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10 Best Windscribe Alternatives You'll Ever Find | 2021 Best Picks

10 Best Windscribe Alternatives You'll Ever Find | 2021 Best Picks


Windscribe is actually the name of a Desktop tool that gives you access to the world of the internet.

It doesn’t matter if your IP is blocked from accessing specific websites due to your geographical location or some other reason.

Windscribe will make sure that you gain access to whatever or wherever you want.

This application serves as a VPN, it gives you privacy.

As we said earlier on Windscribe is a desktop software or should I say PC software and also an extension for browsers.

Once Windscribe has been enabled it will start encrypting your browsing activities, block advertisements and even unblock some block entertainment contents.

By using Windscribe you will be protected from getting tracked and allowed to browse anonymously.  You will be able to unblock country-restricted content and be allowed to go beyond basic VPN protection.

But then, there are other alternatives to Windscribe. In this post, I’ll show you certain Windscribe Alternatives that you may prefer over Windscribe.

List of Best Windscribe Alternatives


Windscribe alternative Tor is a more advanced way of being anonymous over the internet. It is also known in the form of a separate tool and also in the look of the browser as well. Well, both are created to protect the online privacy of its users and keep them anonymous.

Some of the main features and functions of the applications prevent people from knowing your location.

It also prevents people from knowing your browsing habits.

Tor is free and is also an open source for Windows, Linux and other OS.

Pure Vpn

Windscribe alternative This PC application here is said to be one of the best, because of it’s endless efforts trying to keep your identity safe. Pure Vpn is often described as one of the fastest and reliable VPN over the internet. This VPN app offers a privacy and proxy tool that gives users a secure and fast service over the internet. The most interesting part of the pure VPN is that it uses 256- bit encrypted VPN servers to secure the data of its users.

Purevpn is popularly used by Australian’s, as it helps cover up their tracks on the internet.


Windscribe alternative Psiphon is a very cool and also a great Windscribe alternative. Psiphon helps users to clean up their tracks as other VPN does.

It has the ability to keep your identity anonymous and also give you a fast and reliable service.


Windscribe alternative Zenmate is a very powerful VPN service with lots of users. It gives you access to banned websites and country restricted contents.

It also helps you surf the web securely. You’ll be able to surf the web anonymously with no restrictions. You can also use it to hide your IP address. A great Windscribe alternative I must say.

Private Tunnel Vpn

Windscribe alternative Private tunnel VPN is just a name of a cross-platform proxy and privacy tool. It allows users to get protection and privacy over the internet.

No matter the kind of device you are using this VPN app will give you the best protection. It’s also has a very high degree of security and is able to keep your identity hidden over the web.

It also gives you access to blocked websites enabling you to surf the internet with no restrictions.


Windscribe alternative This baby here is a very highly secured sock5 proxy. Its privacy and proxy tool, you can surf the internet securely and privately. If you wish to keep it a secret you can that is if you know how to.

It gives you the opportunity to stay anonymous and surf the web in a great style.

This app is super fast and reliable.


Windscribe alternative Free net is a p2p system for censorship-resistant publishing. It allows users to get instant access to all type of websites either banned or blocked and also post on multiple forums and publish A lot of files over the internet.

You’ll also be able to surf the internet anonymously without dropping any information about you. The only way to keep a secret is to hide the secret from yourself, Freenet will be able to do that for you.


Windscribe alternative Anonymox is a desktop-based app just like Windscribe and it’s also an extension based proxy and protection tool for getting anonymous on the internet.

By using this app you’ll be allowed to change your location and change your IP address too. Trust me, AnonymoX is a good Windscribe alternative.


Windscribe alternative Better net is a VPN service that gives it’s clients access to browse the web. This software is available for all operating systems.

It’s is a very nice and secure way of getting into the website banned contents and protecting your identity on the web. With the betterNet, there is no need for being scared of cyberattacks.

  • HideMan Vpn

WWindscribe alternative ell, this dude here is not new in the world of VPN service. This software was specifically designed to help unblock websites over the internet.

You can get to hide your location and also hide it change your IP address. This app is easy to use and also contains the availability of a free mode.

Most VPN comes with a number of limits but HideMan VPN is unlimited to use.

So, that’s basically all I have for you on the Best Windscribe alternatives.  

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