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Don’t you miss 32 & 16-bit games? Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and more. I love platform games, and you’re reading this, which means you love them too. What are platforms games? Platformers or platform games are a video genre and sub-genre of action games. In platform games, the most you would have to do […]
Guys, I feel very excited about writing this article, why? Because these are like my best kind of games to play on Android. I love hidden object games, I find them challenging and intriguing. If you want to build your IQ, you can try puzzle games. Puzzle games and hidden object games seem alike, but […]
If you haven’t seen the article on best train simulator games for Android you should go check it out now. Today, I will show you 9 best helicopter simulator games for Android. You can use these games to while away time and have fun. All the games listed in this article are free, you might […]