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Top-Tier 20 Best Random Stranger Chat Apps 2021

Top-Tier 20 Best Random Stranger Chat Apps 2021


Hey there, are you interested in some random stranger chat apps? If yes! then follow me as I introduce the best random stranger chat apps for android. You might already know CamGo, it is one of the best random stranger chat apps out there, however, if you are looking for alternatives, check out the list below.

I got an exclusive list of the best random stranger video chat apps that are totally free on the google play store.

Random stranger chat apps are apps that you can use to chat, flirt, and date people you basically haven’t met before.

These apps are quite challenging, but most of them have a user-friendly interface that will help you get connected with several people online that are also hooked up to the same app.

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List of Best Random Stranger Chat Apps

I’m sure you’re ready for this, so let’s go straight to the chatting apps with strangers.

  1. HOLLA

This app comes up on my list as the first stranger chat apps. The user-interface of this app makes it easy to search and find anyone you think is fit to have your profile to chat with.

When you must have found the strangers or group of stangers on this app, you don’t have to worry about security, this app has got you covered in that deparmet.

All your information and details are totally safe and you are free to chat with anyone you please and you don’t have to pay a dime online.

2. Qeep

This is the best app to chat with strangers. Get connected with strangers from all over the world, I know it might sound a bit funny and weird if you’re not used to things like this, but the fact that you’re here simply means you’re ready.

This app is totally free, with over 2 million+ users worldwide. You can make friends when you get really close to chatting with strangers here.

If you choose to mope up and share personal memories it’s your choice, this app’s concern is to give you that platform to reach anyone you want and protect your details.

3. Stranger chat: meet new people

Meet strangers that have the same interest as yuou have, so that you can find it easy to converse with them.

You can share memories, pictures, and videos with them. All offensive, inappropriate pictures and words that will be used in this app will not be allowed.

Your security in terms of conversations and your private details is this app’s greatest priority.

4. Chatspin

Sometimes you want a basic random chat website, and sometimes you want one with a few bells and whistles to jazz up the experience. If you’re looking for the second option, ChatSpin might just be your next favorite random chat website. You don’t even have to register in order to start chatting, but if you do, you’ll get all kinds of fun perks. Follow other user profiles, or use gender and location filters – all great ways to make new friends even faster. 

If you don’t want to stick with using only the ChatSpin website, you don’t have to – they have an app that’s compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Plus, you can actually find a couple of extra features on the app. Filter by shared interests in addition to gender and location, and send an introductory message to each new chat partner to make a good first impression. 

5. Chatouts

I have used Chatouts to meet very beautiful women online. You’re looking at one of the top popular stranger chat apps on google play store.

If you can find a stranger randomly, you can search for people, using hashtags and you will find someone in no time.

This app has got you covered in terms of security and secured messages. My friend actually found the love of his live using this app.

random stranger chat apps

6. Badoo

There are about 4 million people using this app right now, so what are you waiting for? If you want to talk with strangers, This app is one of the top stranger chat apps on google play store today.

If you can’t find a person on time, this app can randomly search for a stranger for you.

Then they can start chatting with you and you just get the message and reply. This random chat app is totally free and no payments required.

7. Chatrandom

This app offers an amazing feature where you can report anyone using this app that is either using foul words or just acting in ways that are unfit for the app.

This is perfect for your android device, you can never worry about serial killers getting to you here.

You are totally safe and secure on this platform.


Get your Android device and install this app now, what are you waiting for? something better? here you go, this is as better as it gets.

With over 200 million people using this app all over about 150m countries around the globe, you have no excuse not to join in and use this app now, where are you going to, yea you! I’m talking to you.

Let me just add that you can also create a sweet group and add strangers of like minds and begin share stories and memories. This app is totally worthy of being on my list of best random stranger chat apps.

9. Tumile

There is no better to say this, this app is the finest stranger chat app on google play store, is it the cool, smooth user-friendly interface? they have it all.

You can connect with people all over the world in just a matter of minutes. There are cool effects and smooth filters if you decide to use the video chat option. Looking for a random stranger video chat app? Here’s the one.

10. Mamba

This is basically one of the top largest stranger chatting apps for android and even for Ios users as well. It can also be called a dating app if you’d prefer that.

