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8 Best RAM Cleaners And Boosters For Android ~ Clean Sweep!

8 Best RAM Cleaners And Boosters For Android ~ Clean Sweep!


Best Ram Cleaners And Boosters For Android 2019

Best RAM Cleaners And Boosters For Android

So this is a totally new article on the latest and Best RAM Cleaners And Boosters For Android, so if you think your smartphone is becoming very slow, hanging or not responding at times, then you can take a sneak peek at the apps that I have listed below for you.

Now, although some Android devices come with their own cleaner and booster, like the Samsung devices, HTC, and some other few cool smartphones, it will be easy to boost your phone without actually downloading and installing any external RAM cleaner and booster. For those that don’t have smartphones such as these, you might need to download any RAM cleaner and booster to clean your RAM and boost your phone to perform at it’s highest capacity, as it was intended.

So, take a look at the Best RAM Cleaners And Boosters For Android that I have been able to come up on my list below, to help you achieve what you wish to achieve from your Android device.


List Of The Best Ram Cleaner And Booster For Android 2019


Clean Master

Best RAM Cleaners And Boosters For Android

Clean Master is by far the best cleaner app on my list of Best RAM Cleaners And Boosters For Android. With this app, you can do virtually anything to that concerns boosting and cleaning your RAM, and in this app, in addition to cleaning of junk files, there is an antivirus scanner that helps scan your Android device and boost your phone’s performance in every way.

The app’s junk files special cleaner totally works, mostly on junks from ads, junks from installed or downloaded apps and system cache. This app will totally rid your smartphone of any junk file and also keep your personal files intact without touching them. There is another new cool feature in this app, the ‘charge master’, usee this to accelerate your phone’s charging and also show your phone’s battery charging status on your phone’s status bar. Trust me you need an app like this on your Android device, so click the download link and download this app from my list of the Best RAM Cleaners And Boosters For Android.

Get notifications for cleaning junks from time to time, Use the game master to accelerate your game’s loading speed, just 19MB in the installation size.






DU Cleaner - Memory cleaner & clean phone cache

DU cleaner – memory cleaner & clean phone cache app is one of the Best RAM Cleaners And Boosters For Android with amazing fast cleaning ability. This app is one of the most trusted cleaner apps on google play store very popular too. DU Cleaner is very capable of taking care of all your background apps by simply optimizing them, also can free up your memory space including the removal of some unnecessary and unwanted junk files.

Sometimes we just got some apps on our Android devices that we don’t use or haven’t used n a long time, you can uninstall them with the help of this app. Use the CPU cooler interface to cool down your Android’s CPU and RAM and at the same time terminate some background apps running without your permission. This app just displays a notification toolbar, by default and it can be disabled if you wish it, and also clear all cache file that has piled up and is causing your phone to lag.

You can Scan apps to make sure they are legit and not harmful to your Android device before installing, and at the same time also detect harmful malware in the app. You also got network boosters to help boost your network when browsing. Don’t forget to activate the smart charge feature to enhance your phone’s charging capacity.




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Speed Booster

Speed Booster really works and boost your Android device to work perfectly. It might be a lightweight Android booster app, but it is totally an effective app booster that actually claims to be about 50% a bit more efficient than other boosters out there. This app was designed to keep track of and monitor your phone’s performance to add a little boost to wherever the boost is needed.

Speed Booster takes care of all those annoying, sneaky apps that run unchecked in the background. This app has floating widgets that can be activated for easy access to the app. Clear all unwanted cache file and junk files to boost your phone’s memory. This app is just 5MB  in the installation size.






Speed Booster - Phone Cleaner, Cache Booster

With this amazing app, you can clean all your cached files and boost your Android device to work perfectly, all you got to do is tap and you are on the go to a boosted smartphone. Keep your Android device clean at all times, any mistake in forgetting to clean or bost your device might cause some unwanted app to occupy space on your device and slow your RAM, so you need to be vigilant with boosters like this. Although this app will always remind you of your cleaning and boosting from time to time.

This app has some special features that make this app work to the best of its capacity and allow your Android device function in the capacity it should. Engage in a unique background cleaning process, where even when you are not in the app, it still works from the background cleaning and boosting your Android device. A cooler CPU and faster RAM saves battery, so you need this app for sure.






RAM Master - Memory Optimizer

Use RAM Master to optimize your memory. Keeping your Android device clean and free from any unwanted app that is just there on your smartphone to cause malfunction and unnecessary hold-up and lagging. RAM master’s objective is to ensure that your Android device runs smoothly without any hick-up, so install now and enjoy the most amazing 2019 special, the Best of my list of Best RAM Cleaners And Boosters For Android.

RAM master has access to basically all your apps so that it can be able to optimize it perfectly without any stress on the app. An amazing memory optimizer totally keeps your phone memory from getting filed up with unnecessary junk files and cache files as well.






Auto RAM Cleaner

This is one of the most effective RAM cleaner apps on google play store, the most enjoyable RAM cleaner that will always have your back when it comes to cleaning your phone’s RAM, you can be sure to leave your Android device in the hands of this amazing Auto RAM Cleaner. This app automatically cleans your RAM from time to time and also send you notifications to enable you clear some files that might seem important.

This app is all about cleaning your RAM, it might boost some apps here and there if it comes to that, but the sole purpose is to clean your RAM and free some space on your Android device, so if your Android device is misbehaving, malfunctioning, and keeps getting waning your of low space, you might want to install this app and get your phone working well again.





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Cleaner - Boost Mobile Pro - Paid

This app is totally suitable and available for all Android device, and also cheap, a lightweight RAM cleaner and booster if you want to call it that. Get your phone optimized and increase your phone’s performance and make it work faster and smoother.

The app’s screen dashboard will display all the optimizing options, cleaning options, and booster that will boost, clean and optimize your Android device, hoping to increase the phone’s performance by a greater percentage. You can also boost games and make them run smoothly without lagging.






AVG Cleaner – Speed, Battery, Memory & RAM Booster

Use this cleaner app to clean and boost your phone’s performance. Now, unlike most boosters or cleaners, this app also has an antivirus, like the app’s name, AVG, this is a popular antivirus on google play store, an amazing antivirus for Android and also for PC, but now, we got this app on google play store as an app cleaner.

AVG cleaner also works on your battery, your phone memory, your RAM and other important things in your phone. This app helps speed up your phone’s performance and has an antivirus database that takes any files that may be infected over there, clean it if it can and then clear the ones that can’t be fixed.




Best Ram Cleaner And Booster For Android 2019

For Your Best RAM Cleaners And Boosters For Android, you are sure to find the latest, the best and most suitable RAM Cleaner and booster for your Android device, for a cheap price. Although most Android devices now come with high-end RAM, RAM with high capacity, which makes it hard or nearly impossible for your smartphone to ever be slow or lag.

Now, we still have Android users out there, that don’t have these high-end smartphones and even those that have, some Android devices still misbehave once in a while, so might just need an app like this on standby.

So, I hope this article was beneficial to you, till next time, for now, thanks for viewing.

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