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12 Best To-do List Apps For Android ~ Get Things Done!

12 Best To-do List Apps For Android ~ Get Things Done!


Best To-do List Apps For Android 2019

Best To-do List Apps For Andorid

Okay, I got the 12 Best To-do List Apps For Android on my list here today, so let me ask you this, are you always tired of being so disorganized, not able to commit to something you sad you will do at a certain time and you end up feeling bad and regret? Well, I got the Best To-do List Apps For Android for you to help you get yourself together, stay organized and do things when you need to and when you want to.

Our article on the Best To-do List Apps For Android is here to help you with that part of yourself that finds it hard to get things done. Everybody has things to do, some more than others, but it doesn’t matter how many things you got to do all that matters is that those things are done at the appropriate time. Timing is everything in life, you need to get things done on time.

That is why we got this article for you, choose and download any of the Best To-do List Apps For Android on my list, let’s dive in and see the kind of to-do list apps we got. Here we go!


List Of The Best To-do List Apps For Android 2019


Google Keep - Notes And List

Google Keep has been on the Best To-do List App list radar for a really long time, but this app is actually an amazing way to save notes on a list, create a list, type things that you wish to do later. Google keep will keep a record of it for you.

Basically, google keep is actually connected to google drive, all the notes you save will be transferred to google drive if want them to be, it’s so easy and reliable. At the google drive through google keep, you can keep photos, checklists, voice notes, and other fancy text notes which can be synchronized across different devices including the Google cloud, for backup.






Wunderlist: To-do List And Tasks

Wunderlist was one of the best to-do list apps on Android of 2017, and to shock you, it still is. Now, we got this app for free, even the newer version has come out with new updates that brought new cooler features. You can even download the Wunderlist pro, but it is a paid app.

Wunderlist lets you at your own time create your own to-do lists, you can even share your list with people if you want. You can use Wunderlist to also share your grocery list with your friends or roommates. Finally, this app has a nice sleek designed and also a cool user-friendly interface. You can simply Add and check things off your list.




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Todoist: To-do List For Task Management & Errands

Todoist is a really popular to-do list app on my list of Best To-do List Apps For Android, it’s become one of the most authentic to-do list apps on google play store. Organize your tasks by color-code, date and so on.

This new version is just unique, it has been well-designed and also has a nice user-friendly interface. You can attach dates to your list items and categorize them.

Todoist is available for Android devices for free, this app is integratedd with Google Drive services.







Trello is the online to-do management list app on my list that works way better than most of the other apps on my list. I have even used this app on my Android device before and it helped me a lot, I got things done in time and I stopped procrastinating, I just jotted it down in the app, and since I operate my device virtually all the time, I was able to keep checking my to-do list to see the things that where left undone.

This app makes it easy to categorize your list and add whatever you want to add to your list without any stress. Under each of your list, you are allowed to add what “Cards,” this will be used as items on your list. You can also add, a checklist, date, notes, color-coded labels, and attachments, to each of your cards.






Microsoft To-do List, Task & Reminder

Microsoft is totally amazing, 100 percent one of the top Best To-do List App For Android, totally makes to-do list activity easy and achievable. there is just one problem, this app is competing with Wunderlist to-do list app, and Wunderlist it topping the ranks higher than Microsoft to-do list.

However, there are updates to be installed and have already been installed, but better updates are coming to make this app a formidable contender with Wunderlist to-do list app. The app can do a whole of amazing things when it comes to keeping your to-do list and helping you stay alert of the things you need to do on that list. This app is totally free, just click the download link below and start download now!






Task: To-do List, Task List, Reminder

Tasks to-do list app is one of the latest to-do list apps on google play store. It has an amazing UI, and a friendly user interface, a lot of customization, and cool features. Basically, it works like most other to do list apps on google play store. All you got to do is to fill in task that you wish to complete in a day, week, month or even in a year and keep a close eye on them.

since the Android device is also called mobile device, it is meant to be on you at all times, so, therefore, you will always be with your phone and you can use that opportunity to check your task. If you can’t remember the app and the task that you had set out for the day, you can be sure that the app will remind you, this app has it’s own in-built reminder. There is a lot of themes that you can use for this app.





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TickTick: To-do List With Reminder, Day Planner

TickTick is another powerful to-do list app, ticktock says the clock, there is no time to be wasted. You can synchronize your list items between devices so that no matter which Android device you use, you will always have your list in full.

You can use widgets to access your list without even entering the app from the app drawer, you can also use reminders to keep yourself posted on the activities on your list, should you forget. This free version comes with about 2 reminders for a particular list item.

This freemium app is recommended for al Android devices and Android users as well.






To Do List

To Do List has a very simple interface, so easy to understand that you probably don’t need this description, but I’m going to give it to you anyways, although, this app has reminders that will help you figure out which item you haven’t done on my list of Best To-do List Apps For Android including the ability to get reminders to make sure you get your stuff done.

This app might remind you of Wunderlist if you have used Wunderlist or heard of someone use it of recent. Get simple things on your list and get them done in n time.






Do List App - To Do Checklist & Organizing Apps

Get a checklist, fill it up with all the things you need to do in a day, week or more, focus on the task and complete it, and then check it as completed on this app.

. This app has an amazing user-friendly interface, and with this kind of list you will totally fill it up with all your stuff. This app competes on my list of Best To-do List Apps For Android, so in a matter of time, this app will get there.






Any.do: To Do List, Calendar, Reminder & Planner

You got anything to do now is the time to do it, make a list and makes it plain. Before, if you wanted to make a list of the things that you’ll need to write it down on a piece of paper, well now, you don’t need that paper, you can make a list through your Android.

There are amazing features in this 2019 version of the best to-do list app, get a push notification that wil be able to remind you of any activity you must have set for that time. There are also some cool colors that can make your listing great.






GTasks: Todo List & Task List

GTasks is a popular to0do list app on google play store, almost everybody including me has used this app, it works just fine and is totally free. The free version has got a whole lot of features, including a quick voice not, widgets.

You can synchronize your activity with Google task, there are still hings left to be done. If you upgrade your app to pro, you will have other amazing features that come with it.





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Google Task

Google has tasked you with the responsibility to create a list, fill it with list items follow it up to successfully complete each task one after he other. There are subtasks under the other task or the main task, and also widgets to follow to make things easy for you.

You can also synchronize this app with your Calendar, it’s called killing a bird with just 1 stone, all you got is this app and the fact that google task has a large space, but can be sometimes faulty.









Best To-do List Apps For Android 2019

After all, said and done, how you go about your tasks on your list totally depends on you. We have a very simple interface that can help you categorize at least hundreds of tasks at once. Get a to-do list app for yourself, for you, your family, and also friends from my list of the Best To-do List Apps For Android.

There are thousands of to-do list tools and features out there and in the apps on my list of the Best To-do List Apps For Android, but actually, some are just way better than others, that is why you need to make a choice of the app you prefer and download ASAP. We are here to assist you to get the 12 best from the rest on google play store, So, we have curated a good list of about 12 of the latest and Best To-do List Apps For Android above.

There have put up short descriptions above each of the Best To-do List Apps For Android to help you know what you want and help you make your selection. Thanks for viewing this article, for now, we got to say goodbye, till next time, see ya!

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