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Top 10 Best Quit Smoking Apps For Android | Quitting For Good

Top 10 Best Quit Smoking Apps For Android | Quitting For Good


Smoking is one of those habits that are really tough to ditch, despite people having a strong determination to curb it.

Consider an average person for instance, who is a heavy smoker and has become addicted to nicotine, smoking his cigarette packs on the regular.

They’re very well aware of the life-threatening effects of the same and want to quit their habit of puffing in those toxic gases, but know that simply saying “No” to these gas tubes on the next day isn’t enough.

So, how can we help an average person lead a cigarette-free life? Well, we scoured the Play Store and found the best apps that can help you quit smoking. These best quit smoking apps for Android are guaranteed to help you quit your habit one day at a time.

List Of Best Quit Smoking Apps For Android

Quit Now

If you want an application that is simple and neat, you can use Quit Now. It presents all your information in a well-designed way, which is very easy to navigate.

The start screen of the application shows you some unique details, such as the day the process started and shows you the exact time in seconds for it.

But, what distinguishes this application is the ability to chat with a community of people like you, who are willing to quit smoking. You can chat with them, talk about their feelings and challenges during the course and even respond to someone’s specific comment.

It has a free version, which packs in the basic features and it should be good enough for most people. However, there is also a paid version, if you want to go into a bit more depth with your motivation.

Smoke Free

This app takes a science-backed approach with more than 20 evidence-based techniques to help you quit smoking for good.

This well-designed app has a clear layout, showing all the data that you would need to see frequently & upkeep your motivation.

It calculates your yearly savings, the number of cigarettes you avoided, the number of smoke-free seconds and even how much life you have regained! It also uses the data to tell you how much of a non-smoker you have become, in various bodily parameters like pulse, Oxygen levels, Nicotine ingestion, breathing, energy levels & so on.

Drop It! Quit Smoking

If you want a quit smoking app that has been designed to assist you & not bother you with all the nonsensical stuff like messages & games, then this one will surely appeal to you.

Bathed in Material Design goodness, it shows you your data that matters, like time without smoking, numbers of cigarettes avoided, money saved & so on.

The health data is shown in bars & is surprisingly pleasing to the eyes, in comparison to the overly-detailed presentations of the previous ones. But then, it has nothing else to keep you engaged or distract you from your cravings. Go for this one only if you want something simple or are short on storage space on your Android device.

Quit Tracker

Quit Tracker is yet another amazing app that’s recommended by a lot of cigarette-quitters. It’s easy on the eyes, with its white and red material theme design, and provides all of the necessary details that someone should keep an eye on front and center.

The application shows the total time you have been smoke-free, money saved and other similar progress figures first. Then, you can see the money and the life expectancy numbers below, along with tips for all those who struggle to stay away from nicotine and health goals/achievements.

Quit Tracker also asks you to list your reasons for smoking, keep a diary or get distracted by mini-game packed baked in the app. It may force some ads on you, but it does not hinder the experience and a premium subscription helps you get rid of them while adding new features like a home screen widget, statistics, custom styles, more rewards, etc.


Flamy is easily one of the best-designed and most feature-rich applications that can help anyone struggling to overcome their cigarette addiction.

It presents you the option to choose between 2 types of programs – a free “14-days challenge” and paid “One less every day” regime to give up on the habit slowly. I picked the former and the app offered me tons of help, such as achievements, my health status, and an improvement in taste or smell, to help me stay true to my goal.

The highlight feature of Flamy is, however, the ability to challenge a friend on who would be able to stay nicotine free for a longer period of time. All of this comes for free. However, if you pay for the Pro version, the app will also show you detailed analytics, and also offer you motivation, games and tips to stay away from cigarettes.

Stop Smoking- EasyQuit

With this app, you can watch all aspects of your health improve, from your blood circulation and oxygen levels to your senses of taste and smell.

Use the slow mode to help you stop smoking slowly, with a customized plan created just for you.

Earn badges as rewards and try the memory game when a craving strikes.

Craving to Quit

Here’s another amazing one on my list of best quit smoking Apps for Android. Craving to Quit takes a slightly different but conscious approach to help you quit your addiction to smoking.

It follows a 21-day program, which is based on a smoking cessation program developed and tested at Yale University that spans four weeks.

The highlight of this application is that it uses video and audio tutorials that you need to see every day, along with meditation, cigarette tracking, and daily achievements.

While this is a great app, and one that deserves to be higher on this list, it does feel a little cluttered at times and has a major chunk of the program locked away under a premium $24.99 a month subscription that can hinder the progress made during the 3-day trial period. But, once you pay up, you’ll get access to a hoard of additional features and live calls with experts.

Sobriety Counter 

Sobriety Counter is an application designed specifically to stop any addiction that may affect your life.

It is good for someone trying to get rid of nicotine and that is because it does not directly go to questions or statistics, but it shows a lot of habits and you have to choose the habit you want to give up and access the tracker.

It also shows you some key figures since you quit and motivate you not to give up with a trophy and awards room.

Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer

While some applications allow you to track the timeline since you quit smoking, others, such as Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer, are designed to help you gradually quit.

This application asks a lot of questions related to your smoking history and then designs a 21-day regimen to help you give up those cigarettes. You need to complete four tasks: a daily challenge, a reflection on your habit, answers about smoking and a review of the day.

This application also includes relaxation techniques and mini-games to prevent you from picking up those cigarettes, especially in a day of extreme anxiety.

Get Rich or Die Smoking

Like most of the rest, Get Rich or Die Smoking is another motivational app. In addition to being able to record your usage and see results on how long you have been abstinent for.

As the name suggests, the focus here is on the money you are saving.

As such, the application will give you a great idea of what you could spend those saved cigarette funds on and also contains a chat function so you can talk to like-minded people who are also in the process of quitting.


That’s all I have for you on my list of best quit smoking Apps for Android. If you have any suggestions, you can let me know via the comment section and I will add it to my list ASAP!

Being able to quit smoking is easier said than done, but we hope that these applications make things easier for you. Just think about the amount of money you will save for not smoking. That is definitely a strong reason to quit smoking. What application are you going to try?

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