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Are you the type who wants to keep track of weight, find the perfect recipe for healthy eating, calculate BMI and BMR?  Then this list of best diet Apps for Android is definitely for you. They’re not your average kind of apps as we took our time to research this niche thoroughly. Moreover, these apps […]
Some years back, watching anime or getting anime niche app was somewhat stressful due to the limited websites offering anime content. DVD discs were the main cool medium of watching anime movies with slight ease. Fast forward to 2019, mobile apps are the new cool, numerous entertainment companies have doled out apps with user-friendly features […]
We’ve all been in a situation where we found ourselves in dire need of a calculator when one was absent, or worse still, we need a calculator with live feeds, multitasking features and Internet settings for researching on a mathematical problem or simple issues such as sending our calculations to a friend or colleague. This […]
A Lot of people search on the internet specifically for how to record screen on android. Most people get little or no success in their quest. but hey! Don’t go just yet, I have 7 cool screen recorder APK  for your Android device that will surely work for you.  What is screencast? Starting from the top, […]