This app has over 23k users and is basically in about 17 countries so far.

Get the best high-quality video chat feel you can ever get, make this app your favorite stranger chat app on your android device.

11. Omega

Get real and chat with strangers online, it might be a bit scary, but you don’t have to worry, your detail is safely secured on this app.

Your chats and the chat of your partner are monitored, not as a way to intrude on your privacy, but to keep your chat conversations secure.

There is a video chat option, where you can find friends that are interested more in video chatting than just typing over and over again.

12. IMVU

The goal is to help you find a partner, search for the stranger that you know you can have a really good conversation with.

In the free version of this app, you might encounter some scammers, people that are not genuine, o you can request the premium version and get the best out of the app.

This app is one of the best stranger chat apps on the google play store, so I recommend this as one of the apps you should consider giving a try.

13. Twoo

Another amazing app worthy of being on my list of best random stranger chat apps is Twoo. This is a cool place to meet new people, connect with them on matters that interest you both.

You can have a good video call with them, make plans, and share memories.

Most people always forget to check the profiles of the people they are chatting with, but basically this app won’t give you a serial killer to chat with.

You don’t have to pay for anything, and they are no annoying ads that will disturb you while you chat.

14. JusTalk

I like his app, because, you not only chat with strangers, but you can also have a quick video call with them.

I remember when I first used JusTalk, it was amazing, I got to meet a lot of strangers who became close friends.

With the video chat option in this app, you can customize your video display, add some filters and effects to make them appear exactly how you will prefer it to be.

random stranger chat apps

15. LivU

There is no stranger chat app like his app, find friends online, and start your chats the way you want to, with strangers that have the same interest as you.

You can decide to find strangers randomly online, or you can decide to search specifically, not by name but by what you expect from the stranger you intend to chat with.

This app has a lovely interface that is so simple to use, so you will never gt tired of chatting.

16. Hitwe

The 15th app on my list of best random stranger chat apps is Hitwe. With your smartphone in your hands, you can meet strangers and they will turn into really good friends in no time if you’re into things like that.

This is an amazing app to connect with people around the world.

There are about 10k+ strangers using this app and now, you can too. The user-interface is totally cool and easy to use. You can even send some funny stickers and cool emojis to your strangers and connect with them.

random stranger chat apps

17. Azar

Use this app to satisfy your urge to meet new people, they are only strangers till you meet them and start a conversation with them, then they turn into friends that you can share memories.

Find a stranger that mates your personality, and have the same interest in things that you like and dislike. This app is totally free with no registration or payment method.

18. Bewteen

Search for that perfect conversation, find the man and woman of your dreams that you can chat with.

Let the conversation be between the both of you like the saying goes, whatever happens in Rome, stays in Rome.

This app is perfect for Android users. It is one of the most convenient stranger chat apps on google play store. You can meet people and share images of yourself and places you have been to, with them and connect with them.

random stranger chat apps

19. Anonymous Chat Rooms

Totally free and safe for you to use and link up with strangers that you have never met and become friends.

If you feel bored, then start downloading this app now and make new friends. Your details in this app will be protected, no one will know it’s you.

One cool tip I want to share with you about this amazing app is that you can play truth or dare with strangers and secure all your messages.

random stranger chat apps

20. Bloomy

Start your chat with amazing people and be entertained with amazing conversations. You can use this app for free and make new friends and flirt around if you wish to.

If you’re scared that you might need to register and pay for this app, well fortunately for you, you don’t need that here.

Your chats will also be private and kept safe for you, no prying eyes can come close to it, that is whats Bloomy is all about, secure and fast.


Last but not least on my list of best random stranger chat apps for android is LOVOO. This app offers you the opportunity to meet strangers with ease online, search for a stranger online, and make new friends.

Basically, everyone needs their interest aligned when looking for strangers online, so meet people with like-minds on this app, with the help of the radar mode.

You can also see the photos of the people you chat with.

random stranger chat apps


So, we have come to the end of this post on the best random stranger chat apps 2021, I hope you found our list of best random stranger chat apps interesting and fufilling.

I have no doubt that these apps above will serve you well, so gives us a like and a comment if you have any worries, and I will be swift to respond to you.

Thanks a bunch, we appreciate your time spent here, see ya!

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