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10 Best Video Streaming Apps For Android | 2021 Best Picks

10 Best Video Streaming Apps For Android | 2021 Best Picks


I love streaming videos via my android device and it took me quite some time to find out the best video streaming Apps for Android. I will save you the stress by showing you some of the best video streaming apps for Android in a matter of minutes.

Isn’t that nice of me?

Without wasting much of your time, I will be showing you some best video streaming apps for android that can serve as a great streaming service for every smartphone user.


List Of 10 Best Video Streaming Apps For Android


best video streaming apps for android Netflix is one of the most known best video streaming apps for Android. This App is available in most countries.

This app offers you access to original series, 4k quality movies, and so much more!

To use this app, all you have just got to do is INSTALL, SIGNUP and get access to a world of unlimited movies. This app requires a valid subscription for usage and there are subscription plans which are quite affordable.

The highest subscription plan is roughly 13.99$ while the DVD app gives you access to Blu-ray movies and DVDs but it is also paid for at the rate of 4.99$.


best android streaming apps for videosYoutube is a popular video streaming app for Android that comes pre-installed in most smartphones.

This is an app accessible from all parts of the world.

It also has a very nice and simple user interface that makes it possible for users to find videos very fast. This app lets you stream live channels, get tutorial videos that have been uploaded by some users too.

It’s so nice that this app has another version for kids, where you could stream cartoons and lesson videos.

The most interesting feature of this app is the possibility of its users to upload there own video on the app for other users to watch and learn stuff depending on what category the video your searching for falls into.

Amazon Prime Video

vidoe streaming apps for androidAmazon prime is an App mainly for amazon prime members.

With this darling, you can get to stream movies whether the low or high quality and also get to download them.

If you are a first time user, you will be given a free chance to watch the first episode any tv shows of your choice.


best video streaming apps for android Here another app with unique abilities.

This app gives you updates on new movies, comedy videos and smart talk shows. It also gives you the ability to watch lots of movies, tv shows and so much more.

In order to use this app, all you have to do is download the app, signup for a trial version, then you can continue with a premium version if the app gives you what you want.

Note; this app is basically for U.S based users.


vides streaming apps for android Do you wish to stream Tv shows, anime and movies in a fast and easy way, then this app is a cool choice.

It gives you a large collection of streaming library where you can choose what you want to watch anytime you wish.

This app has some nice features which include; watching movies while doing other things, creating up to 6 profiles for your family and getting all your favorite videos synchronized across other devices.

Movies Anywhere

best andgid apps for streamin

The name of this App tells all about it.

This app is definitely one of the best places where you can store your favorite movie collection. This app is quite easy to use, it has a great user interface.

You can also get any movie you want anywhere and at any time you wish to.

You can get to sync your google play music with movies anywhere App by just creating an account and chose whether to allow it to perform that operation.


best video streaming apps for android 2018Twitch is a nice video streaming App owned by Amazon.

This app has about 2 million users around the world.

It also gives you access to stuff like gaming online with other users with the aid of live streaming, streaming of gaming videos and news updates on sports competitions.

In order to enhance and enjoy your performance with this app, it requires you to have an account.

The user interface is quite cool and simple to use.

Google Play Movies And Tv

video streamig apps for androidWhy search for where to stream videos online when you have google play movies app.

This app is very much easy to access, all you have to do is open your google play store app and download it and signup.

You can also get an update on the latest movies, news updates and so much more.

Some movies are also paid for while some can be rented too.

So with this app get ready to enjoy full streaming services with no problem.


best video streaming apps for android This app is not just for movies but also for social networking and social linkup.

It is more like a social media, where you link up with friends, browse live videos, interact and go live for your friends and other users to see.

You can also get to search for creators, artiste, and broadcasters and also get to interact with them.

To round it up, this app is more like social media but mainly video streaming.


So, You’ve read my personal picks on the best video streaming apps for Android, what do think about the Apps listed above? Cool or Un-cool? Your opinion really matters. If you ask me I’d say the overall best App amongst all is the youtube app, it is the overall best because it is unique and it has lots of videos, it is also and very easy to use too.

Thanks for stopping by!

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