Home Miscellaneous 14 Best VLC Skins 2019 for VLC Media Player | Updated!
14 Best VLC Skins 2019 for VLC Media Player | Updated!

14 Best VLC Skins 2019 for VLC Media Player | Updated!

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Once upon a time in TechyTab land, we talked about how to change your VLC look from the otherwise “blah” native look to something that suits your taste or personality.

But in the midst of all the ruckus of the how-to, we left out something very important: the best (based on popular use) VLC skins available today and for this I deeply apologize.

So, Before I did a little research and found these VLC skins and trust me there are worthy to be among the best VLC skins 2019. But before I go ahead to tell you all 14 best VLC skins. You should have already known how to install VLC skins.

Do you? If not, you can follow the green-link and learn how to install VLC skins. Let’s move on to the post of today (best VLC skins 2019)

List: Best VLC Skins 2019

Note: The skins mentioned in this article where chosen based on personal review and review from other people. If you think we missed something or didn’t include your favorite skin, you can drop a comment and after a successful review, we will include your VLC skin on our list of Best VLC skins 2019.

Now, I present to you our top 14 Best VLC skins in no particular order.

For all the transformer fans out there, this skin gives a solid look that makes you feel at home and in control. Just like the movie, Transform your VLC player!

This skin is so popular because of it’s out of the world look. It shows up at the top of the list as one of the most downloaded VLC skins.

You could simply fall in love with this skin because it brings its name to life with a beautiful glow.

This particularly caught my eye because of the lightning struck the screen. Check it out!

Another one for the fanboys out there. Live out your best avenger fantasies with this as your VLC skin.

I love this skin mostly because of the pretty girl attached to it. It’s worth your try too!

Everybody that has ever had a thing for Wolverine can find refuge in this. With his adamantium claws sticking out, you’re sure to get in the zone.

Lovers of black please step forward. This lets you love up on black without interruption. P.S: It kinda has a glow to it.

This skin is what I consider cute (if you’re into paws and pink). Hope you enjoy it! (A girl wrote this line) LOL

Personally, I don’t know why I love this VLC Skin, but I’d pick this over lots of other skins out there. Kudos to the creator of this VLC skin.

I’m a sucker for nights and maybe that’s why this skin calms me. It has a beautiful glow to it as well.

For the sake of colors, this makes for a perfect companion. Indigo all the way!

Give your movie watching a real theatre feel with this skin.

And finally, you might consider having Netflix and chill moment with this skin in place. Enjoy!

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