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10 Best Volume Booster Apps For Android 2021| Ultimate Boost

10 Best Volume Booster Apps For Android 2021| Ultimate Boost


The 10 Best Volume Booster Apps For Android is another cool article to help you know the use of a volume booster app and how to use these boosters for your Android device. There are a lot of volume booster apps for Android out there on google play store and other Android stores, but most especially, google play store has the Best Volume Booster Apps For Android.

Volume boosters, as the name implies, help your Android device to boost the volume of whatever you’re playing, and also equalize the sound, so that the boosting doesn’t sound too loud and too noisy. So, most volume booster apps come with its own equalizer, this equalizer is very necessary to help your volume stabilize and also get boosted without any stress. So, my list of the Best Volume Booster Apps For Android will not only boost the volume of that song you want to play but equalize the sound and make it sound a whole lot soothing to hear.

Now, another very important reason for volume boosters, before we proceed to my list is the fact that most songs that we download from the web, the source in which do songs were gotten from may not have equalized the volume of the song, in a way that the volume is not too loud and not too low. So, in summary, the songs we download from the web contribute to the reason why we need volume boosters and also sometimes the smartphones we use can be a great contribution to that effect.

So, without further ado, let’s proceed to my list of the Best Volume Booster Apps For Android.

List of Best Volume Booster Apps For Android 2021

Headphones High Volume Booster And Equalizer

Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

Headphone High Volume Booster And Equalizer app, like I said in the introduction has not only a volume booster but also an equalizer. So you are not only looking to boost your volume with this app but also to equalize the volume as well.

This volume booster app is a very soft and smooth volume booster app with just 3.5MB for the installation size of the app, really light but very effective, compatible with any Android device. So look no further because this app comes as the number one app on my list of the Best Volume Booster Apps For Android.

You can control the volume of your Android device with this app and boost it just by a single tap on the boost icon and all your boosting will be done with ease. Boost your speakers also and boost your sound, and then increase the volume higher than your regular smartphones volume limit.

Music Equalizer - Bass Booster & Volume Booster

Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

This Volume Booster App For Android is one of the coolest, you can boost your bass and get that bass effect you like in a song. You can adjust your equalizer to get the stereo effect, that surrounds sound stereo effect that you usually get from Bluetooth speakers or headsets, you can get all that from just one tap on your volume booster app.

Not forgetting, the additional feature that not only helps your Android phone’s speaker but also when you are using a headset, the bass effect equalizer comes into play and equalizes the sound on the headset. Now, you cannot only use all this boosting without a little fun thing, but this app also has about 15 nice themes that you can choose from, so while boosting and equalizing your volume, your smartphone is looking good too.

This app like other apps is a lightweight app, just 4.9MB in the installation size.

Super High Volume Booster (Super Loud Speaker Pro)

Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

Now, as the name of this app says, super high volume booster, get ready to experience a super high volume boosted beyond your imagination. Normally when the volume of a sound is increased beyond its limit, the sound becomes a little bit unclear and one can find it hard to hear and enjoy what is playing, but thanks to the new and improved super high volume booster, that will boost your volume and make it as high as possible and still sound like the best.

Most of us that are Android geeks will think that before an app like this will really boost your volume that high, your device will need to be rooted, I disagree. Your Android device doesn’t need any root whatsoever, it works without root and your volume can be boosted to about 500% and be equalized to sound okay.

There are so many features in this app that makes this app thick, all these features can be accessed simply by just one tap and all is done, 3,0MB file size for installation stand between you and this app. Get your app now!

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Volume Booster Pro

Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

Volume Booster Pro is one of, if not the latest Volume Booster App For Android among other Best Volume Booster Apps For Android. Volume Booster Pro boosts your volume without stress, it might not sound extra high, as the previous app but will sound a whole lot better.

In some Android devices, it is hard to adjust all your sound features, your call volume, music volume, notification and alarm volume, but with Volume Booster Pro, you can do all that and even more. This volume booster app is the perfect app for any smartphone.

You can use this volume booster app to adjust your Android devices sound, one touch and you can put your Android device on silent mode, and then on normal mode and so on and so forth. This app is just 3.0MB in the installation size but can do wonders as a heavyweight app.

Music Volume EQ - Equalizer & Booster

Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

2 in 1 volume booster app, EQ and Booster, they walk hand in hand to make sure your Android devices volume and sound is properly equalized and its volume boosted. This app as of right now is the latest and the best bass booster and equalizer app on google play store.

