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How To Block Phone Calls On Android

How To Block Phone Calls On Android


How To Block A Number On Android Phone

block calls on android

Here you are going to learn how to blocks calls on android. Our mobile phones (Android) remains a means for out loved ones and family members to keep in touch with us, but most times we receive spammy calls from various spammers, and scammers. I once wrote a post on the new Do-not-disturb service, a cool way to block promotional text messages from your service providers.

Today, I am going to show you different ways to block spammy calls or calls from people you don’t want to talk to.

There are many apps on google play store that can enable you to block a number from calling you, I will tell you about these apps but firstly I will show you how to block a call naturally on your android device, before going further to show you apps that can enable you to block anonymous calls on android.

So, moving on


How to block calls on Android 6.0 Marshmallow



Step 1: Open contacts on your Android marshmallow (that’s if the number is on your contact list)

Step 2: Select the contact you want to block


Step 3: Tap on the utility button located at the bottom left of your screen (3 dots)

Step 4: Tap on ”block incoming calls” to tick the box.

Calls from the number will remain blocked till you unblock/untick.


If the number is not in your contacts list then you can go to dialer > save the number with any name > then block.

How to block calls on Android 5.1 Lollipop

Note- You can block individual contact number and unknown call number.


Step 1: Open ”phone” app on your android lollipop device.


Step 2: Select ”more” at the top most right.


Step 3: Tap on settings. 


Step 4: Now, tap on ”Call rejection”.


Step 5: Tap on ”auto reject list”


A new window will pop up, now, this is where you can block contacts on your Android lollipop 5.1. You can block calls using four options.


  1.  Adding the phone number you want to block directly.
  2. Adding from your phone’s call log.
  3. Adding from your contact list.
  4. Turning on toggle button to block unknown numbers.

How to block calls on Android Kitkat 4.4

Step 1: Open settings.

Step 2: Tap on ”my device”.

Step 3: Select call.

Step 4: Select call rejection.

Step 5: Finally select ”auto-rejection list”.



You can block up to 100 unknown numbers on your android KitKatat device.

How to block calls on Android Jellybean

If your device runs on android jellybean and you want to block or stop a number from calling you, you will have to download ”call blocker”



Call blocker is a free app that gives you different controls, you can add numbers to the blacklist and numbers to the whitelist. What does this mean? Numbers in the blacklist are numbers that are not allowed, while numbers in the whitelist are numbers that are always allowed.


While using the call blocker you can choose to add numbers from your contacts or call history or you just put the numbers in manually.


So there you have it, if you own an android jellybean device, you can block/stop incoming calls through the help of an app called ”call blocker”.


Download from playstore

How to block calls on Android HTC

HTC products are quite unique, but that doesn’t mean that their call blocking feature is difficult to set up or comprehend.

Step 1: Open the ”phone” app.

Step 2: Press and hold the phone number you want to block.

Step 3: Select ”Block contact”.

Step 4: Select ”Ok”


How to block calls on Android LG phones

LG products also have the call barring or call blocking feature. With 5 easy steps,

Step 1: Open the ”phone” app.

Step 2: Tap on the utility button at the top most right (3 dots).

Step 3: Select ”call settings”.

Step 4: Select ”reject calls”

Step 5: Tap the + button and then add the number you want to block.



How to block calls on Android Samsung Galaxy phones

Step 1: Open the ”phone” app.

Step 2: Select the number you want to block.

Step 3: Tap on more at the top most right.

Step 4: Select ”Add to auto reject list”.

If the number is not on your contact list, you can save the number using any name before blocking. To make more edits, go to settings > call settings > All calls > Auto reject.


Other third party apps that block/stop incoming calls from entering your phone

# TRUECALLER : To be honest with you, I use this app quite often to block calls. To use truecaller you will need to confirm your mobile number and also create an account.

The app is not mainly an app for ”call blocking” nope, it has the call blocking feature as an add-on.

Truecaller gives you information about incoming calls, it’s somewhat like a detective app, ”so to say”. You can get details about numbers that call you without even opening the app, private numbers are no match for the awesome power of true caller.

To block a number using truecaller


Download from playstore



#Mr. Number : Mr number is another free app, downloadable from google playstore. Mr number does not require much set up like truecaller. When the app is installed on your device, you have the option of picking from categories of calls that you don’t want.

  1. Scam/dangerous numbers.
  2. Spam/annoying numbers.
  3. Any number listed as unknown.


With the help of Mr number, you can also block international numbers or any number not in your contact list. To add a number you’d like to block manually, simply tap on ”numbers on my block list” and start adding numbers.


Download from playstore

Okay, so these are basically few listed ways on how you can block or stop calls on your android device. But there is still one thing left to explain.


What happens when I block a number from calling me.

I know many people would be wondering what happens when they block specific numbers, frequently asked questions are;

What does the person hear when he/she calls me?
Will the person know that I blocked he or she from calling me?
These questions have simple and short answers. When you block someone from calling you, whenever the person calls you he or she does not hear (you have been blocked from calling this number) nope, the person will hear a few beeps and the see ”Line busy” or ”User busy” on their phone screen.
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  1. To block calls, open the Phone app, select Call History, tap the number, then select Block Contact or Block Caller.


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