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Top 12 Best Scrabble Games For Android To Play in 2022

Top 12 Best Scrabble Games For Android To Play in 2022


Scrabble is not just a game of fun but an intellect builder.

You come across new words and it improves your spelling skills. Though formerly played on board it’s now available on Android where you can play online versions, multi-players or solo games anywhere and anytime.

The list we curated features some of the best and famous android versions of the game. Moreover, they are mostly lightweight apps and work on any android version whatsoever.

Here are my picks for the best scrabble games for Android.

List of Top 7 Scrabble Games For Android

Scrabble® GO

Only this scrabble GO game can give you that scrabble satisfaction that you desire. I’m going to say wholeheartedly, that there is no other scrabble game out there that can beat this game as the best scrabble game on the google play store.

Scrabble GO is the latest, top scrabble game with modern and updated board and scrabbles tiles. Play with family and friends and connect with duel matches online as well.

Get involved with leagues and check your status to keep yourself up to date with how many points you have in this game.

Word Wars 

Get active, stop playing around, and play around with word wars, your top scrabble game. Enjoy the amazing scrabble experience when playing with friends.

Get challenges as you enter the scrabble world, play to win the war to become the top scrabbler you’ll ever be. You got what it takes to reach the top, find your match and battle till you reach the top.

There are no pesky ads that will pop-up to interrupt your game. You also have the ability to chat with friends as you go one on one against them in a classic scrabble war.


Here’s my favorite App. This Android scrabble game was developed by Electronic Arts and any game developed by them has quality gaming experience since they’ve been in the industry for a while and they have to uphold their reputation as one of the leading game developers.

This game comes in 5 languages English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese. There is solo mode and multiplayer mode which you can play with friends via Facebook and share you scores.

It has a “Teacher” feature which shows you better choice of words after making a move.

There is a built-in dictionary if you are at a loss of words.

 They recently added Speed Play mode where you and your opponent agree to 2 or 5 minute turns.

The graphics feature of the game is amazing and soothing to the mind.

You must be 13+ to play this game and it requires your adherence to EA gaming policy.

CrossCraze FREE

This is a classic scrabble game, with several unique scrabble board layout, amazing board styles, fun game modes, and a swift user-interface.

There are so many levels to play from so take it upon youirslef to dominate your world of scrabble with thrilling scrabble experience.

This game is totally free and has no in-app purchase. Play, learn, and develop your vocabulary as you go one on one with your friends and enemies.

Classics Word Solo

This game is truly a classic. It’s not only fun to play but also enriches your vocabulary with their built-in word definitions.


• 6 difficulty levels and

• 7 languages are supported (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Polish)

• Different skill level from beginner to expert

• English word lists include TWL and SOWPODS official lexicons.

• The boards are colorfully designed.

This game is used by many enthusiasts to play quick training matches and learn new words from the computer’s moves.

You cannot cheat with anagrams on this game. Only your tactics and creativity can help you.

Word Domination

This is a pretty addictive scrabble game, can’t imagine myself playing this game for hours without stopping, that’s scary, right?

That’s how it is when you’re playing a game like Word domination. You have to dominate your opponents and stay ahead of them, else you might just find yourself going down on the leader-board.

Get involved in the seasonal tournaments and events, it’s things like the tournaments that make this game so addictive, that is why I can assure you that you will have a fun-filled time playing word domination.

Word Buddies

This is a free scrabble crossword game for android that you can play with friends and family.

Build your words in strategic places to stand out as the best scrabbler in the game. Score high points to beat your opponents, win boost, and climb to the top of the leader-board.

Enter the game every day and compete in its daily events to score more points to get more upgrades and layout styles.

Word buddies is a game for you and your best buddy, so you ought to play this game with a friend, download now and let’s begin.


This game claims it’s purpose is to create an interesting offline game for people who don’t have a smooth Internet connection for multiplayer games with friends

You get to scramble and unscramble your words before playing. Creating powerful combos gives you extra points. If you’re a fan of bananagrams, crossword puzzle and jumble words, this game will be familiar to you.

The in-built dictionary supports English Word Dictionary (Collins), German Word Dictionary, French Word Dictionary

The English dictionary has 10000+  words. This is the norm for world tournament standards.

This game can also increase vocabulary for both adults and kids.

Word Shaker

This is the free version of Word Shaker. You get to search for words with a twist. Your have to find words in a grid and earn points when you find it. Each letter in the grid has a particular point value, and you earn bonuses by forming longer words.

When you get stuck just shake your mobile device and the words will unscramble. This is one if the simplest game on this list yet is enjoyed by both adults and children.


• Grid sizes are 4×4 to 8×8

• 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes timed games

• Text-to-Speech feature

• If you miss a word you can review

• Daily, Weekly, Monthly and All Time Online leaderboards as well as best words leaderboard

Word Master

This is an innovation of the traditional Crosswords puzzle.

It’s offline based and uses fast artificial intelligence resources.

Scrabble enthusiasts can use this game to improve their skills and reasoning when it’s time for competitions.

The language the game supports are, English, French , Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian, Greek, Catalan

You get to choose the difficulty level and time duration. You can as well offline against friends.

The challenge mode requires you to beat your high score and as well you can save your game and resume later. Your records and stats are also stored.

The game comes with two dictionaries in English – SOWPODS and TWL


This is one of the famous scrabble with over 3,000,000 players. You can play solo or multiplayer with friends and strangers. Seven languages are available for you to choose from.

If you know all the words in the dictionary beginning with Y, W and Z? That can help you in winning but still every letter wins 1 point.

You goal is to mark 25 points to win.


• You will receive a welcome bonus of 5,000 coins by downloading the game (+3,000 when you log in your Facebook account).

• Earn daily bonus

• Earn gifts from friends

• Earn sponsorship bonuses by watching videos and participating in mini-games on their Fan page …


The last game on my list of scrabble games for android is Wordalot. This game offers not only scramble but puzzles as well as picture crossword game. It is a multi-platform game app. There are over 1,000 levels to play with clues on the pictures in the crossword game mode.

As numerous as the game is, it’s still easy to comprehend. It’s suitable for both beginners and pros.


• New words to learn

• Colourful pictures

• They have a global audience

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There you have it. Install any you prefer and get started constructing words until you become a master at this craft. If you need a little extra help when you’re starting out, check out an online free word unscrambler like Unscrambled-Words.com. Whether you’re playing classic Scrabble or any of the other variations on our list, this tool can help you get a competitive edge and learn in the process. Simply enter the letters that you have to work with and receive a list of words that you can make. If you want to take it a step further, you can even specify if a word should start with, end with, or contain letters in a certain order. 

There’s no reason to hesitate before trying out one of these games because they all have a simple interface and easy to understand game controls. Though some require an internet connection and offer multiplayer modes, if you’re not much of a gamer then the offline mode is enough for you.

With these irrespective of it being online or offline, you too as well can pave your way to becoming a pro.

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