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10 Best Quiz Games For Android | Trivia Games 2021

10 Best Quiz Games For Android | Trivia Games 2021


Are you really yearning for knowledge? Do you want to feel like the encyclopedia of the world?

Maybe you have been trying to increase your knowledge and test the already present knowledge. Most times we humans have some kind of insatiable feeling to show off to our friends.

Now the post you are reading is richly endowed with Games that will make your testing and learning process as easy as A B C, if not easier!

This post will enable you to know which games are good and those that are better, this article is optimal for you as a fierce lover of quiz games.

List of best quiz games for Android | Trivia Games 2019

  • Jackbox Party Pack (four games)

Jellyvision brings to you a very nice and effective innovation. It consists of four mini-games which also can be multiplayer, these games are Word Spud, Lieswatter, Fibbage, Drawful.

Each mini-game can accommodate a different number of players each with their respective limits to the number of players depending on the game.

  • Logo game

Looking for a cool Trivia game? Here’s one. This game basically takes 0n the player and their knowledge on logos from across the world ranging from America to Canada to Italy to Spain and many more.

The game also features top brands like Twitter, McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, Shell, Facebook and more. It also consists of questions based on past company images, difficulty also increases as you go further consisting of nothing less than 2000 logos to answer questions based on, this is very good for a trivia if not the best one.

  • Habanero quiz

Habanero quizoid is a very fun game to play.

Basically touching every sphere of life, it boasts of nothing less than 15 categories of different areas to generate questions from and the best part?

It consists of nothing less than 17,000 questions to answer from all of which are either funny, interesting easy or hard but to mention a few, as the saying goes “variety is the spice of life”.

some of the categories include

Art & Literature,
• Astronomy & Space,
• Chemistry,
• Entertainment,
• Famous People,
• Food & Beverage,
• General Knowledge,
• Geography And more.

It also consists of different modes which include classic mode, arcade mode and of course 20 questions mode.

it’s really a sight for lovers of android quiz games.

  • HQ trivia

HQ trivia is in the form of a live game show. The host is usually Scott Rogowsky but occasionally the host is substituted.

Series of questions are asked and Any question that eliminates a greater number of players that get the question correct is deemed a “savage question”.

The prize money ranges from $ 2500 to $5000. (More money in your pockets) LOL.


As strange as the name may sound, 94% is totally worthy of being on our list of best quiz games for Android.

The object of the game in question is very simple and straightforward.

FIND 94% of the given answers.

Cool game I must say.

  • This or that

Oh! so you thought I’d write a list of best quiz games for Android and not include this game? Well, Think Again.

The basic idea of this game is to answer either “this” or “that” to a given question the question might be casual, personal, challenging or crazy!

  • Trivia  360

The quizzes in this game are set in different categories such as Classic 4-answers questions, true/false questions, flag quiz, landmark riddles and more.

Players can also access leaderboards and check how other online players are performing in this trivia game.

  • Trivia crack

This is a multiplayer trivia game. You can challenge friends and family in this trivia game and claim the smartest of them all.

You can also show off your knowledge by creating custom trivia questions and challenging people around you. In addition to the features listed, you can also go online and check rankings worldwide!

You can also test your knowledge in 6 different game modes ranging from science to history, math, physics and even technology!

  • What If

What if I told you that there’s a game on our list of best quiz games for Android that goes by the name ”What If”.

What if is a game where you basically answer yes or no to casual, fun and/or challenging questions. It is a lot like “this or that”. You will be put in a very unlikely situation, basically, there is no winner or loser. The final verdict is passed when you find out how other people voted.


  • Football Quiz

I don’t want to be crucified by sports lovers, football fans especially, so I had to include a sports quiz game on our list of best quiz games for Android.

The concept of this game is quite simple and straightforward.

You have 4v pictures and all you have to do is guess which team it is! The only rule is to get your guess correct. no signup, no internet. Just install and play away.


Can’t download all the games? You can pick one or two. Trust me when I say that you will have fun playing these quiz games on Android. But be careful! Most of these games are Highly addicted just like Best Offline Android Games and Best Flight Simulator Games.

So, there you have it.

If you aren’t satisfied and you want more, you can check out Best Trivia Games Here.

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