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10 Best Ski Apps For Android 2021 (Top-Tier)

10 Best Ski Apps For Android 2021 (Top-Tier)


In this article, I will show you 12 of the best ski apps for Android. You’d be happy you came here. All the apps listed in this article are highly recommended.

There are a lot of fun features that ski apps have to offer. With these ski apps you are sure of an amazing ski season.

Ready? Here they are;

List of Best Ski Apps For Android

  • Ski Tracker

The first app on my list of best ski apps for Android 2020 is Ski tracker. This app is amazing. If you love winter or snow sports, you’d appreciate the features that this app has to offer. You can mark slopes, measure distances and maximum skiing speed.

You can also take pictures with this app and share it with friends. You can also monitor the height above sea level. You don’t need mobile roaming data to use this app, just GPS would do.

  • Sportler Ski Tracker

Here we got yet another amazing ski app for android that will get your blood pumping. Sportler ski tracker is simply one of the best ski apps on google play store, as we speak.

Sportler has a wide range of amazing skiing features, you can record you slopes and come back to check it out another time. This app is designed for snowboarders, especially for winter sports.

You can track your speed, route, altitude, and distance accordingly.

best ski apps
  • bergfex/Ski

Are you in search for the best Ski apps for android, well, look no further, the app you are about to download right now, is one of the most effective Ski apps for all the snowboarders out there.

This apps offers a complete details of virtually, all the countries you know and hold dear to your heart, the likes of Australia, Germany,  Canada, Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Czech, and many more.

You have nothing to worry about, when you got an app like this, good high resolution Ski maps, a daily update of all your slopes and snow heights.

  • SkiPal 

Skipal has got you covered for everything concerning skiing and snowboarding. Join this app now and get the best out of the daily updates of all slopes activity, as well as the snow heights and accurate routes on your cool ski map.

You can totally use this app to check and monitor your average speed, and your timing. When I say timing, I mean, your rest time, ascent time, and of course your general time spent skiing, cool right?

  • Ski Nav

Hey there, I got another one for you, it’s called Ski Nav, well, that’s short for Ski navigation. So, now you know how it is, and what it entails. This app will help all the Ski pros out there to navigate properly through the snowy mountains and routes.

There are hundreds of Ski resorts around, this app can get you linked up to maps that will keep you in touch so that you’ll never have to miss your way.

You can also share your location with friends and let them know where you are so that they can join in on the Skiing experience. Happy skiing friend! download now!

ski nav
  • Skiresort

This is a ski app that covers all the ski resorts around your area. Basically, in order to get the full benefit of this app, you will need to turn on your location on your Android device and get connected to the maps to get accurate directions and guide to all the ski resorts you’re looking for.

You can search for ski resorts nearby, and save them to your favorite list, that you can get back to any time you want. Your ski resorts can be seen when you search, based on your country, region, or even continents.

  • SkiApp LITE

SkiApp LITE is an amazing ski app for android, with several engaging features that not only keeps you smiling while using the app but gives you amazing user experience, delivering the right information you need to survive in the snowy world of skiing.

Everything in this app is very detailed, from the statistics, down to the export of tracks and other stages in KMZ format. This app is totally free and also contains the most important information that you’ll probably find in other ski apps on my list.

  • OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report

For sure you ain’t going to be skiing on the grass or sand floor? The name of this app was to explicitly explain the use of this app, very direct and straight to the point, that’s how I intend to be about describing how amazing this app is to you.

So, follow me.

Here, we got weather forecast, that’s expected. There is also trails maps that will help guide you around, live webcams, snow history, mountain overview and lot’s more.

Can I keep going? hahaha!, well, download the app now and get all the exclusive.

best ski apps android
  • iSKI Tracker

iSki tracker is an amazing ski app that is suitable for all android versions. Start getting creative right away and create your community, that will have their very own maps, and routes and can join in as a team to ski.

That is what this app is all about. When your out skiing with your friend and family, all connected to the app, you can check you day’s activity, and compare your days performance.

  • Ski TracksPAID

Ski Tracks is just like the very first ski app on my list of best ski apps for android. This app is designed to give you a guide on how to be a professional ski man or woman.

Share you mountain, and ski experience with your friends and family, progress from being a mere beginner to a pro. This app is the best ski companion you’ll ever get, too bad it’s a paid version, but if you feel you need it, no price is worth the amazing experience and benefit.

ski tracks


Now, we are done with all the best and ski and everything, let me know what you think about the apps above on my list.

I took my time to select the best out of the rest, so you have no problem getting the perfect ski companion.

If you have any ski related questions, I’m right here to help you out, drop your comments and I will reply them.

Thanks for sticking around, cheers!

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