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10 Best Pool Games For Android 2021 | Best Pool Experience on Mobile

10 Best Pool Games For Android 2021 | Best Pool Experience on Mobile


Do you think you love pool? Well, even if you do, the love I have for pool is higher than yours.

I have always been a die-hard fan of pool. Do you think I’m bluffing? Invite me, let’s play a game together.

I’m a 100% sure you’ll be begging for mercy. Hehe!

I’ll be undefeated!

Okay, now back to the business of the day. I’ll quickly show you 10 of the best pool games for Android.

List Of Best Pool Games For Android

8 Ball Pool

Meet the king of pool games for Android. Among your friends, there’s a 100% chance that one of them plays 8 ball pool. This game is amazingly outstanding and highly addictive too. If you download and play this miniclip pool you won’t want to stop playing it.

The best part is that, you get to play with no bots and more of humans. The game has its way of pairing you up with someone that is already playing or about to play. There’s always someone to play with in miniclip pool. You can even connect your Facebook and challenge facebook friends.

8 ball pool has 500M downloads, that’s just crazy! There are no annoying ads, just in-app purchases that you’ll likely purchase.

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3D Pool Ball

If you want the pool feel, you should settle for this, it is in 3D. The developers of this one tried so hard to give this game the feel of how 8 ball pool actually is in the real world. Trust me, I love it. You can choose to play offline with the bot or, online with friends.

Not a fan of 3D view? You can select 2D view and it will be displayed in 2D. If you are having issues playing the actual 8 ball game in real time, this game might help you understand the angles better. One thing to look out for in a pool game for Android is the ease of control, this game in particular is very easy to control.

Pool Billiards Pro

Here’s another fun pool game. It has different modes to choose from. There’s the time mode where you need to sink or pocket a couple of balls assigned to you. You’ll be given time to pocket them.

You can also choose to play with a friend nearby by simply passing the phone among yourselves at each persons turn. There’s also a player vs computer mode where players get to challenge AI. The time mode is played with no rules but the player vs computer/player mode is played with rules.

Pool Stars - 3D Online Multiplayer Game

Where are all the newbies trying to beat their teachers at the real 8 ball pool? Get in here! This particular game might be all you need to beat your teacher in the next game. The physics of this 3D pool stars game is very similar to what happens on a real pool board.

You can decide to play with the AI or play with a bunch of friends online. This game lets you create your own challenge and let people compete. That’s cool. Pool stars is a game that is competitive and also creative.

Billiard free

It’s amazing, it’s lightweight and it’s fun to play. Meet one of the best pool games on the block. The Billiard free is what you’re looking for if you do not have much space on your Android to download space-consuming pool games.

With billiard free, you can play pool with your friends. Although this App does not have an online mode, you still can play with your friends by passing your device. You won’t see stripe or solid balls, you’ll see only yellow, red and the black ball.

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Pro pool 2020

Play pool on regulation, there are 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft rectangular tables. In Pro Pool 2021 you get to meet AI with different levels. Just like how FIFA20 on PS4 has professional, world-class difficulty and more, this pool game also has different difficulty levels. The higher the level, the more difficult it is to defeat the AI. Unless you are a pro like me.

In this game you can play world 8 ball pool based on WEPF rules, that’s cool if you ask me. Just like any cool game should have, there’s a practice mode that has no rules, you can use this mode to get the hang of the controls.

Pool 2020

Warning! Before you download you need to ask yourself if you are ready. Why? Pool 2021 is a highly addictive pool game for Android. It is one of those games that will keep you glued to your screen for a long period.

Just like in 8 ball pool, you can connect your Facebook account and challenge friends. One special feature that I love about this game is the recording feature that lets you record your best shot. You can also play for prices such as cues and cool characters.

Pool Mania

Pool Mania is one of the best billiard games that combines arcade mode. It is quite easy to play. Pool Mania is the perfect game to play when you are waiting for a bus to pick you up or you’re waiting for your flight. It totally kills time.

You can’t play this game with your friends online, but not to worry, there are over 120 levels to play. The thing is, when you start playing the levels, you’ll find it hard to stop. Pool mania is very easy to play and I am sure you’ll love it.

Pool: 8 Ball Billiards Snooker

Think you are great at snooker? Test your skills with the super AI. You can also challenge your friends and show them who’s boss in snooker. However, you can’t play them in online mode, it needs to be in local multiplayer mode where you both share the same screen.

When there’s no friend around to play with, you can have fun with the 320 challenges embedded in the game. I played this game myself and I must say, I enjoyed it. The challenges where quite hard at some point but with time the very difficult ones became easy.

You’ll enjoy this too! I’m sure.

Pool Empire - 8 Ball & Snooker

This is one of the best real-life billiard games I have seen. This game is totally worthy of being on my list of best pool games for android. For long, I have been looking for a snooker game that has the snooker gameplay. Finally, I found it!

You can challenge people from all over the world. There’s a story mode, tournament mode, real snooker mode and more. I think you’ll enjoy the real snooker mode the most, it gives you the real feel of snooker like you see in real-time competitions. Pool empire is definitely one of the best options if you want to play pool.


There you have it guys, the best pool games for Android. Everyone has a favourite right? As for me, it is the miniclip pool game (8 ball pool). The controls are top notch. It is my run-to whenever I feel the urge to play pool.

Have you tried any of the games in this article? Which is your favorite and why? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.

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