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12 Best Piano Apps For Android 2021 For Beginners & Pros

12 Best Piano Apps For Android 2021 For Beginners & Pros


As a pianist, here’s my epic list of the best piano apps for android.

Back in the day, I used to play some piano myself, I might have lost the flare because blogging got most of my time.

But don’t push your luck, I’d still play the Beethoven – ‘Moonlight’ Sonata way better than you would.

Wanna bet? Well, don’t because I’d play wrong notes all through. LOL.

In this article, I will show you 11 piano apps for Android that you can use if you want to learn new scales, chords or just play around.

Ready or not, here it goes;

List Of Piano Apps For Android 2021

  • FlowKey

Guys, do you want to learn the piano in no time? Here’s the overall best on my list of piano apps. Flowkey is an educational piano learning app that’ll teach you all about reading music, chords, scales and more.

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional pianist, flowkey would be very useful to you. With Flowkey, you can practice more effectively. I can’t express how happy I was when I saw what Flowkey can do. If you ask me, I’d say this is a must-have app for all pianists out there.

  • ORG 2021

This darling takes a spot on my list of best piano apps for android, it has lots of features that you’d love. It emulates a synthesizer piano perfectly well, with the pitch bend and modulation wheel.

It has lots and lots of voices that you can choose from. It won’t teach you stuff about the piano, but it is great. You can record with it, save voices and more. Trust me, you’ll love it.

ORG 2020
  • Piano Chord, Scale, Progression Companion

This one is another great piano app for android worthy of note. It has a lot of scales and chords that you can learn. I mean, some scales in that app, I didn’t learn them in music school. Piano companion has popular and not so popular scales.

That’s not all, you can see the fingerings from a mock-up piano image on the app. Do you want to get a hang of the circle of 5th? Try piano companion.

  • Perfect Piano

This guy takes the 4th spot on my list of best piano apps for android. If you are looking for a piano app that is lightweight with a couple of voices to choose from, here’s the one. Perfect piano has always helped me in awkward situations when I need a piano immediately to check notes.

With the widget function, you won’t need to open the app in order to play. Although with the widget you’d get only one octave to play. In summary, this is an amazing app you should consider installing.

  • Simply Piano by JoyTunes

You need to give this one some credit, I mean, it was picked by Google play, as one of the best Apps for 2019. If you want to move from beginner to pro player in no time, this is the app to download.

How does it work? Simply launch the app and place your phone or tablet on your midi piano and start playing, it will automatically recognize the presence of your midi piano. With zero piano knowledge, you can still use this app to get started on the piano learning adventure.

  • Piano +

Let’s have some fun shall we, this piano app allows you to play from a large catalog of piano pieces. This app has 128 musical MIDI instruments and quality sampled voices. When I say it has a large catalog, I mean it! There are over 45,000 songs to play from.

Do you have MIDI files you want to load? Well, get them ready because this app is the bomb. For timing, there’s a metronome installed in the app. The mini games will almost make you addicted to Piano +.

  • Piano – music games to play & learn songs for free

Here’s another simple piano app that you can download today without having to worry about space. It is lightweight. There are 7 instruments to choose from, the grand piano, vintage piano, Harpsichord and more.

You also get a perfectly working metronome on this app, the best part has to be the free lessons on the app, and they come in form of games.

  • PianoMeter – Professional Piano Tuner

It doesn’t matter if you are using a grand piano or electronic keyboard, if your piano is not properly tuned, someone might likely kill you during the jam session. PianoMeter is one of the best tools I have used to ensure that my piano is properly tuned.

However, the complete version of this app is paid. In the free mode, you only get to tune the notes between C3 and C5. Did I mention that this app can identify notes correctly? Well, yes it can.

  • KeyChord Lite

If piano companion seems too completed for you, check this one out. Keychord is an amazing piano app that can be used to look up about 50 chords and 100 scales you can use to boost your play.

You also get to see inversions of chords and scales on this app. An amazing app I must say. You can also record songs to MIDI format and use them as your ringtone.

KeyChord Lite
  • Chord Progression Master For Piano

So, you have a chord progression in your head that could be used for that song you are producing for a client and you are on the train and obviously can’t get your hands on a piano, here’s your helper. With this app, you can program different chord progressions and hear them play.

It can also be used to learn basic and advanced chord progression. See how the chords are played on an actual piano, you can even switch to guitar mode. This app is cool.

Chord Progression Master For Piano
  • Music Theory with Piano Tools

I didn’t like the ads that almost ruined my user experience, but I would say this is a great app that could do a whole lot of good as a piano player. This app provides you with music theory in a simple and playful way.

You’ll get to see Major and minor scales with their modes, all types of chords available, music intervals, notes and more. There’s a beginner section in case you are just starting out.

Music Theory with Piano Tools

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  • Piano by Yousician – Learn to play piano

What else can be sweeter than having a piano app that listens to you when you play an understand you. To use this app to its full capacity, you need a MIDI keyboard handy. It actually works with any type of keyword or piano.

What is in the app? Over 1400 songs, a lot of video lessons that teach you how to sight read and more. The ads on this app might annoy you, but trust me, it works great.


That’s a wrap, we’ve come to the end of this informative article on the best piano apps for android. You can download more than one of the apps listed in this article based on what you want. Personally, I have ORG 2021, Piano companion and Piano tuner on my phone. They work perfectly well for me and should serve you well.

Thanks for stopping by, if you have friends that want to learn how to play the piano, you can share this post so they can see these amazing piano apps.

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