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Top 12 Best Science Apps For Android in 2021 | Free Download

Top 12 Best Science Apps For Android in 2021 | Free Download

science apps for android

Science is a very broad field. It challenges your brain and broadens your scope pertaining to the world you live in, as well as another universe faraway.

The scientific knowledge gathered over time led to the development of new technologies and the solving of practical problems.

Apart from the breakthrough science has given us, there are individual benefits. A student of science develops the ability to collect information, organize and test out information, to determine the one likely to solve a problem. This improves cognitive skills.

The apps listed here are mostly study materials which will be very useful whenever you need them.

So, without further ado, here’s my take on the best science apps for Android.

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List of Best Science Apps For Android

Newsfusion: best physics app for android

Newsfusion is the first on my list of best science Apps for Android. Scientific discoveries, researches, interviews, and studies are regularly updated on this app. You get to choose the topics you want to follow, and they will be regularly updated on your news feed.

There are several topics to choose from, such as astronomy, climate, physics, biology, environment, earth sciences and so on. You can choose an unlimited number of topics.

You can also subscribe to push notifications whenever there are prominent stories. Also, there is an awesome widget to try out.

There are badges to earn in the in-app community. This would help in building your reputation.

PhET Simulations: best apps for cse students

Experts at the University of Colorado Boulder designed this app. It’s used by millions of students each year. Detailed science and math lessons are offered on this app.

Whichever topic you chose there is a sim to tutor you, and this makes learning much more straightforward and gives room for some communication as well. You get to also pick your favorite sims, and create your own custom sim collection whichever way you want.

There are automatic updates of HTML5 sims. You can choose any as soon as they’re released.

Breaker: best chemistry apps android

This app turns your phone into a virtual lab.  There are 150+ chemicals you can experiment with.

You can hold it, shake it, cap it, heat it, add chemicals, pour out, or pour between beakers via air mix. To use the air mix, you will need an Internet connection and geolocation services. Through the in-app purchases, you can add 300+ more reactions.

Solar System Scope: best astronomy app android 

This app has celestial simulation features. It features a lot of space sceneries which astronauts only get a view of.

There is a 3D encyclopedia, where you will find interesting facts about every planet, asteroids and so on. The encyclopedia is designed in realistic 3D visualizations.

If you point your device at the sky, you will see everything in their proper place. There are also advanced options that let you simulate ecliptic, equatorial and azimuthal line or grid and so on.

The calculations on this app are based on orbital parameters published by NASA.

Star Chart

This is a star gazing and astronomy app with augmented reality features.

If you point your phone at the sky this app will tell you exactly what you are looking at, and would depict all the visible stars of the northern and southern hemisphere.

There is a feature that lets you explore all the planets of the solar system, and they are rendered in 3D. Also, all 88 constellations are displayed. The constellation imagery is based on the artwork by 17th-century astronomer Johannes Hevelius.

The entire Messier catalogs of exotic deep sky objects are also available.

Using the in-app time shifting feature, you can shift up to 10000 years forward or backward.

The augmented reality mode may not work if your device doesn’t support it. In this case, you will have to make use of manual scrolling.


There are numerous math riddles to challenge yourself with. These riddles are structured in a particular way that would level up your IQ. There are logical puzzles as well which will test your problem-solving skills. At the same time advancing your mental speed.

The app has several other brain games that would develop your memory power and perception abilities.

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Science Dictionary: free science apps for android

This dictionary app has over 100000 terms related to the field of science. Most of these terms have an image accompanying them.

There are over 35000 audio pronunciations for both American and British speakers. The audio pronunciation requires an Internet connection. You can also use the native voice search to look up a term.

You can perform advanced searches. It helps you filter your result based on “Starts with,” “Ends with,” “Contains,” and “Wildcard.”

Science Journal

This digital science notebook is brought to you by Google. Your scientific notes, observation, and photos can be kept on this app.

When using this app, your phone sensor is triggered to measure light, sound, acceleration, air pressure and so on. You can also connect to external sensors using selected Bluetooth-enabled Arduino and Vernier devices. To hear the movement of your graphs there is a feature called “sonification” which you can use.

Your experiments are stored on Google Drive.

Class 9 Science Note

This app will be a great revision note before an exam. It has definitions, formulas, and notes. They’re systematically arranged.

 These are 13 topics featured in the app (Matter In Our Surroundings, Purity Of Matter, Atoms And Molecules, The Basic Unit Of Life, The Fundamental Unit Of Life, Tissues, Biological Diversity, Reproduction, Force And Laws Of Motion, Gravitation, Work, And Energy, Sound, Natural Resources). There are other versions of this app based on several classes.

Math Tricks Workout

If you want to improve your cognitive learning and numeracy skills, there are several tutorials and practical questions in this app to try out. There are also mental math and Vedic maths tricks that will improve your calculating skills.

This app has a very beautiful HD graphic. And this is necessary so as to make your puzzle-solving experience very smooth.

There are numerous math tricks to try out, such as multiplication by eleven, squaring of numbers ending in five, multiplying two numbers whose last digits add to 10 and so on.

Play And Learn Science

This game helps children in learning core science concepts and building inquiry skills.

Play and learn science is like a catalyst for real-world exploration.

There are also family games suitable for co-learning with hands-on activities.

Several in-app games are available on core scientific topics. This makes their learning experience amazing. There are also drawing tools and stickers to use in creating beautiful images.

Learn Computer Science

With just a payment of $19.99, you will get access to 300+ topics. There is an AI-driven coach, bite-sized videos and quizzes. They all simplify the way you learn. Though the major way to learn in-depth on this app is by taking the tutorial.

The tutorial is filled with diverse topics structured in a systematic way for easy assimilation.


These apps are not substitutes for class lessons. Instead, they serve as revision material which you can as well use to broaden your knowledge.

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