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8 Best Pedometer Apps For Android 2021 | Step Counter Apps

8 Best Pedometer Apps For Android 2021 | Step Counter Apps


It is popularly recommended to aim for 10000 steps daily.

Inactivity has several side effects, so this recommended amount of steps daily is worth sticking to.

Anything below that is considered fairly active. Daily steps below 5000 are considered inactive.

Walking is very paramount to your well being. It has several health benefits, such as weight loss, stability, endurance and so on. To really see the effects you need to stay dedicated to it.

And this is where these counter apps come into play. They make your walking achievable with ease. So, without further ado here’s my list of best pedometer Apps for Android.

List Of Best Pedometer Apps For Android

Step Counter

There is a built-in sensor in this app which accurately counts your steps. This means you do not need to activate your GPS. The built-in sensor saves more battery, unlike the GPS.

It also tracks your burned calories, walking distance and time, and so on. This information is displayed on a graph. On this graph, you can check your last 24 hours, weekly and monthly statistics.

Whether your android device is in your hand, bag, pocket or armband, it can auto-record your steps. Even if your screen is locked it still keeps on recording.

There are several multi colorful themes to choose from.

You can backup your data on the app in case you lose your phone, and easily restore it anytime you wish.

Pacer App

This app keeps track of not only your steps but also calories, distance and active time. It also has a daily fitness plan for any health goal, and auto-sync any data recorded.

You can also create walking groups with friends and family. Together or alone, you can compete in walking events.

The GPS activity tracker tracks other outdoor fitness activities on a map, which you can follow to join the participants.

There are some fun challenges you can use to improve your focus, whenever you get tired of walking.

Step Counter and Calorie Counter

This app calculates your calorie based on your height, width, age, and steps walked.

No fee is required from you because there are no in-app charges.

You can log in using your Google account, to check out your health position worldwide on their achievement and leaderboard. This app collects none of your walkings and burned calories data, so there are no backups.

You can activate the home widget to show your steps in real-time on your home screen.

Step Tracker

To keep you dedicated to your walking routine, this app requires you to water a flower every day.

You can set your personal goals based on duration, distance, weight or interval training. Using the in-app graph, you can monitor your progress and adjust your schedule anytime. Also, you can alter the reporting time every day. You can choose to have your report displayed when walking or afterward.

The app features multi-color themes, which changes every time depending on the time of the day. There are 3 available theme modes (morning, day & night).

To rank with your friends, log into facebook and establish friendly competitions through fit exercises.

This app wasn’t created for kids. It works better with adults.

Easy Pedometer

This app keeps track of your steps in real-time. When you increase your daily steps, you will gain grades to upgrade your level.

 Your statistics are shown daily (by day) and historically (by month & year). Your trends are also shown,  and you can easily alter whatever you wish to.

There is a personal health report which record changes in your body metrics.

To compete with friends and family, other apps require you to log into Facebook, but on the easy pedometer, you can compete with your friends within the app.

The app also features an achievement ranking. If you complete daily goals and increase your steps. You will be awarded an achievement badge.

Walking Tracker

You will be required to set a walking goal, which is the distance you want to walk. You will need to cover this distance before your goal can be completed. Depending on the number of calories you want to burn, you can customize your weight loss plan.

There is a built-in pedometer tracker which counts your steps, calories, distance, habits and active time.

To get a personal achievement badge you will need to increase the accuracy of your steps.

There are also various themes to try out.

There are in-app ads which can be frustrating at times. But if you don’t mind, then you can go on and download this app.

EasyFit Pedometer

This app is very colorful. There are 26 themes to choose from and they are all beautifully designed. These designs are consistent with google material design. This will make you more relaxed whenever you’re using the app.

There is a special power save mode which reduces the power consumed even if you run the app all day.

You can use the home screen widget to show your current steps and badge of the day which are 28 in total. These badges are unlocked per series of goals you complete.

There are 24 languages to choose from.


Walkcoin is the last but not the least on my list of best pedometer Apps for Android. If you compete in the Challenge program and complete all the tasks, you will be rewarded with energy coins. You can exchange these energy coins for gifts. The more challenges you take part in, the more rewards you get.

If you complete your daily walking achievements, you will be awarded badges. There are special badges for breaking history best performance, or meeting combo goals. You can share these badges with your friends online.

The app keeps tracking your distance, time and steps in real-time even if you’re on another app.

You can connect to Google Fit to sync your data. Also, you can enable push notification to aid in cultivating workout habits.

WalkCoin supports more than 20 languages.

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Best Pedometer Apps For Android

If you want to burn calories, strengthen your muscle, increase your stability and so on, these pedometer Apps for Android are a must-have. Walking is a simpler way to exercise so anyone can do it.

Anywhere you place your phone, these apps will still keep on working, even those with built-in sensors will still work perfectly.

Some of these apps showcase ads as their medium of monetizing, though this can get intrusive sometimes. While other apps on this list charge a fee to unlock features.

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