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[Updated] 13 Best Podcast Apps For Android 2021

[Updated] 13 Best Podcast Apps For Android 2021


Looking for something to fill up your time with the latest news, in-depth storytelling, or comedy shows? You can’t go wrong with podcasts.

You can enjoy it anywhere and anytime – whether you are in the laundry, in your car, or lifting heavy at the gym. So the question is getting the right podcast app to help you organize and play your podcasts.

While there are lots of podcast apps available for android, I have listed the 13 best podcast apps for android in this article. You only need to find the one that best suits you and enjoy your favorite shows at any time.

List Of Best Podcast Apps For Android


CastBox is one of the free podcast apps you can find for android, which has also earned huge popularity having received a handful of awards over the years.

The app comes with a clean, easy-to-use interface, and so makes it easy for you to subscribe, listen, and create a customized playlist for yourself. It doesn’t contain any ads and boasts of a collection of more than a million podcasts gathered from places like iTunes among others.

No doubt, Castbox is going to take you to a new level when it comes to enjoying podcasts on android.

Pocket Casts

Over the years, Pocket Casts has been a favorite app for most android users, and it just keeps getting better with its regular updates.

There are few podcast app that comes with so many amazing features like Pocket Casts. You can easily schedule download while you sleep, its audio effects are amazing, comes with on-the-fly episode streaming support, and multiple storage options.

Another great thing about this android app is that it allows you to store your subscriptions in the cloud. So, in case anything unexpected happens to your device, you can always recover your library without any issues. This is no doubt, one of the best podcast apps for android.


Well known to be a great music streaming app. But only a few people are aware that Spotify could also be a home to all their favorite podcasts.

It is pretty easy to find and play podcasts on Spotify, and if you are already using the android app for your music needs, then you should consider having everything in one spot.

            [xdownload icon="fa fa-download" text="Download" url="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spotify.music" target=""]                 
Podcast Addict

Have been searching everywhere for that single app that could allow you to manage your podcasts, audiobooks, internet radio, Twitch, YouTube, RSS news feeds, and SoundCloud?

Then your best shot is the Podcast Addict app. The app boasts of more than 8 million downloads and also have access to top podcast networks while also allowing you to find new podcasts.

It features really amazing playback options that allow you to set variable playback speeds with full chapter support. Podcast Addict is a free-to-use app but also contains some occasional ads.


Although quite new to the podcasts market, it was able to make the list of the 13 best podcast apps for android because of its impressive features and credentials.

The vision of the creator of this app is to create a podcast app that will make it possible for users to easily discover and connect with excellent content creators. And the app has been fulfilling that purpose for a while now.

It is simply an excellent option to consider for listening to your favorite podcasts.

best podcast apps for android

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Google Podcasts

Finally, Google released its own podcast app after the long waiting. The app has a really simple and nice design.

But that is not the main special thing about it – it is well integrated with other Google services. Find and play podcasts with Google search and enjoy full playback controls using Google Assistant.

Scout FM

This is another app worth being on this list of 13 best podcast apps for android.

It makes it super easy for you to find a certain podcast you will like to listen to right on the go.

Scout FM allows you curate contents from your favorite podcast stations and arrange them into categories. This is indeed a new feature in the podcast market, and you will definitely like it too.


Though not very popular, Podbean is another android podcast app that works pretty well.

It has on it, lots of podcasts that are well arranged into different categories.

You can easily stream, subscribe, download, and listen to the podcasts as you choose. The app also features various audio effects, lock screen controls, Android Auto support, Chromecast support, and Amazon Alexa integration. This makes it possible for you to use the app virtually everywhere.


Not very popular too and also the only open-source player on this list.

But AntennaPod is loaded with many interesting features any podcast lover will like. It has access to gPodder.net and iTunes directories.

Also features an adjustable playback speed, an advanced sleep timer, chapter support, and the potential to access password-protected episodes and feeds. The app also has an excellent memory management tool that will give you some cool freedom with your contents.

best podcast apps for android

Are you a podcast lover who can’t get enough of your favorite shows?

This might just be the podcast app you need. The app allows you to easily subscribe to podcasts and also to internet radio stations.

One unique and lovely thing about Stitcher is the way it helps you “stitch” your favorite podcasts together so you can enjoy a lovely live radio experience. Apart from this, you can also add breaks between episodes for the latest sports updates, news and more.


Although this is a paid app, it is worth every penny. It is a great and one of the best podcast apps you will be glad you have on your android device.

It comes with Android Auto and Chromecast support, variable playback speed, media files auto-cleanup, podcast categorization, and a dark theme.

best podcast apps for android
Podcast Go

If what you want is a more stripped-down experience without all the bells and whistles, you might just need to give Podcast Go a try.

It is a moderately basic experience that also offers core features like the ability to download episodes to listen to them later offline, subscribe to shows, and use variable playback speeds. But you know what? Don’t expect to do much beyond that.

It is a free app (though supported some ads). If you are looking for a very simple and easy-to-use podcast app, this might just be the best app for you.

best podcast apps for android

BeyondPod is also another podcast app that is worthy of being listed on this list of the 13 best podcast apps for android.

The app has two different versions you can use; the free and the paid versions. While the free version allows you to access some common settings like sleep timer, playback speed, and volume boost, you can get more with the paid version.

The pro version offers Chromecasts support and allows you to customize playback speeds. You can also download lots of new episodes at once and with multi-device synchronization.

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