You have a widget in this app that can enable you to access this app from your home screen and even adjust and boost your volume from your settings and equalize it also without the need of going to the app and waiting for it load before editing.

The cool features in this app like the fine wallpapers, 3D visualizer, themes, speaker booster, headset booster, and many others, is what makes this app the best and most effective on my list of Best Volume Booster Apps For Android, with just 6.6MB in the installation size.

Bass Booster, Volume Booster - Music Equalizer

Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

There is no music without bass, so, therefore, there is no volume booster and equalizer without bass, so while adjusting the volume, ensure to adjust the bass volume and equalize the music playing.

All volume boosters come with their own music equalizer or at least synchronize with the equalizers from the Android devices, but the sound must be equalized for it to sound great. So in this app, there are widgets present to take you to the app faster, shortcut to your Bass Booster, Volume Booster – Music Equalizer app.

This Volume booster app works with most video players also and music apps as well. Get ready to click the download link and download this 4.1MB sized app from google play store today.

Volume Booster - Bass Booster With Equalizer

Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

Like I have said before in the course of my writing, every volume booster app comes with its own equalizer, this app is no different, so get ready to have your music equalized by the pro volume booster app for Android. Play all your music with volume boost today. Boost your Android’s speaker, boost your headphones, boost your Bluetooth headset as well, even your Android’s alarm sound can be boosted to sound better and louder to remind you of what needs to be done.

This app can be said to be 3 in 1, a volume booster, equalizer, and a music player, so you don’t need to switch from app to another on your Android device, that is open your Android’s music player and then minimize and open this volume booster app. All can be done from one app, the Volume Booster – Bass Booster With Equalizer. This app is just 9.4MB in the installation size.

Mp3 Volume Booster Gain Loud

Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

Gain higher volume and protect your speakers, boost your Android’s volume and equalize the music, these are simple things that one needs to know and have in mind while trying to boost their sound or music. Some Android smartphones have great sound, most of them their speakers are developed by popular and credible sound brands like Dolby sound, Sony and the rest. So you can imagine the sound production from your Android device, then you now top it all up with an amazing volume booster app, the sound will just be excellent.

The downside of this volume booster app is that is might not support some audio format. The audio formats supported by this app are; mp3, mp2, aac, ogg, wma, ac3, wav, flac, ra, aif. Apart from that, this app is perfect for any Android device, just 12MB in the installation size, download now and discover the hidden features that I didn’t mention.

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MX Player

Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

Mx player is one of the extraordinary volume booster apps that increase your video or audio volume to 200%. Now, Mx player is mostly a video player app, but it also has the volume-boosting capability, which means that you can boost the volume of any video you want to watch and increase the volume to a level that will be okay for your ear.

Although this app is a video app, you can add audio files too, all this can be done through the settings option in the app. You can change the theme to various colors and spice up the app. Mx player might be created for video purposes only, but once you explore the options menu, you will discover other fun audio features that will intrigue you.

The size of this app might vary from different Android versions, but the installation size will not exceed 50MB.

VLC Player

VLC Player, the famous VLC Player, available not only on Android but also on Pc that is why this app is very effective, it is recognized as one of the best apps for playing video and audio and also very good for boosting volume, that is why it is a part of my list of Best Volume Booster Apps For Android.

VLC Player has it all, full function, audio player, video player, it has an equalizer, filters and many more. The features in this app are many so don’t think all I mentioned is all there is to it. VLC Player is a user-friendly app that has no annoying Ads and no in-app purchase of any kind. VLC Player plays all formats of audio files and video files, so you can be sure to have fun with this app playing any music or movie you might have downloaded from the web.

VLC Player has the ability to be customized to look the way you want it to, but just like the MX Player, the size of this app is not certain due to the difference in various Android devices.


All the volume booster apps on my list here today have what is called equalizer presets, though I failed to mention them in most of the volume booster apps I listed above, I did that so that you will install the app and see that for yourself, I won’t tell you everything about everything in all the apps now will I? So you’re to find that out for yourself when you have chosen to install then apps and then you will see what you’re looking for and find something even better.

There is no Android device without volume and there is no smartphone without music, so ensure your Android smartphone has the necessary volume boosters and equalizers to maintain your sound and keep the music alive. Thank you for viewing, as always it is a pleasure. Till next time, Adios.

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