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Top 12 Best White Noise Apps For Android 2021 | Pleasant Sounds

Top 12 Best White Noise Apps For Android 2021 | Pleasant Sounds

Best White Noise Apps For Android

Do you have sleepless nights and feel uncomfortable in your bed?

Are you tired of counting sheep trying to fall asleep? Or maybe you cannot stand that people speak loudly in public places when they just want to think their own thoughts?

We might just have the solution to your problem.

The calm sounds of white noise apps will help you to forget the world and get rid of all distractions. It is good for both concentration and relaxation. In addition, white noise applications are perfect for parents with babies, as it causes babies to fall asleep almost immediately.

Here are the best white noise apps for Android you can find.

Top 12 Best White Noise Apps For Android

Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

The Atmosphere application has more than 100 different sounds to navigate and choose. They vary from binaural noises (to help reduce anxiety and relieve headaches), the sounds of beaches, the sounds of forests, like birds singing or rain in a tent, and the city sounds (including the sound from a passenger train and chatter in a coffee shop).

My favorite noises were “Countryside Stream” and the copious rain options. You can even play multiple sounds simultaneously and save your combinations as favorites.

The app also allows you to set a timer, that way it will not drain your phone’s battery. It’s also worth noting that Atmosphere has ads that scroll at the bottom of your phone’s screen.

White Noise Baby

Looking for the best white noise app for baby? Well, here it is. This application is probably best for parents who have a fussy baby. It is proven that white noise is more effective than a lullaby. By using it, you can save valuable hours and get deep and deep sleep for your child.

The White Noise Baby has a wide range of soothing sounds of different types, including the classical music track.

According to scientists, the white noise not only helps the baby to sleep but also makes him fall asleep despite several discomforts. The application generates an infinite melody that will calm a baby and allow him and his parents to sleep through the night. You can set a timer to stop ringing after a period of time, but if your baby wakes up suddenly, the app will react to the crying and start generating sounds again.

Some babies can be quite noisy in public places for different reasons. This app provides a rattle for the baby to distract your child and soothe him.

In addition, in the app, you can find different tips on how to treat your baby, create comfortable conditions in the baby’s room and many others.

Rain Sounds – Sleep & Relax

Another rain sounds collection. The sounds of rain, ocean, and thunder can be mixed with amazing piano melodies. All the sounds are very realistic and high-quality. A fade-out timer is also provided.

This app has a very simple interface and a beautiful background picture. It is perfect for reducing stress when you are tired of a hectic pace of modern life.


The appeal of the myNoise app is known for its customization options. It has a colored-noise generator built right into it, which allows you to customize what color noise you want to listen to — brown, pink, white, among others — and select a frequency. White noise sounds like radio static. Pink resembles steady rainfall or wind, and brown noise is even rougher — almost like a roaring river.

The app also has a binaural beat generator, as well as noises of the rain, ocean, a Tibetan choir, temple bells, and one that sounds like taking a walk in the woods during springtime. You can purchase several more sounds for a buck a piece. One feature we really like about myNoise is its ability to mix sounds with your other apps — meaning you can play music while listening to rain noises, for instance.

White Noise by TMSoft

White Noise by TMSoft is a great white noise generator. It has 40 sounds in total. They include various sounds of nature, things like oscillating fans and even the traditional brown/pink/white noise.

The application performs a particularly good job with the audio loop and even includes support for Chromecast in case you want these noises on your TV. It also has basic functions such as alarms, timers and advanced settings in case you need them. The free version has ads and the pro version removes those ads. It’s pretty decent in general.

White Noise: Sleeping Sounds

White Noise: Sleep Sounds by Dream Studio is another cool application of white noise. It has 30 sounds in a variety of categories, including rain, fire, snow, waterfall, wind and more.

It even has traditional white noise, pink noise, and brown noise too. Some other functions include automatic pause, a timer and the bookmarking of your favorite sounds. The application is useful for a variety of situations, but above all things like meditation, dream or study. This is free of ads.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Who does not like the sound of rain? This application is full of more water noises than you would even think of, including the sound of a washing machine, and dishwasher.

You can choose between specific sounds such as “downpour”, “rain in a tent”, “city rain” or “wind storm”, or hear the sound of running water, streams, and gulls over the ocean. You can also mix multiple sounds together, so if you ever want to know how a waterfall sounds on an airplane, this app will help you discover it. it may even remind you to go to bed on time!

This application is free but has an optional premium level that removes ads and includes 60 additional sounds for $ 4 each month.

Relax Melodies

What separates ‘Relax Melodies’ from the rest is that you can play multiple white noises sounds at the same time- Meaning you can add melodies, instrumental, to the mix.

What caught my attention was the meditation tab. There are guided meditation tracks that will help you sleep better, focus better, and be more productive during working hours.

The free version comes with 54 white noise sounds, 4 binaural beats and is ad-supported. The pro version, priced at $2.99, comes with 6 binaural beats and more sounds.

White Noise Lite

TMsoft, the brains behind this free white noise app, put so much in the lite version that I didn’t have to try the pro one. The lite version comes with 40 different soundtracks, including several natural sounds like raining, water flowing, forest, etc. Then there are other mechanical sounds like that of fan, light, and AC.

Apart from an impressive white noise catalog, there are also pink, brown, and other noises to choose from. It comes with Chromecast support. There is a fullscreen digital clock mode. You can also record and play your own sounds which are cool.

Once you set it, the track will play in a loop or you can setup up a timer and not worry about waking up. The lite version of the app is ad-supported but free to use. The pro version will remove ads, offer more alarm options, ability to play it in the background.

Noise Generator

Noise Generator is a more traditional white noise application. It also offers a variety of other noises, including brown, pink, white, blue and violet noise.

It uses several filters to eliminate the right noise for any color noise you want. The user interface is quite easy to use.

Some other features include customizable sliders and a small APK size. This is probably the best you can find for traditional white sound and other colors. It is a free application with advertising. We would have liked a form of payment to remove the ads, but the application is exceptional.


Noisli is similar to the other applications I covered previously, but the reason it made the list is because it is available on multiple platforms, including the web. The Android application will cost you $ 1.99 for the premium version

It comes with all the functions we saw earlier like a timer, alarm, track mix, background audio playback and synchronization, which is available only in this application.

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Baby Sleep 

Baby Noise is a white noise application that focuses on children, actually babies. When you open the application, you will see a cute pink theme with icons that will make you go awwww! They have a series of categories to choose from, such as rain, forest, fire, heartbeat, shower, car and others.

Where it differs is that the application also comes with 4 lullabies that will help you sleep your babies. Other features, such as the timer and the alarm, remain the same, except for the possibility of downloading more sounds. For that, the application will redirect you to another application. Also, there is no way to record your own sounds. You can upgrade for $ 1.99 to remove the ads.

Best White Noise Apps For Android

I like White Noise Lite because it’s free, it comes with a lot of white noise sounds and it works well. If you have a baby and want him/her to fall asleep with white environmental sounds, White Noise Baby is a good choice.

If you want to create your own mix of white noise, Noise Generator is a good application. Relax Melodies can also be used to create your own mix, but it really shines if you need more guided sounds and meditations.

What are your thoughts about my list of white noise Apps for Android?

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