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12 Best Yoga Apps for Android 2021 | Free Yoga Classes At Home

12 Best Yoga Apps for Android 2021 | Free Yoga Classes At Home


Yoga is daily gaining more potential around the world as one of the most popular activities that help people keep their physical and mental in shape.

Its health benefits have been proven by countless research and studies, and they found yoga to be great for relieving stress, weight loss, strengthening the muscles, lowering heart-related diseases, and improving overall well-being.

Another great thing about yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere, especially when you have the right app on your smartphone.

To help make the process easier for you, I have checked everywhere for this year’s best yoga apps and came up with this 12 best yoga apps for android. Getting one of these apps will be a great way to start your journey to fitness this year.

List Of Best Yoga Apps For Android

Daily Yoga

This is a wonderful yoga app you should have on your smartphone; whether you an expert yogi or you are just starting out as a beginner.

The app features hundreds of asanas and class plans. It provides a step-by-step to guide you through each of the movements while allowing you to safely master some challenging poses.

The Daily Yoga app has more than 50 workout plans to help you stay fit as much as possible with yoga, regularly updated content, and a global community to keep you motivated at all times.

5 Minute Yoga

Are you a newbie who also finds it extremely difficult to do more than 10 minutes of exercise? This yoga app will help you a lot.

Start and end your day with this app and see how easy it is to practice with the several quick poses available on the app for beginners.

Pros are also not left out here. With only 5 minutes of yoga daily, you can tone your muscles and effectively relieve stress. The app also allows you to track your progress directly to keep you motivated!

Simply Yoga

Just like the name implies, this app keeps yoga simple. It is a wonderful daily fitness and stretching app that helps you learn various fitness workouts and poses.

You can choose from 20, 40, 0r 60 minutes yoga routine that guides you through each pose.

The app also allows you to create custom routines from all poses. Isn’t that fantastic? The Simply Yoga app is available for both men and women, who have also severally given good reviews about it – the reason it made the list of the 12 best yoga apps for android.

Pocket Yoga

Consider this as having a yoga instructor right in your pocket.

It encourages yoga lovers to open up the app and do their thing irrespective of where they are – be it in their homes, on vacation, or traveling for business.

The app features detailed visual and voice instruction to step you through every breath and each pose. I call this a comprehensive guide to yoga exercise, thanks to its more than 200 illustrated poses.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is one of the best yoga apps for android.

This all-in-one yoga app features more than 80 yoga and meditation classes that range from 10 to 60 minutes at different difficulty levels.

With its over 130 HD video classes and several poses, Yoga Studio guides through every pose. It also allows you to create your own custom moves and poses during exercise. This is a studio you will love to be, and it’s right there on your phone.

Asana Rebel

You don’t have to sacrifice cardio for yoga.

With this yoga app, you can achieve both at the same time. Asana Rebel helps turn on the fire by adding strength exercises like push-ups, planks, squats, and HIIT to their classes.

It features short instructional videos, so you have something pretty to quickly look at while your muscles weep. Just a beginner? There are low-key sequences you can try out; they feature slow stretches, easy flow, and balance.

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Down Dog

Hey! Are you tired of doing the same pose every time? Down Dog yoga app is a good solution to consider.

It is one of the most popular yoga apps on Plays tore and have honorably made my list of 12 best yoga apps for android.

Boasting of more than 30, 000 configurations, you are sure to practice brand-new yoga poses and moves each time you step to the mat. Even if you are a beginner, this app gets you covered. It has a 3-day introduction to yoga, which is specifically designed to stretch and strengthen your back. Subscribe for the paid version, and you will be blown away by the features than open to you!

DailyBurn Yoga

Specifically designed for yoga lovers looking to stay fit while increasing flexibility.

The app features a two-month yoga program which alternates between meditative sessions and more challenging flows.

Do you want to extend your fitness routine beyond vinyasa flows to other training types? Complement your training with some HIIT routines, kettlebell workouts, and many more. All of these you can get with the DailyBurn Yoga app.

Yoga Poses

This lovely yoga app features more than 250 poses and information on how to go about mastering each of them.

If you are a beginner looking for how to best modify existing poses without inflicting injury on yourself, this is the app you should choose.

The better you are ta each pose, the more difficult they will become. The app is also super helpful for learning yoga poses before you enter your local yoga studio.

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Keep Yoga

Featuring more than 10 yoga session plans, 400 asanas, and 7 meditation courses, Keep Yoga has tons of benefits for both your mind and body.

It provides voice guidance, professional videos, and detailed descriptions to guide you through your practice.

Keep Yoga also has a meditation section, where it teaches you how to learn to breathe, focus, and train your mind in a daily 15 minutes session.

Yoga Glo

Hey, active runners and Spin junkies, this is the right app to help compliment your sweat sessions.

All you need to do is to search for your sport in the app, and you will be opened to a robust catalog of sequences designed to stretch your most used muscles while strengthening the ones you don’t.

It has various classes, ranging from five minutes to two hours, making it pretty easier to choose a practice that best suit your schedule.

Yoga Wake Up

Use the Yoga Wake Up app to set the alarm, and when the time comes to rise and shine, you will be launched into an audio-guided yoga session you can rightly do there from your bed.

Each of the poses is easy and simple and lasts about 10 minutes or less.

This is a great way to inspire your early hours!

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