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Top 7 Best Water Reminder Apps For Android 2021

Top 7 Best Water Reminder Apps For Android 2021


The Best Water Reminder Apps For Android on google play store is totally free and very effective.

Now I know this might be a weird topic for some people, but there are people out there that need this topic, water reminder apps on their Android devices.

These apps are cool, they help you stay alert and know when it is time to drink a certain amount of water at what quantity and for what age grade and at a certain time.

Water Reminder apps are the best way to time yourself when it comes to your intake of water. I know most people don’t really care about having to drink water when an app tells them to drink water. Most people just want to drink their water anytime and don’t want to be bothered about the time to drink water and the time not to, but I can tell you that it’s really healthy drinking water at a certain point throughout your day, every day.

This app is amazing and is for everyone. You need an app like this, because your body is 70% water so, we drink a lot of water every day, at different times in a day, but you need to know the healthier way to drink water, to stay healthy and stronger as we all grow older in this world we live in.

So, follow me as I introduce you to some amazing Best Water Reminder Apps For Android.

List Of The Best Water Reminder Apps For Android 2021

Water Drink Reminder

Water Drink Reminder is the very first water reminder app on our list today, with amazing new features that will be very helpful to you when you download the app for free. Keep track of your water intake at every point of your day with this app.

This app is the best, trending water reminder app on google play store with more downloads than all other water reminder apps, with over 10 million downloads so far. If you don’t drink enough water as required, medically to stay healthy, then you need an app like this to keep track for you.

If you are a fan of going to the gym, always going to the gym to not just work out but also loose enormous weight, then you need an app like Water Drink Reminder. The size of this app kind of varies with different Android devices.

Drink Water Reminder - Daily Water Intake And Alarm

If you want to look young, beautiful, handsome, energetic and vibrant, then you have come to the right app. This app allows you to set your goals for the day on the volume of water you wish to take and the right time to take it. Now it’snot every time you drink water and it’s also not every time you drink large volumes of water just because you might remember to drink later in the day.

That is why you have this particular app, Drink Water Reminder has an alarm that will notify you of when to drink water, the right amount to drink and keep track of how many times you have drank water in a day. So it is very necessary to have this app handy on your Android device.

You can set your reminder and it will keep the records for you if you wish to check back later. This app is just 4.1MB in the installation size, with over 500 thousand downloads so far.

Drinking Water Reminder App

Another amazing water reminder app from google play store in Drinking Water Reminder App, full of colorful features and customization that beautifies the way you set your alarm. You know, sometimes we forget to drink water after breakfast, for those who take breakfast early in the morning. We are so much in a hurry to set off for work and we don’t get a drink, at least a glass of water before we go, this app will correct that for you and help you remember to do so every day.

This app also has a calculator for calculating your calories and weight intake. So you can even stay in shape with this app on your Android device. Track your body weight and take stock of the amount of water you have taken in a day. This app is just a light-weight app, 3.5MB in the installation size, so you have no excuse to download now! and stay healthy.

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Hydro Coach - Water Drink Reminder And Tracker

Here’s another Water Reminder App for Android, trust me it doesn’t get better than this. Hydro Coach is a really cool water reminder app that no just only reminds you of when you need to drink water at a certain amount, but also tracks your water intake and reminds you of the benefits of water and why you need it, with cool notifications.

Hydro Coach, like every other Water Reminder App on google play store, has a whole lot of benefits to offer you when you follow the instructions to follow the alarm or reminder and live healthily. This app is just 16MB, with over 1 million downloads.

Water Time - Drink Reminder App, Water Diet Tracker

There is going to be no long talk with this app, simply drink enough water as the app instructs you to do at a certain time of the day. Drinking enough water every day is good for you, so don’t act like you don’t need some kind of directions on how to drink healthily. With the help of this app, you won’t run into any trouble when it comes to drinking the right amount of water every day. This app is simple and really takes time to explain some things.

I really think it’s impossible to go through a site like this and see a list of the Best Water Reminder Apps For Android and not try at least one app and see how it goes. The benefits and importance of this app are quite clear, for your healthy living and productivity every day. Over 5 million downloads of this app so far, people are queueing in, why not try now, just 24MBin the installation size.

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Daily Water Tracker Reminder

So this new cool Water Reminder App works just like every other Water Reminder App that I have introduced to my list of Best Water Reminder Apps For Android, but with just a few new added features and tracker ability that might not exist in the previous Water Reminder Apps.

Notifications will be set in place by you when you edit and customize them to pop up whenever you have chosen it to do so. Daily Water Tracker Reminder tracks your day to day water intake and ensures that you don’t deviate from the protocol. You need to discipline yourself to always follow the reminder.

You can customize the app to beautiful colors and designs, customization is almost limitless in this app that is just 35MBin the installation size.

Aquaalert: Water Intake Tracker

Aquaalert doesn’t just remind you of what time it is to drink your water but also tracks your water intake, calculates your intake of water in a day, and reminds you of the next time to drink water. You can never miss your time to drink water in a day with an app like this.

Your records of all the water you have drunk probably for a month or more will be recorded and kept for you to check later to see how far you have gone and the amount of water you have consumed in a month. That way, you can know how far you have come and by then the benefits of your monthly drinking of water will be visible and you will be even inspired and encouraged to keep on and take it further.

Any age-grade can take part in this water reminder app, as long as you can install this app on your Android device, you are good to go. Although the size of this app is no certain, it varies with different Android devices, but you can have sufficient Data to start up the installation.


Water Reminder Apps For Android is very necessary for growth and the safe healthy living for you and I. You need water every day to stay in shape, water, as we all know, is free of calories, so you can actually stay fit by drinking enough water at the proper time. For those that don’t know drinking water regularly keeps your skin clean and clear and your nails clean and healthy, also very importantly, helps prevent some diseases like a kidney stone.

If you ever get tired when you are overworking yourself or you’re stressed out from work, the first thing you should do before eating is to take in water to keep yourself hydrated. Do you want to lose weight? well that pretty easy, you can work out every day while drinking enough water to keep you going. If you are a person that goes to the gym almost every day, then you need an app like my list of the Best Water Reminder Apps For Android.

Thanks so much for viewing, for now, see ya. Till next time.

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