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13 Best Running Apps For Android 2021 | Run Tracker

13 Best Running Apps For Android 2021 | Run Tracker


Running is a great physical activity to incorporate into your lifestyle. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight and strengthening bones. It is also a weight-bearing exercise. It tones the shins, hamstrings, calves, and quads.

There are numerous android apps which can improve your experience when running. Among them are these thirteen.

Here’s my list of best running apps for Android.

List Of Best Running Apps For Android


Track your steps when running with a GPS using this app. It gives you a clearer view of your training and where to improve. There are personalized routines you can try to fit into your schedule, and reminders just in case you forget.

You can create a custom challenge with friends, and track each other’s progress. There is also a chat feature you can use to communicate.

There is an in-app motivating voice cue that you can customize to relay your pace, distance, and time.

Spotify is integrated into the app. You can easily stream your favorite songs while running.

Wireless headphones and heart rate monitors are supported in the app. Also, you can sync Android Wear, Pebble, and Garmin watches in seconds.

Start Running

Here’s another on my list of best running Apps for Android. This is a coaching app for beginners.  All you need do is to just focus on running. The planning, timing, and tracking are already automated.

There is a built-in pedometer. As well as, workout statistics and charts of the 4 levels of training sessions.

Use your GPS to see the route you’re taking on a map. There is also voice feedback for providing instructions and telling the remaining time when running.

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You can keep track of your running in real-time using a GPS. Always log in your progress, so you can get notified when you hit a new personal best.

The most notable feature of this app is that you can sync it with other apps and wearables.

If you have a Garmin Connect, Polar Flow, TomTom MySports, or Fitbit account, you can easily sync your running progress. For Samsung Gear (S2, S3, Sport, Fit2 & Fit 2 PRO) and Android Wear (only OS 1.0) devices, you can use endomondo with them.

You can also pair with a heart rate monitor, and use Relive to create 3D videos of your runs, which you can share with your friends. There are more apps you can sync endomondo with, such as my fitness pal which reads your calories and so on.

Decathlon Coach

On this app you get to measure your speed, distance covered, calories burned, the difference in altitude and so on. Listen to the instructions in real-time on an earbud using the audio feature.

There is a tailored running plan, which lasts for about 6 weeks. You’re required to start with 30-minute sessions alternating walking and running. To build your endurance, there are Interval training involving alternate fast spurts and gentler phases.

This app makes it a must to measure your heart rate for insights on the effort and progress you’re making. There is a cardio gauge with various colors indicating your heart rate at any given time: Blue = warm-up, Green = Endurance, Orange: Resistance and so on.


Depending on the dietary specifications you provide, this app will track your weight and count calories. The main goal of this app is to make you fit through running.

Once your GPS is switched on, your duration, distance, and pace is tracked.

There is also voice feedback, but it only works with total duration, calories, current speed, average pace, and distance.

You can take cool pictures and share them on your  FITAPP feed. You also get weekly and monthly statistics giving you your running overview.  Several HIIT Workouts are available to try out.

There is a built-in body mass index calculator BMI that helps in calculating your weight.

Freeletics Running

No matter your initial fitness level, this app will still help you burn calories, improve your stamina and make you very fast.

The running challenges are based on distances and interval running. To improve your focus, there are audio cues and vibration features. While running you will be guided on the pace and the way you should run every time. This will maximize your progress significantly.

The sharing feature of this app supports only Facebook and Instagram.

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Sports Tracker

This app analyzes your fitness progress until you reach your fitness goal. There is a workout diary where you can input your fitness analysis on a daily basis. You can back it up on the app online service.

There is a social feed where everyone can share their progress and amazing photos. Encourage others by commenting and liking their updates, so that they will reciprocate. 

On this app, it’s more preferable to plan your route beforehand so you can determine the most suitable map type, and distance which would match your fitness level.

My Run Tracker

This app goes a step further to make your fitness goal a little more competitive. There is a leaderboard which ranks you on “all run option” and “daily run option”.

The first is a tab where you can see the best runner of all time, whereas the latter is a tab where you can see the all-time runner daily run score. The function of the other is to motivate you to reach that score. Competitions are also available to get yourself ranked on the leaderboard.

You can access your music library through the app, and create a playlist for your training.

If you’re the forgetful type, you can use the in-app reminder to beep you according to the running schedule you presented.

Running Coach

As the name suggests, this app is more like a virtual coach for runners.

Every week there are new training videos and articles on running techniques and drills. These videos and articles cut across running for 5K, 10K, Half Marathon And Full Marathons.

There are also tips on Injury Prevention and strategies for recovering.

There is a weekly running tuneup training forum, where you can meet up with other runners and coaches.

Start Run

The hardest part of anything is the starting point, so this app pushes you to start running, using levels gradually increasing in difficulty. It doesn’t matter how many miles you can run, what matters on this app is how long can you maintain your stability.

This app is a 12-week program with 12 levels. It also counts calories and calculates your statistics, which you can save on the cloud. You can also use the app in the background. There is a voice feature which will notify you when you need to do something.


This app has a running plan alongside a nutrition plan. These plans were designed by certified coaches.

The app has a database of 100000+ food items and nutritional guidance.

You can use your GPS and also Google Fit integration to get real-time stats for your runs, with audio cues. There is also a 3000+ workout video database. It features workouts covering all the muscle groups adaptable to all fitness levels. These workouts will be beneficial when the running session starts.

Whether you’re running to lose weight, build muscle or just to improve your running marathon. This app has diet plans and workouts for all.

Run The Music

This app adjusts the speed of your music based on the pace of your run. The slower you run the slower the music. And the same goes for how fast you run. This improves your stamina aerobic workout. The faster the song, the more you will be willing to push yourself further.

You will set your target speed. The moment you go below that speed, the tempo of the song will get dull.

Fitivity For Sprinters

This app has several programs, such as Increasing power and the length of your stride, isometric & eccentric hamstring strength, upper body plyometrics for optimal arm swing and so on. These programs are guides offered bit by bit on a weekly routine.

There is a feature called “fitivity beats” which is a highly engaging exercise experience, that uses mixes by DJ’s and super motivating trainers to push you through these workouts.

You can choose a personal digital trainer who will offer you audio guidance. After your workout session, you will be presented with HD instructional videos to preview & learn training techniques.

Best Running Apps For Android

Most of these apps drain battery life rapidly, especially those which use GPS for tracking your progress in real-time. You can switch off this feature and use a stopwatch instead. But this is very limiting because there would be no statistics to show how well you have improved. If you have a relatively good battery, then this shouldn’t bother you much.

So, there you have it, my list of running Apps for Android. Tell me what you think, which is your favorite app? If your favorite App is not listed here, you can comment and it will be added.

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