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11 Best Personal Assistant Apps For Android 2021

11 Best Personal Assistant Apps For Android 2021


There is always a time when we come about the urge to automate some functions on our mobile devices to ease office work or just for the individualistic purpose. The listed apps are amazing just like our good old Jarvis.

Here I have listed out 11 best personal assistant Apps for Android that can help you get things done like play songs, videos, call a friend and some other cool features.

List of Best Personal Assistant Apps For Android

Lyra Personal Assistant App

This amazing App takes the top stop on my list of best personal assistant apps for Android. Lyra app features AI. Just talk to lyra like another human being and she would understand without no complications. She even gives her own personal opinions when she sees it as a better substitute to yours.


• Lyra can play YouTube videos

• She can tell jokes

• Translate words and phrases

• View Maps & give you directions

• Help you find local restaurants

• Management of your diary, and do lots of other cool tasks

My Witty Personal Assistant

Witty is a powerful tool at providing intelligent solutions for every organization’s attendance monitoring, schedule, employee management and evaluation, time tracking, leave management and personal HR matters.

This app is created for businesses to help every user within the company automate numerous office operations


•  View employment and account details.

•             Edit personal information and change password.

•             Create folders to house files

•             Update or Cancel requests

•             View meetings schedule

This app has been positively reviewed by a lot of users and with numerous upvotes as well.


Tamm is a much more specialized app with a narrow niche. TAMM assists you in flights and hotel booking, car rentals & other luxury services ( restaurants, banks, real estate, museums, theatres and so on)

They offer discounts and promotions on some services and also have a live personal assistant you can call, chat and voice note with.

They offer frequent upgrades.

They’re still relatively new in the market. They became functional on Nov-17-2018.

While this app might not have a large coverage but it’s still considerable due to their discount offers and promotions.

Bestee Offline Virtual Assistant

Most of the apps on this list requires Internet connection but not this one. This is its first feature setting it apart from other personal assistant apps out there.

Bestee is literally like a close a friend of yours. She involves you in chat combos by asking about your day, write to your journal, remind you of things and even brighten your day with inspiring messages and cheesy jokes.

Moreover, this app offers the best kind of emotional support. She’s emotionally aware; she adjusts her level of formality according to yours. And Bestee programmers definitely put their users into thought by making her discreet; she only speaks aloud when spoken to, else she responds via text, this means less obtrusiveness.

In addition, Bestee can perform more personalized acts like sending messages for you on WhatsApp, teaching about English words and so on.

Cobundu personal assistant

This app helps in easing you of various workplace tasks. Primarily its main function is only for workplace activities so if you need an individualistic personal assistant this isn’t for you.


• Instantly find and book free ros and desks

• Get informed about upcoming events, lunch deals and other useful information

• Find your work place colleagues with less stress and many more.


This app fuses AI with social media, carving a niche of its own. With gigaaa you can automate a lot of your social media activities to free up more time for yourself but nevertheless still keeping your social media account up to par.


• Find like-minded people around you and set meet ups

• Gigaaa provides you with fun facts and jokes once you request for it

• The more you interact with gigaaa the more she learns from you and in no time masters your wants, needs and take more personalized and instant decisions

• Also it protects you from spams

Their voice assistant allows you do more with less on gigaaa. A statement such as “buy me cinema ticket” will instantly be carried out and the transaction made.

This is ease at its finest.


Robin app by Audioburst, is your voice assistant on the go.

Keep your eyes squarely on the road while Robin plays your favorite audio content from top podcasts and radio stations of your choice.

Robin can also help you place a call and give you directions.


• Accumulates a personal playlist for you

• It provides you with news, podcasts, weather forecast, TV shows and lots more

• Send a text by voice

• Set up alarm and reminders by voice

• Robin helps you post on Facebook and view posts as well

Robin has been endorsed by TechCrunch, CNET, Wired, Lifehacker, TechRadar, etc. Robin is presently in beta phase so a lot of changes will definitely take place over time.

Smart assistant

This app helps lessen individualistic actions. If you’re the busy type smart assistant app will act as your secretary and get things done for you instantly.


• If you’re a student then set up your class schedules on your phone and smart assistant will remind you if your classes and put your phone in silent throughout that period so as not to distract you from the ongoing lecture.

• Set up tasks you want to be reminded of and Smart assistant will remind you

• The doesn’t require Internet connection

• You can review the history of all your reminders

While this app is not very much multi performing but the first feature definitely gives it an edge.

RafiQ - Arabic virtual assistant 

This app gives you the option to order commands to your phone in Arabic. The app can answer date, time and various questions also it vocally informs its user about the weather condition. Lately, it has undergone UI enhancements.

This app is predominantly for Egyptians but its interface and practicability is too advance for it not to get a spot here. If ever plan to visit Egypt this can come really handy.


• Request Uber for you

• Get sports matches fixtures and results

• Get latest news

• Get product prices.

• Send SMS and WhatsApp messages

• Make phone calls

You can also access the app through your home screen or widget.

School - ultimate studying assistant 

This is a diary/reminder app to make your school life super easy. With these features also comes varying handbooks, which will come in handy when needed and trigonometric functions calculator.

All the literature you need there is a section where you can save it all for easy access.

You want to know when a class starts and ends – this app has it in place for you.

If you can’t memorize the names of your favorite teachers this will you help you and can be used as a quick reference if you ever get to visit their office.

 Fill in your timetable, names and homework right in the program.

All you need is stored on your phone and van be accessed anytime whatsoever.

G-assistant app

G-Assistant commands provides a full list of commands for Google Assistant, Ok Google or Hey Google. All commands are categorized.


• The app make calls for you

• Sends text messages

• Create events in Calendar and update time

• Set reminders

• Search for any kind of information you need

And many, many more. You do not need to type anything, your voice alone can make the app start running.

It’s an offline app. It only requests Internet connection when you want to search something online.

Portrait view is also available for better viewing pleasure.


There you have it, the best 11 Personal Assistant apps to consider if you ever plan on utilizing the help of a personal assistant either for individual purposes or work operations.

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of best personal assistant Apps for Android as much I enjoyed writing it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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