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8 Best Soundboard Apps For Android | Custom Soundboard Creator

8 Best Soundboard Apps For Android | Custom Soundboard Creator


Soundboard Apps for Android! The applications of the soundboard are small and fun applications. They provide lots of silly little bytes of sound anytime you need them. They are not very useful applications.

However, having the correct meme or sound at the right time can make a joke work. Anyway, this is a very long paragraph for the subject. They are fun, even if they are not important.

Sound tables can be quite versatile. You can use them not only to create new music but also to have fun. From the famous celebrity lines to the farts sounds; here are our 8 best soundboard apps for Android!

List of Soundboard Apps For Android

MLG Memes Soundboard

First on my list of best soundboard Apps for Android is MLG Memes Soundboard. This soundboard App for Android is one of the many cool applications of meme sound cards.

This presents a colorful design, simple use, and most recent memes. Of course, if it’s not what you want; there are other options too, which is not kid-friendly.

We’re not sure that matters to you, but it’s a warning anyway. It is a free application that shows advertising after every ten sound reproductions. There is a purchase of $ 1.99 to remove the ads. It’s good for what you do, but do not be afraid to look for alternatives if you do not have what you want.

100's of Buttons & Sounds Pro

100’s of Buttons & Sounds Pro is a developer on Google Play with a few good soundboard apps. Who doesn’t love pulling a good prank on their siblings?! Isn’t that what they’re there for? (Ha-ha) Embarrass your little sister by adding fart sounds when she is with her friends.

Add scary sounds late at night when you think you are alone in your rooms or wake them up with some horn sound effects.

Choose from some of the best sound effects libraries and pull out some of the best jokes of the innocents all year long!  Want to live in the fantasy of being a DJ? with hundreds of buttons and sounds, you can add DJ sound effects to your device. Download some sounds from our soundboard to compose a rhythm with drums, basses, steel drums, cymbals, horn instruments, and metal instruments. Do not you want the hard and the heavy? Play in each octave with piano notes as well.

Soundboard for Vines

Soundboard for Vines is a terrible name, but a decent application for the soundboard. You probably already know what this one does.

It’s a soundboard with a lot of famous quotes from Vine. We will not review the entire list because it is long, but the developer has a list on the Google Play page. It has a material design, a simple user interface, decent quality, and some other features. There is not a ton on the application that makes it special, it simply does what it has to do. The application is also free of advertising.


Zeptars is a developer on Google Play with a variety of soundboard applications. They are not too surprising, but the developer has a lot of them. That includes two random sound applications with elements like boat horns and musical notes, a meme sound card, a trolling soundboard and a couple of celebrity soundboard. The user interface of the applications is not very good. However, the applications work more than expected. They are also all free but with ads.

Download app here; https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Zeptars&hl=en_US

Celebrity Voice Changer 

Perhaps the most popular use of soundboards is celebrity soundboards. You can find on this app most big stars, politicians, YouTubers voices. Some of these are quite popular with over thousands of d downloads.

It’s a good place to get sound clips from famous people that you like (or don’t like) for various parody purposes.  Get this soundboard app now and start acting out the narrative of your life! While recording, you can sing, talk fast, speak slowly or imitate someone you admire.

Custom Soundboard by Johannes MaagkEntertainment

It free soundboard app for Android to create custom soundboards on Android. With this application, you can easily create sound tables with your music, sounds or custom recordings. It allows you to create a soundboard by adding existing audio from your phone or you can record new audio using the built-in audio recorder.

This application supports various audio file formats, including MP3, WAV, OGG, and more that you can add to your sound tables. You can add as many audio files as you want and also trim them before adding them to a soundboard.

Do not use software or complex sound-board websites anymore only to create and share custom sound tables with others. This simple application can help you do it directly on your Android phone and without much effort. In addition to creating and sharing soundboard, it also allows you to discover soundboard shared by other people around the world. You can play them or add them as a ringtone, etc.

Cringe Soundboard

Cringe Soundboard: it’s a great application of soundboards with many sounds for you! Funny sounds to make you laugh, terrifying sounds to terrorize your friends, guns, animals and much more! You can also get iconic sounds and cringe from the TikTok app!

This soundboard contains more than 60 sounds and keeps growing! All sounds are sent by the community. The app also allows you to set sounds as a ringtone.

Custom Soundboard Creator by HipxelMusic 

Custom Soundboard Creator is a revolutionary concept in soundboards. That is different? Very simple, Custom Soundboard Creator allows you to create your own soundboard, allow you to customize your soundboards with background images/colors, text colors, reproducible and sounds in a loop.

This makes it easy to use and adapts to our taste. The ability to choose sounds for a customizable experience is what distinguishes this soundboard from many paid soundboards applications.


Soundboard apps are fun little apps. They’re not a lot of soundboards on play store but we have managed sort out the best for you. They’re not very useful apps. However, having the right meme or sound at the right time can make a joke work. Try any of the above soundboard apps for Android and keep the fun flowing.

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