are you ready for the best strategy games for android that I’m about to introduce to you? Let’s ride; What are the strategy games? they are games that require strategic and tactical thinking with a high amount of experienced situational awareness when playing. These games are not board games like chess, but war […]