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10 Best RSS Readers For Android | Download RSS Readers Free

10 Best RSS Readers For Android | Download RSS Readers Free


An RSS Reader  “Really Simple Syndication” or Feed Reader, is a way to easily share news, update notices, and content to a wide number of people. There are lots of RSS readers out there, some with powerful features and others with only basic needs while others are non-functional.

We bring to you some of the best RSS readers for Android available for smooth operation with easy to navigate features.

List Of Best RSS Readers For Android


This is a simple yet fully featured RSS reader. It offers an amazing user-friendly experience to read and manage your favorite articles.


• With just a click you can save to Pocket, Evernote, Instapaper, and Readability.

No display of ads

• Offline reading

• TTS & podcasts are supported

• You can sync custom feeds


This app offers personalized news. It’s a globally used app. Technology experts, business professionals, digital marketers, research institutes, content publishers, and others use this particular app. 

By installing Inoreader you will have control and directives over the amount of new content being released into the web every single day.

They offer a free and paid plan

Free Plan

• Add feeds and organize into specific folders

• Use on any device supporting web and mobile apps

• Free search with full archive of your subscriptions

• Save articles on third-party tools like Dropbox and others.

• Share to any social media of your choice

RSS Reader

Unlike most RSS reader apps out there, this one doesn’t show adverts. The stream of articles is much easier to go through without worrying about pop up ads.

The app is based on an open source project ‘Sparse RSS’.


• Supports Youtube video

• Unlimited number of feeds

• Atom Feeds

• Dual designs

Palabre Feedly RSS app

Here’s another baby on my list of RSS readers for Android. This is a personalized news reader offering multiple choices as well.

Palabre is an all in one news app offering experience as a Feedly reader, an RSS Reader, and Google news as well.

Palabre permits offline reading, extraction of full articles from RSS feeds, synchronizing of reads/unread, magazine layout, scrollable news widget.

Add your Feedly account to find content based on your interests. You can as well add any RSS feed manually.

The app Support all RSS feed formats like RSS 2.0 or Atom, import. You can as well read news from your Twitter account.

You have the choice to save anything to Pocket, Instapaper or Palabre itself to read it later

Android Wear app is supported.

Lite RSS pro 

If you need a lightweight feed/RSS reader then consider this. You can read all your RSS/feed news in one place. Log-in isn’t required to view your feeds.

You can also add websites of your choice for fast access to them.

This is a paid app with no Ads. It requires a payment 3.64 $. There is also a free version called Lite RSS.


• You can import and export OPML

• Mark articles as read/unread/starred

• Automatic or manual synchronization depending on your choice

• Notifications can be turned off


This app has a beautiful design and fast processing feature. It doesn’t frustrate your viewing experience witch ads. You can add RSS feeds of your favorite blogs and podcasts too. You can enable notifications for frequent updates.

The interface of this app is simple and straightforward. If you want an RSS reader with more options and vast features then this isn’t for you but if you need an RSS reader just for viewing article related news and want a speedy loading and page swipes then this is definitely for you.


Feddster, yet another amazing App on my list of RSS readers for Android. This app provides news feed for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, VK and Feedly. It’s more of a multi-choice RSS reader.

It provides features like adding news widgets, writing comments, rating posts, reading news offline and so on. It has a smooth interfaces with many customization options.

This app also lets you discover top trending topics, breaking news, viral video clips, funny jokes and hot memes among others.

For business purposes, you can monitor the activity of various companies, analyze latest trends, have access to information and build up expertise on the topics you really care about.

You can easily add news widgets, connect RSS feeds from CNN, NY times, The Washington Post, Engaged, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, Quora, CNET, Medium, Vox, The Verge, Reuters, Buzzfeed and many more. It also supports subscription on different YouTube channels.

Aggregator RSS Reader

This app enables filters so as to tailor your notifications on news. Say goodbye to clogged up notification space. Only view what interests you.


  • You can filters news by title or content to display (important sections)

  • This app also notifies you on all unread or just new items.

  • Frequent updates

  • Feed auto discovery support

RSS Savvy 

This app offers rich contents. You can keep up with your favorite and up-to-date News, Sport, Technology, Entertainment sites.

This app also offers you the opportunity to learn about its features in a 90-second demo video.

This was previously available only on BlackBerry 10 where it exceeds a quarter million monthly users, and now it’s available on Android and much faster with unlimited free feeds, no ads, and no sign-up required.


• An extensive Catalog of feeds.

• Save your favorite articles for reading later.

• Mark-read support, unread counts, mark-tab-read.

• Full article viewing in app – no more hopping in and out of the browser as with other apps.

• Easily share your favorite articles on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and others.

• Import OPML from Feedly, Google Reader etc..

RSS Demon

RssDemon is a powerful and easy to use news and podcast reader. You can easily subscribe to news, blogs, podcast feeds and view them all on your mobile.


• Support all kind of news and blog formats including RSS, ATOM, Podcast

• Support downloading of Podcasts for offline playback

• Support article reading offline

• Personalize your news feed

• Easy search using keywords

• View article comments and image

• Backup / Restore settings


With the above-listed RSS readers for Android, you are now fully equipped with an array of choices. Depending on what you need the most, each of these apps offers something that can resolve your need and get you started.

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