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Top 10 Best Task Manager Apps For Android That Could Help You

Top 10 Best Task Manager Apps For Android That Could Help You

Best Task Manager Apps For Android

What is the best task manager for Android? Read on to find out!

Android is a great platform, but there are minor problems that actually annoy an average user on a daily basis.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the fact that there are many applications that continue to run in the background without the user’s knowledge.

These processes in the background consume all the resources of the system and consume the battery of your Android device, which means that your Android phone or tablet runs out of battery much sooner than it should.

It does not mean that you should not download applications to your Android device, but you should never allow any application to consume all the resources of your system.

To prevent applications from taking over the battery and resources of your Android device, you must download a Task Manager application to eliminate all processes in the background and improve the performance of your Android device.

Here is a list of our 10 main task managers;

List Of Best Task Manager Apps For Android

Smart Task Manager

If you want all the features of premium task management without paying a single cent for the application, it is better to download the Smart Task Manager because it is one of the most feature-rich task managers with a zero price tag.

You get a real-time process list in the app that shows you exactly how much CPU and memory are being used by different apps in real time. You can remove applications that are not useful and maintain applications that are important.

The best app management features in the application include the ability to back up all of your application data to your phone’s SD card. You can make a backup of all your applications and then restore them at any time directly from the application. This is definitely one of the best features of the Smart Task Manager.

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All in One ToolBox

While there are many applications to manage task execution inbox and mobile, very few offer a variety of services All in One ToolBox. It offers users services such as cache cleaning, CPU Cooler, batch application installer and uninstaller, backup and restores, application blocking and scanning of barcodes and QR, among other things.

This application optimizes your device with a single touch of the screen. This may be the last application in our list of the best task manager applications for Android, but it is not the least important.

GO Speed (Clean Boost Free)

GO Speed clears junk and increases speed from an Android smartphone. It also has another key feature, ‘App Lock’.

With it, you can protect valuable data about applications that you do not want others to access.

Block the application and help avoid compromising privacy. With its smart widget on screen, you can create an intelligent float with which you can save valuable battery life. Also, as a task killer, it is very effective.


Task manager is an old school style task manager application. It shows you a list of tasks and the total amount of RAM used.

The app also features a dark theme, the ability to kill apps if needed, and a one by one widget that kills apps for you.  

In addition, it does-app purchases, unnecessary permissions, and somewhat modern design. It is definitely good for what it is and it’s a weird modern app killer in an era when they aren’t really needed anymore. Still, it’s good for older devices.


Greenify allows you to manage all your applications with a new unique form.

You do not have to delete all the applications that are consuming the resources of your system. Greenify allows you to hibernate such malicious applications with a single touch.

Hibernated applications do not run in the background, which saves valuable battery life and your device also runs smoothly. However, whenever you want to use the hibernate application, all you have to do is open it and the application will work as usual, but as soon as you close the application, it will go back to hibernation. Greenify saves you a lot of the battery life of your device and increases the speed of performance as well.

Task Killer

This application delivers exactly like its name. It eliminates tasks that run in the background and increases the battery life of the phone.

This is possible with a single click. In addition, one can see the use of the memory of each and every one of the applications and then sort them into lists according to their preferences for automatic removal of the application or add them to the ignored list. A must have an application on all Android devices, this killer task truly delivers.

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Advanced Task Killer

This is also a great app; it can make the phone faster, improve the battery life of smartphones and even clear the cache.

With its “Ignore List” you can choose which applications should be deleted or which ones can be exempt. Similarly, with the ‘One tap widget,’ we save a lot of battery power. “Autokill” is the perfect shortcut to use once the main configuration has been made, so that we can obtain our preferred configuration with the click of a button.

Clean Master

I can’t talk about task managers for android without including clean master.

This application comes with a lot of features that you will not find in any other task manager application.

Clean Master offers a function of eliminating basic tasks and mobile optimization, but also has app lock functions that allow you to lock all your personal applications with a password, antivirus functions to keep your Android device safe from unauthorized applications. duplicator of duplicate photos to find and delete all the duplicate photos in the memory of your Android phone, and a game booster feature that increases game performance by up to 30%. All these features are included in this task manager application and it still does not cost you anything.

SystemPanel 2

SystemPanel 2 is one of the only task manager apps for Android that are still worth using. Instead of boasting a one-click magic solution, it only shows a lot of information.

It will show you how much time the applications have functioned on a particular day. It will also show active applications, use of the application CPU and more. You can also back up some data. There are also root functions, which include disabling application services and more. It works really well through Android smartphones. You can get the application for free or get the paid version as a purchase within the application.

Task Manager Apps For Android

If you want your Android phone or tablet to have the same performance it had when it came out of the box, you should download one of the task manager apps for Android from our list.

The latest versions of Android have a built-in task manager, but it does not provide as many functions as the applications we mentioned in the above list.

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