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12 Best Reminder Apps For Android | Best Picks of 2021

12 Best Reminder Apps For Android | Best Picks of 2021


Nowadays, most of us are victims of the “I am very busy” syndrome, so we need someone to remind us of tasks or duties we should perform like,  attending a birthday party, attending a wedding party, taking a medication pill, cleaning up our houses and so on.

Well, it may be of great surprise to you that there are some android apps that can remind you of anything you wish to perform.

Reminder Apps can’t be only productive but they are very effective too in some circumstances.

So without wasting much time, I’ll be listing some best reminder apps for android.


List Of Best Reminder Apps For Android


Best Reminder Apps For Android This app is a to-do list app, but can also serve as a reminder app.

It is also a good app that helps remind you of stuff you are supposed to do, like reminding you to grab some foodstuff while on your way back home.

This app is way fast to use, has various task customizations, cloud sync between devices, reminders based on both time and location, and more.

You can choose to use it while at home or work and it also has a good user interface which is friendly.

Google Keep

Best Reminder Apps For Android This app is popularly known for note taking, well it may surprise you to know that this app provides a collaboration feature that allows you to share text, pictures etc.

The reminder feature is simply easy to set up but very effective.

All you have to do when using it is just to set the notes to pop-up as notifications at a certain time or place.

For example, you can make it remind you of stuff you want to do when your GPS indicates that you’re at a particular location.

This app is not as good as others in this list but you should really give it a shot.

Bz reminders

Best Reminder Apps For Android Bz reminder app is just a simple reminder app that reminds you of stuff that you have to do.

This app might look like it has many features but it simply offers some short list of features which seems to be great.

This app comes with an android wear support, alerts, recurring tasks, and even set hourly reminders for things like eating or drinking water.

Its also has some cool widgets, a simple calendar and lots more.

This app is a lightweight reminder app for android that is simply for personal use.


Reminder Apps for android This baby here is one of the most unique Reminder Apps for Android. It performs a good job when it comes to synchronization.

This app has a pro version and also a free version and they both have the same basic features.

Well the pro version can be purchased for about $5 but covers on the task

Ike to-do list

Best Reminder Apps For android This app is another reminder app for android, that will blow your mind. It uses President Eisenhower’s Priority Matrix.

This app comes with widgets and cool customization features that are impressive.

This app has a free and pro version which cost approximately $2.

Life Reminders

Best Reminder Apps For Android As the name implies this app is a time/life saver. This app lets you create tasks and simply reminds you when to perform them.

You can even get to set up text messages and call on schedules and also set them to be repeated as long as you wish.

This app has a very cool materialistic design and supports up to seven languages.

It is free and simple to use too ๐Ÿ˜‰.


Best Reminder Apps For Android It features a lot of stuff like widgets, reminders, awesome customizations and a calendar.

Once you come to the design aspect, TickTick rocks a materialistic design and is also able to sync across devices and much more.

However, this app is more suitable to use in the household or work environment where multiple people can rock it.

The free version is good enough for use while the pro version runs for $27.99 per year and it’s strictly for businesses.

To-do list

Reminder Apps for android This is a lightweight reminder app for Android. You can use this app to create a simple task like eating and paying off electricity bills.

You can also use this app to group task into categories for easier organizations.

This app also syncs your data to Google task for prevention of loss of data. Which means its easier to switch devices.

It is free to download and also has a free version that is about $2.99.


Best Reminder Apps For Android 2018 This app is among the best reminder apps for Android, as it is powerful, clean, stylish, and really performs well. It supports almost all basic features and can stay synced up anywhere.

The premium version is the actual reminder app once paid for you’ll get all features this app has to offer. That’s not a problem but it worth being mentioned.

Check the list for others.


Reminder Apps for android This app is one of the most used to-do apps for Android. While trying to create a to-do list, you can also add subtasks, a note, a comment, and a file.

The task list is organized and easy to manage too.

You can also share your to-do list with friends.

Wunderlist is super easy to use and is a very understandable tool for handling a task.

Just Reminder

Reminder Apps for androidThe name of this app has said all about the functionality of the app.

This app sorts all your entries by dates.

You also set this reminder app to be repeated every hour, day, month, or minute.

This app also has a premium version which will offer you access to data protection feature, selection of individual sound for a specific task, and eliminates the display of ads.

The functionality of this reminder app is small but performs the duty expected of its similar applications.

To Do Reminder

This app is simply a compact reminder app for Android, with it, you can easily handle tasks and events.

To do Reminder has a simple user interface and it’s friendly too.

This app is literally used to get sound alerts that will help remind us of the task we are supposed to carry out.

It also supports voice inputs and sharing to social media.

It also displays ads but can be removed when you purchase the Pro version.


We’ve finally gotten to an end of the best reminder apps for android. I hope you get to make a good choice out of all.

In case we missed any of your favorite Best Reminder App.

Kindly use the comment box, ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜œ it’s always there for you.

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