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12 Best Sports Games For Android | Best Picks In 2021

12 Best Sports Games For Android | Best Picks In 2021


Welcome to another interesting article on the latest and very best Android Sports Games. Today I am going to list out a few sports games that are ranking on google play store as we speak and show you how good this games really are.

Sports Games are one of the most interesting categories of games on google play store, with more downloads than other categories, and sports games for mobile are also very easy and simple to learn, unlike some action and adventure games that might take a while for you to get the hang of, before enjoying the game.

List Of Best Sports Games For Android

 Score! Hero

With over 100 million downloads. The game is roughly 100mb in installation size, that goes to show you that the game is no joke.

The gameplay is very smooth and cool, with easy to use controls that lets you take complete control over the ball, the direction of the passes and the shots, the graphics are top notch. When you have installed this game, begin by choosing the player that will represent you in the game, choose among the few teams that will be highlighted for you to pick from, and begin the tutorials.

The tutorials are to help you understand and master the controls of the game so that you can comfortably play and lead your team to victory. You can customize your player’s hairstyle, hair color, boots, jersey number and lots more. Play career mode and progress from one level to the other, there are about 580+ levels and more levels yet to play, you can change from your current club and keep the fun. This game is very addictive and highly entertaining, the perfect game to kill boredom.

Punch Boxing 3D

Punch your way to victory in this outstanding boxing game with high-quality 3D graphics and smooth gameplay, the controls are nothing but on point and the sound effect gives you that in-ring boxing experience.

Start off this game by choosing your own boxer, out of the list of top boxers available for you, choose your country and begin training. You will be taught how to punch, give right and left Jabs, right and left Hooks, right and left Uppercuts and also how to block and dodge your opponent punches.

Learn the basic controls as fast as you can to get ahead of your opponents when you eventually start your career. Now once your career has begun, you will be put in matches against top fighters and you will have to prove that you are the man. Use what you learned in the training mode and defeat every single opponent put in front of you.

As you progress in the game, the boxers will get stronger and hard to defeat, so check into the gym in your profile and work out to increase your attributes.

Archery 3D

Go up against the best of the best that archery 3d has to offer in this cool multiplayer sports game. Compete with other players from around the world, enter the training mode and practice before moving forward with your tournament plan. I have to say this is the most popular Sports Game For Android on google play store and can be installed on your Android device for just 39mb.

You can play in the versus mode and go up against some really amazing opponents, your primary goal is to keep winning until you reach the finals of the tournament. Choose your Bow, Arrow and all other pieces of equipment required for Archery. The graphics are really cool with realistic gameplay and simple controls. Become the very best Archery master in this addictive Android Sports Games.

Real Racing 3

The graphics on this game is mind-blowing, super fast cars, a thounsand+ tracks to play in, but this is a legitimate sports game, simply race against other racers, online and offline. After the tutorials, when you must have gotten the hang of it (that is, the controls) you can then begin the career mode and race in a realistic track, change the camera view of the car and experience real racing.

I will totally praise this game for having 200 million+ downloads when downloading this game from google play store, the size will be below 60mb, but there is an additional file that you will need to download before you can properly install this game, and after such installation and when the game must have opened on your Android device, there will be more files you will need to download, to be able to unlock tracks, cars and many more features in the game.

You have over 4 thousand events to play, cups, awards, and achievements to win, play well to increase your driver level, but you can hire some people in the game to help you make more money, keep your cars in good condition and help you win difficult races. This game is amazing, so download and install it right now and begin the real racing experience.

Ultimate Tennis

Enjoy one of the very best realistic graphics on Android for just 100mb in installation size, customize your players and get on the court to prove you are the best. The gameplay is so smooth and easy to learn, the same applies to the controls, in fact, you can even switch between two-handed to one-handed controls.

Different fun game modes are available, you can play in the cool league mode and win a whole lot of cups and awards, also play in the world Tour, travel around the world playing in different cities and winning different international cups, you can also play online against your friends and enjoy the challenge.

