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12 Best Stock Market Apps For Android 2021 | Trading 100%

12 Best Stock Market Apps For Android 2021 | Trading 100%


The stock market is a very important machinery of an economy. It’s one of the factors which dictates if the economy of a country will appreciate or depreciate.

Originally conceived for the public interest through the issuing of shares. Well, it still performs that function. A lot of people keep growing their wealth through buying and selling of shares.

There are androids apps which you can use to get involved in the stock market and become a major player.

Here is a list of the best stock market apps for Android.

List Of Best Stock Market Apps For Android


This is one of the leading personal finance and investing app for android users. On your purchases within the app, you get Stock-Back. This means additional shares to your already purchased share. Unlike most stock apps out there, Stash allows you to buy fractional shares of stocks. With a minimum of $5, you can start investing.

The app has a feature called “Stash Learn”, you can browse through stock market news, as wells as reading articles and guides on investing, saving and budgeting. There are also quizzes you can try out to test your knowledge.

Depending on why you’re investing, you can choose between personal investment account, custodian accounts, and retirement accounts.

For automatic investing, there are Auto-tools within the app. You can set aside a schedule on how you to plan to invest over time.


This is a learning platform for honing your skills and gaining confidence in trading stocks before opting for the real thing.

You will be given some virtual cash to invest with. Presently, they offer real prizes if you invest $1M of virtual cash in their fantasy finance.

When you opt for the premium version of the app, you will get more features like technical analysis chart. This chart is very important and needs to be understood if you really want to profit from the stock market.

You can as well start your own private league. It’s a great way to test your investing skills against pros.

This app has been recommended on most magazines and well-known finance blogs, as the most ideal learning platform.

If you ever plan on investing with real cash, you can start immediately within the app. Moreover, Invstr offers live interactive charts for more than 2,500 stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, currencies, commodities, indices, and futures.

There is also a news platform featuring daily happenings in the market. This platform features several financial publishers.


This is a CFD online trading platform, which you can use to leverage stocks.

Plus500 interface is very simplistic and easy to navigate through.  Moreover, it’s one of the best CFD platforms in Europe.  They’re part of the sponsors of Atletico de Madrid football club, and Australian Super Rugby Team.

Real-time market quotes are now easier to get within the app. They also send regular price alerts on how the stock market is faring.

Most of the stock exchanges you can trade on within this app are reputable.

Some other needful features the app has are “stops” and “limits” which protects your stock if the market isn’t favorable.

Plus500 also offers a demo mode. It’s like a playground for you to hone your investing skill.

They have a very responsive multi-language support team.


This app allows you to trade stocks from around the globe. They have very intuitive management tools, interactive charts, and other necessary trading features.

AvaTradeGo has exclusive technology for market trends. In real-time, you can monitor changes in market trends.

There is also an AvaTradeGo community where you can monitor social trends of other members. This sometimes determines if there will be massive selling or buying of stock.

There are also several technical tools which are essential, on most stock trading apps they’re very unresponsive but the reverse is the case on AvatradeTradeGo.


Before now, this app was only available on iPhones and iPads. You can trade all major instruments on this app.

They offer leverages and also charge no commission when trading on the app.

You can trade on major stock exchanges like the Nasdaq and London Stock Exchange. Also, you can trade popular global indices on these exchanges.

Trade.com offers small-cap stocks, mid-cap stocks and large-cap stocks.

Demo trading account is also present in the app. You can test your trading strategies here with free virtual cash.

This app has more risk management tools such as the Stop Loss, Entry Stop Orders, Take Profit, Entry Limit and so on. There are 11 major languages available on this app.

Trading 212

This is one of the best trading apps in the UK. There are over 1800 CFDs on this app which you can trade.

The interface of this app is smooth. Switching from a page to another page is fast. The charts are easy to use for technical analysis due to the various guidelines fitted into the app.

There is a demo account to use as a practice from time to time, with free lifetime virtual money.

Using the live chat, you can get in touch with their customer service very quickly.


This app offers professional trading and is an award-winning trading platform.

 You need to have some experience in trading stocks before opting for this app.

You can trade on almost every stock exchange using this app, and as well as keeping track of market quotes in real-time.

The live charts and signals within the app are up-to-date. Any slight change in the market is already visible on the charts.

You can easily view your balance, margin, and equity.

The app also supports multi-languages.


This app has been around since 2001. It provides extra insurance to its user, by individually covering them up to £1M.

Your account is protected from being overdrawn. It automatically resets your balance to zero when it becomes negative.

There are no requotes and the latency is very low.

Two trading modes are available, simple & advance. This makes it very favorable for both amateur and professional traders.

A personalized watchlist is also available. This makes it easy to keep track of your stocks.

You can join various comprehensive webinars and seminars through the app. Experts are usually invited with an array of topics and advanced trading techniques.

Their customer service is only available for 5 days in a week.


This app was the winner of ‘Best Trading Platform’ in 2016. Global CFDs of shares are available, totally worthy of being on my list of stock market apps for Android.

Just recently, the app was fully optimized. The technical analysis tools are now much more advanced.

You can follow the regular updates on market news within the app, and also the commentary from market experts.

The app features one-click trading, this makes it very easy for you to trade without having to re-enter all your credentials.


This is a well-known platform with millions of traders exchanging pairs daily. One unique selling point of this app is the ease when depositing or making withdrawals. Unlike other apps which require 5-7 workdays before withdrawal, on this app, your withdrawal is processed the same day.

Moreover, various payment types are supported.

There is a demo account with free virtual cash which you can start trading with. It’s mostly for training and testing your investment strategies. You can’t cash out your gains.

There are various risk management options to choose from. When you opt for the ‘Negative Balance Protection’, you can safeguard your losses so as not to exceed your original deposit.

They as well provide you with full trading history in all positions.


This app revolutionized the way its users invest. You can start trading with very low fees.

The vision of this app from the start was to create a service for professional and retail investors. They are highly innovative, and have a low-cost alternative, unlike most major brokerage apps.

Their user’s account is very secure and also accessible with ease. All you need do is to input your 5 digit login.

Degiro also has its assets. Through a separate custodian entity, your assets are completely separated from theirs.

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The last but not the least on my list of stock market apps for Android is Fortrader. The interface of this app is very appealing and user-friendly. Also, the functionality is superb.

Step-by-step tutorials are also featured in the app for new members.

This app is functional on almost every device. You can access your account on an iPad or Desktop.

You can trade any stock with just a click. The app response rate is very fast.

The global financial market is regularly updated on the app. You can receive this via alerts or notifications.

The app is very secure. It features a full SSL encryption.

You can contact Fortrader support team via email or phone.

Stock market apps for Android

All these apps are regulated and authorized in the various countries they operate in. Besides, they’re some of the leading platforms for investing.

Just visit the Google play store and install these apps. Your journey to becoming a pro stock investor has officially begun.

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