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Hey there, Permit me to introduce to you the best location sharing apps for android. It is totally possible to share location from your Android with anybody at any time. There are quite so many apps out there that claim to have the ability to share location, but I’m going to bring apps from google […]
A whiteboard animation is a great way to present a product or tutorial to people. Withboard videos are quite engaging. Ever heard of videoscribe? Videoscribe is by far one of the best whiteboard animation apps for PC. It is not possible to use an app like Videoscribe on Android due to its size, but they […]
Hello there, android users, are you tired of those pesky ‘your app stopped responding’ notifications that pop-ups anytime you want to access your Android’s in-built gallery app? It makes me literally want to throw my phone away, and smash it to bits, but that is not the solution. You might want to get a new […]
Here’s another exciting post. There are many reasons why one would need a countdown app on his or her phone. Did you know that almost all Android devices have a countdown app installed? This app can be easily accessed by going to the clock app on your device and selecting the countdown option. If for […]