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Top-Tier Best 10 Screen Saver Apps For Android 2021

Top-Tier Best 10 Screen Saver Apps For Android 2021


Hey there, Android users, you ever thought about getting a screen saver for your android device and wondered about the one that will work perfectly without any issue?

Well, you’re in luck, because I got a list of 10 free screen saver apps for android.

Ever caught yourself looking at a screen saver, even the ones on your computer, for a couple of minutes, just sitting there, staring right at it, and thinking about how it’s giving your computer a great look?

So, now imagine yourself looking at a high definition screen saver on your phone and just admiring how beautiful it looks, it’s all about beautifying your display when your screen goes off after some minutes of inactivity.

In that way, you can also customize it to carry some important information that you might need. So, let me take you through the list of apps that I picked out for you.

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List Of Free Screen Saver Apps For Android

Let’s dive in and see the free screen saver apps for Android you can actually get for your android device.

  1. Video Screensaver

You can create beautiful collages with this app, set videos to play one after the other and it will look as amazing as you could ever imagine.

This screen saver app for android is totally free and has options to edit how your video screensaver will play via the settings option.

This app will ask for your phone’s storage permission, so be sure to allow it to complete the setup steps, just 2.1mb in download size.

Screen Saver Apps For Android

2. Matrix screensaver

This is a fun screen saver app for android, for fans of the Matrix movie, this will totally be a turn on for you guys.

This screen saver app is very customizable, with its custom colors, text, and sizes. The time display, the battery percentage display on the screen saver screen is just uniquely amazing.

All this for just 1.5mb in download size, totally won’t eat up your space, and has a shortcut panel that will take you to the faster.

Screen Saver Apps For Android

3. Widget Screensaver

Widget is one of the best selective screen savers on google play store, you can select any widget and set it as your screen saver when your screen goes inactive for a while.

Select your background, and all your editing will be a collection of savers that you can use to make the screen look the way you want it to. just 3.8mb in the download size.


If you are a fan of clocks and time widget, then I’m pretty sure you’re in the right place. This app offers a lot of clock screen savers, with different colors and designs.

This app is indeed highly customizable, with a lot of features that I’m sure will put a smile on your face. With just 1.7mb in download size, you can get this app now!

Screen Saver Apps For Android

5. 4K Screensaver Nature

This screen saver offers high-quality saver images to keep your screen going, although it might take a toll on your battery percentage the display will be delightful.

Download images like beaches, landscapes, animals, aquariums, butterflies, and more, all in 4K high-quality format. Afterward set the downloaded images as your screen saver and watch your screen come alive.

6. Lucid – DayDream Screensaver

As the name of this app implies, you can be sure to have clear, sharp, high-quality daydream screen savers at your disposal.

Everything is customizable, just download and take a look, from the clock to your battery percentage to basically everything on the daydream screen saver display.

You also have the ability to choose the slideshow display effect and have all your images set as slideshows and the will be shown in its order, with just 1.2mb of download size waiting for you, nothing should stop you. This app is totally worthy of being on my list of best screen saver apps for Android.

7. Screensaver – Dreamy for Unsplash

As the name implies, you can dream about a beautiful landscape with this dreamy screen saver.

You can set the wallpapers to come in effect at a certain time interval, after some minutes of inactivity.

This app is truly a dream come true app for anyone with an android TV especially if you’ve been wondering how to change or set the screen saver. With dreamy, you can also set the wallpapers for your Android TV. This app is lightweight.

8. Clock with seconds – DayDream Screensaver

Are you looking for a clock screen saver, the best of the best? Well, you got it here. This app can help you switch from the analog to the digital clock and customize it to suit your taste.

With this app, you can even set your alarm on the screen saver display and it will always appear whenever your screen goes inactive and the screen saver app comes up. So click now! and download for just 2.5mb.

9. Aquarium Screensaver

This is for the aquarium lovers, are you a fan of marine or aquarium activities? well, click now and start using this amazing app.

Easy navigation through the app, with a lot of 3D aquarium images to spice up your display. Trust me here are a lot of aquarium images in this app and you will never get tired of changing them from time to time.

It gets better, when you download and set it for yourself, just 11mb in the download size.

10. Battery Screen Saver – Customizable Daydream

The last but not the least on my list of best screen saver apps for android is battery screen saver. It is an Amazingly customizable daydream screen saver for android, waiting for you to just click and download, What are you waiting for?

I personally like this one, because I get to see my battery percentage at all times, so that if I need to charge, i just do so without having to touch my device to check, with just 2.2mb in download size, you can do that.


Get your 10 free screen saver apps for android and thank me later. Choose from my list of the amazing screen savers on google play store and download the one you prefer.

All the screen savers I have listed above are below 11mb in download size, so you can worry less about the space issue.

See ya!

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