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10 Best Video Player For Android 2021 | HD Video Players

10 Best Video Player For Android 2021 | HD Video Players


Whenever it comes to watching movies on Android devices, We always want to have a better viewing experience.

This article talks about our best picks on android video players that could help you play all video file formats, also supports subtitles, provides good sound and also capable of handling high-resolution videos.

Mobile devices are mostly used for a growing number of reasons, and many smartphone users derive fun from watching videos on their smartphones.

Searching for the best android video player for android on the Google Play store seems to be an easy task right? But trust me when I say that it’s harder than it seems.

Well, I’m always here to help you out.

List Of Best Video Player For Android

Mx Player

This baby here is a powerful video player with hardware acceleration that can be applied to all videos with the aid of the new HW+ decoder.

Luckily for us, MX player is one of the best android video players that supports multi-core decoding.

Also supports subtitle and has a lot of subtitle features like Teletext etc.

Mx player is also one of the must-have apps for Android, as it takes a very big part in aiding smartphones more fun.

VLC For Android

Vlc for android Here we go again, VLC is a multimedia player that allows you to play all kind of multimedia file.

VLC support all kind of video file formats including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC, etc.

It is capable of supporting auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments and gestures to control volume, brightness. VLC has an amazing widget for audio control and headset audio control.

It might also surprise you that VLC could be used as an audio player too and it supports all kinds of audio file formats too.

Video player

Android video players Boom! This app was recently launched and its already at getting all the downloads and love on the Google Play store.

The App is quite very good, it supports playing audio files and video files.

It’s quite easy to use, has a nice user interface and supports all kinds of audio and video file formats.

It comprises of more features that include an audio equalizer, easy management files, and advanced hardware acceleration.

There’s also play in background feature, so there’s nothing to stop you from using other apps while you’re playing to your favorite sounds.

Mobo Player

Best android video players The fourth baby on the list is Mobo player.

It’s one of the most interesting to use because of its great features, Mobo player supports various types of video file formats including the ones that your phone can’t access or play.

Also, it supports multiple audio tracks, subtitles (and multiple onscreen subtitles), media streaming is among the many welcome awesome features. Do you know that with mobo player you can be able to watch movies and do other stuff at the same time?

Well, that can be possible with the aid of the floating window feature.

The floating window makes it possible for you to keep the video at the top of other apps while working or texting.

Km Player

Best android video player Km player is a very much reliable video player that supports Google Drive and also has about 300 million users worldwide.

Km player globally supports Hd videos, video playback speed, subtitles, playlists, and is able to support 30 different languages. This App here also has other features like the floating windows.

Floating windows enables you to multitask while doing another thing.

All Cast

Best android video players It enables you to cast local videos stored on Chromecast, HDTV etc.

It’s too bad that the free version of the app will only give you five minutes of viewing time. If you wish to have more you’ll need to upgrade to the paid premium version of the app.


Video player This app has a true video playback support.

It is highly compatible with all kinds of video quality, whether high or low.

Vplayer is a free trial app but luckily for us, it also has a premium version which you can pay for. Although the video player might not be compatible with all devices and the basic features are more or less.

For all looks, player consumes lesser battery power, and the hardware acceleration is superb.

It also has a beautiful UI and simple one too.

Gom Player

Android video playersThis darling here is one of the easy to use and most convenient android video player of all time.

It has a convenient  UI that supports slide menus and intuitive screen options.

With Gom player, you could be able to manage a list of your favorite videos and play 360 videos.

With this baby, you can connect to Google Drive, Dropbox and so on. You can also screenshot the screen while your video is been played, sound’s awesome.

S player

Video players for androidS player is a very easy to use Android video player.

Luckily it has a very clear display, smooth playback design.

This app has a very nice eye protection mode feature that helps your eye get immune to the rays coming out of your device.

S player was designed with a feature that enables you to scan your video files in just a blink of an eye.

It has other features like use of gestures, real-time synchronization, privacy protection and Hd display.

Bs player

Best android video players OK, this is an amazing app that has a lot of features that can be surprising.

Bs player is a top hardware acceleration video player app for Android, that also has a multi-core Hw decoding.

It also has a background playback feature that allows you to play audio and video out of the app.

Funny enough this app supports USB Otg feature that allows the app to play video directly from external drives. Sound cool 😎.

It has a lock screen support that is one of the minor features in some of the video players popularly known.

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We’ve finally gotten to the end of the Best Video Player For Android. Some of these Apps may vary in terms of size and data consumption so you may want to choose wisely. The free version MX player for example has Ads that are totally annoying. If you have the funds? You could go for the paid version to completely eliminate Ads.

To wrap it up, the above suggested best Android video players are seemingly okay to explore videos on your Android device. I hope you get what you are looking for in one of the apps I have listed above.

In case I missed any of your favourite App, kindly feel free to use the comment section.

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