This game is very addictive and totally fun, you can never complain of boredom when you have a game like this on your Android device, the game will give you a complete realistic Tennis experience.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

Create an exquisite roster of the best and top Basketball players, upgrade your players and all other skills. NBA Live is a unique Basketball game with amazing graphics and a really satisfying gameplay, the controls are easy and smooth. Now I want you to understand one thing, this game will require a stable internet connection for you to able to play and enjoy the NBA experience.

But basically, besides the internet connection requirement, this game is totally worth it, so if you are keen on playing this game, it might cost you a little, but it is totally action-packed and fun-filled. Before you get into the game properly, you will have to pass the tutorial test to ensure you understand the controls.

In addition, you will have to participate and complete some daily PvP challenges, as well as other leagues and matches that you might be involved.

WGT Golf Game

This game is totally the number 1 free golf game on google play store and worldwide, play this amazing golf game on a number of golf courses and events. Basically, you have a whole lot of golf courses in this game to play like,  Bandon Dunes, Pebble Beach, Chambers Bay, Kiawah Island, just to name a few.

Equip yourself with a golf bag full of all the necessary golf items needed to play and win as many cups as you can. I really want to commend the amazing realistic graphics, this game is one fun simulation game that brings the golf game experience to life.

You can upgrade your golf equipment to have the best of all the action, and also invite friends to join in the game and play through the online multiplayer mode. This game is just 57mb in installation size with over 10 million downloads and counting.


This game is one of the most exciting, competitive fighting game on google play store for just 37mb installation size, but you will need to download additional files to play the game. fight your way to victory and glory, choose your favorite fighter and step into the world of the octagon, you have up to 70 UFC fighters to choose from and four various divisions where those fighters are. Each fighter has a special and unique move that is very effective and deadly.

When you must have chosen your fighter, you will need to train him from time to time to keep his health power high. Play in a lot of events and shows, show other opponents how good you are, win as many championships and medals and awards as you can before your career is over.

The graphics on this game is totally amazing with realistic gameplay accompanied by a really good sound effect.

Madden NFL Football

Become the NFL’s G.O.A.T and compete against the best of the best, go head to head with a stronger team and compete in different stadiums, go on tours and compete around the world. Build up your own team and groom them, train daily and upgrade their football kits. You can be in control of your own favorite team, become their GM, create an unbeatable squad of the best NFL Football team the league has ever seen.

In this game, you have popular football stars, like, Tom Bradly and others in the Hall of Fame, play in the career mode and dominate the NFL division. Note this Sports Game For Android requires a stable and available internet connection to be able to work so when you must have downloaded the game and the necessary files, you will need your internet connection to stay on, so it’ll cost you, the installation size of this game varies with different Android devices.

FIE Swordplay

I am really thrilled to be writing about a sports game like this, this game is not an ordinary sports game, not like other sports that you might have heard of, but it is a unique, organised sport and it is available on Android, so you can download this game for just 78mb in installation size.

This game could be regarded as the world’s first Android game with real techniques and rules, wonderful gameplay and decent graphics. To begin this game, choose the country you wish to represent, equip all the tools needed and begin fighting, master the techniques and skills that you will learn at the start of the game.

The controls are easy to use and learn, so get ready to adapt, this might not be your regular fighting game but this game is surely interesting.

Hockey Legends

Get ready to encounter an amazing Hockey experience, with this new cool hockey sports game. Hockey is a very interesting sport with a cool gameplay and fun playing pattern. The game is just 26mb in installation size so, fewer Data will be needed to play this game.

Gear up and join your teammates in the pitch, play as fast as possible to score as many goals as you can, before the time given to you expires, customize your player’s gear and every other equipment. There are basically three different game modes, you can play in the cool tournament mode or the 2 on 2 or 1 on 1 mode that is available.


Play this amazing sports game, go to the extreme and become master of badminton, customize your players and defend your territory. This game is totally free with a few Ads and no in-app purchases, the game is just 24mb in installation size so download now and join the fun.

There are four major scenes, cool characters, wonderful visuals and sound effect, play and win the championship. Make your mark and compete against the very best and top players in this game.

Thank you for stopping by to read, I wish you luck in searching for a suitable Sports Games For Android that will satisfy your urge for some sporting action.

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