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16 Best Puzzle Games For Android 2021 Guaranteed To Kill Boredom

16 Best Puzzle Games For Android 2021 Guaranteed To Kill Boredom


Alright, users, this article is basically about the best puzzle games for android that will literally blow your mind and drive away boredom, so let’s get started.

Now first off, a puzzle as defined in the dictionary is anything in particular that is hard and difficult to understand or make sense.

Now don’t get scared because this list of puzzle games below are easily accessible and okay to understand.

List of Best Puzzle Games For Android

Cut The Rope

In the world of puzzle games, cut the rope series is a franchise-friendly family puzzle game.

This game is about a little cute looking monster. What you are to do is to mutilate the level in a way in which the candy can make its way to the monster. The little monster eats it then you progress to the next level.

Each part of this game in this series has marginally different delicate mechanics to keep things interesting and also a volume of levels to go through.


This is a surprisingly unusual, soothing combination of Sudoku and painting through numbers. The cross me offers an array of numbers flowing down the side.

Your mission now is to correspondently fill the square by exchanging the numbers to generate pix-elated images of any objects or animal.

Now the difficulty curve will be accessible, as soon as you have figured out an excellent way to approach the puzzle, yeah, one of the best nonogram game to spend some spare time on.


This particular puzzle game 2048 comes from a popular family line of puzzle games.

Starting with a grid-like pattern, your aim is to mix all the given tiles with the exact same number to invent new numbers. After that, you then can mix them again to create a larger number.

“You can also play the 2048 game on the web. The web version also has quite a few variants like 2048 Pokemon, Cupcakes, 3D and more.”

The puzzle game will eventually come to an end when you cannot afford to mix any more tiles. This 2048 puzzle game version includes various sizes of grids, ranging from four by four to eight by eight.

This is a simple basis that is difficult and family welcoming. This game is free with just a few ads, so play and enjoy.

Brain It On

This addictive physics-based puzzling game needs you thinking outside the box to clear each level.

This is a great puzzling game suitable for a collaborative group effort. Trust me this is a very fun game when using your stylus preferable your finger, you draw whatever you think may solve each of the screens like shapes and weighted objects, lines and so on.

Surely, things will get heated, creative and hard as you progressively scale through 200+ levels, while aiming for 3 stars, I know you can do it. Also be aware of in-app purchases.

Two Dots 

The main objective of this game is to connect the dots as much as possible with the same color. The narrative brings new skills forward, also bringing along 900 and more levels to scale through.

For those that dislike ads, don’t panic, the game has literally no ads with an unmatched neat visual style that will get you excited. But just keep an eye out for in-app purchases with a shuffle that will get you out from some trick-ish levels, but I know you got what it takes so good luck.


This game hearing aesthetic and visual setting is amazingly outstandingly fabulous. LOL Beware the puzzle tend to be complicated as you progress. But just between us gamers, the game can never get that difficult. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

I would also advise that you play at night with no light on. This game can be very addictive.

Now, your objective is to guide a stretchy young boy, who is so inclined to dying in appalling ways, through a spirit world in search of his sister with some progressively hard puzzles.

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This puzzle game consisting of 120 levels to go through which can be cleared or solved in various ways. But mind you this game offers you some discouraging test of your logic.

The objective of the game is using a laser, reflective surfaces like prism and mirror to reflect, split and guide rays of light beaming through several colored orbs. The games like most dope puzzle games start out easy but progressively gets complex.


This is a very excitingly wonderful puzzle game, soothing and innovative. The game sets you up to weave ribbons across any square pattern to be able to have the right color across the right square.

Now, here is the interesting part, every ribbon you thread will be followed by a sustained piano string and note also. The game is very challenging and unusually thoughtful, no rush is what I mean, you’ll get it.


This is another game with a low installation size with simple good graphics and mechanics, with some dope puzzle elements, in-app purchases, and some optional donation, that is basically for those that like and want to rate and donate to the game.

This game constitutes 50 stages for anyone to play through it, in which each stage has what is called collectible card that can take you till the game is complete.

So, just click the download link below and try it out for yourself, it’s really amazing.

Build A Bridge 

For this particular puzzle game for Android, you are expected to construct bridges in a way that will hold light and heavy cars, buses and trucks as well. You are also expected to budget, plan and select the best preferable materials for your own bridge, and don’t forget to link the dots to create the most endurable structure.

You also have at your disposal different kinds of materials to create your bridge, like wood, cables, and metals, trust me when I say this game is dope, with ratings at 4.6 and 5 million+ downloads. The build the bridge puzzle game is just simply amazing, available to your Android device on google play store.

Bubble witch 3 

This game is just amazing and unique in its own way from the makers of candy crush saga, for lovers of candy crush you know that entails.

This amazing puzzle game for Android is a blast of adventure and shooting bubbles, dope right?.

The objective of the game is for the witch Stella to defeat the magically mischievous but cute looking character called Wilbur, so jump on the bubble witch saga train and help Stella defeat the mischievous Wilbur.

 Block puzzle

NOTE! This game is a very addictive fantasy game. (BE ADVISED)

Dragging the blocks to move them, sliding puzzles to just move and move, trying to fit them in rows and columns, which will then automatically clear the block and get you your points, is just the basic objective of the game, but as the levels advance, they get more interesting. don’t get scared, there are no time limits in the game.

Voodoo Bubbles

this puzzle bubble game is a fantastic logic puzzle to win boosters and power-ups, and be sure to at all times drop the ball directly into the voodoo pots. With a thousand+ challenging stages.

This puzzle game is free and easy to play so download and begin to enjoy the addicting journey of voodoo bubbles.

Using your finger to shoot colored balls and by dragging your finger also to move laser sight, and be sure to keep the fun going, by making the right bubble combination so to earn boosters which will help you in your bubble shooting mission.


Okay now I have seen it all, yet another outstanding game, wear your swimsuit, grab your swim mask and just get prepared to dive into an amazing world of Fishdom like you have never dived before.

With a unique gameplay, you can decorate aquariums, design, and match or swap pieces to match one another. Play challenging levels to get better at the game, and I advise you to compete and challenge other players to help progress your aquarium faster than ever.

In all, it’s a unique game, there are other aquarium-based games out there but this by far goes to be one of the very best.

Tic Tac Toe Glow

Now for this game, I just love the game, very addictive, easy gameplay, easy to learn and play. I would give this game a glowing recommendation and a high rating. Every puzzle game freak should download this game or your missing out.

The game has both a single and double player mode, in the double player mode, you can play against both human and computer., with nice glowing effects and 3 hard levels.

Finally, this game is very unpredictable and can easily adapt to you playing pattern with a lovely background theme, so I’ll say no more, just go get this game by clicking on this link.


Do you love the challenge of a jigsaw puzzle, but wish you could keep solving it wherever you go and avoid all the mess involved with creating one? Im-a-puzzle may be the perfect game for you. It’s a platform with thousands of online jigsaw puzzles. You can customize the number of pieces you play with as well as the types of pieces you try to fit together. You can even create your own jigsaw puzzles!

Try it now


So, you have seen my list of Android puzzle games, are they actually the best puzzle games for Android? HELL YEAH! Apps like this will totally kill boredom, I mean TOTALLY eradicate boredom.

Trust me, you can’t have any of these puzzle games for Android installed on your device and not have some fun game time, and for those that are just in love with puzzles games, today is your lucky day, you are totally in the right place. My final verdict? do yourself a favor, in fact, do yourself the biggest favor and download one or more puzzle games from our esteem list of best puzzle games for Android.

I’ll end this article by saying thanks to my fellow gamers and users for checking out our list.

Catcha later!

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