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Looking for something to fill up your time with the latest news, in-depth storytelling, or comedy shows? You can’t go wrong with podcasts. You can enjoy it anywhere and anytime – whether you are in the laundry, in your car, or lifting heavy at the gym. So the question is getting the right podcast app […]
Depression is a mental disorder that causes someone to feel sad, unworthy, and lives in misery or hopelessness. Depression can affect a whole lot of persons irrespective of the type of temperament they have. Depression is an emotional and psychological breakdown that does not only affect the person who is depressed but also the people […]
In here is all you need to know about how to connect xender to PC.  Xender!….An application that lets you transfer files from one android phone to another through the use of Wi-Fi. I can actually beat my hands on my chest and say xender has an edge over it’s old “cousin” flashshare. Xender is […]