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Have you been looking for the best Financial news Apps for Android? Search no more, I have done a thorough research and put together some of the best financial news apps for Android. All the Apps listed in this article are top-notch and always updated. If you are into bitcoin, daily market news, stock news, […]
Smartphones nowadays contain a bunch of important and sensitive data like our mobile banking apps and details, gallery and notepad apps, they all need to be secured from certain people. Let’s say you hand over your device to a friend to perform a specific task then he tries to take advantage of that opportunity to […]
Hey there, Permit me to introduce to you the best location sharing apps for android. It is totally possible to share location from your Android with anybody at any time. There are quite so many apps out there that claim to have the ability to share location, but I’m going to bring apps from google […]
A whiteboard animation is a great way to present a product or tutorial to people. Withboard videos are quite engaging. Ever heard of videoscribe? Videoscribe is by far one of the best whiteboard animation apps for PC. It is not possible to use an app like Videoscribe on Android due to its size, but they […]