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Best Password Managers 2021 | Safe House For Your Passwords

Best Password Managers 2021 | Safe House For Your Passwords

best password managers

Hey there!

We live in what I would call the “password era” If that’s even a thing.

Well, in this era lots of tech geeks or laptop magnets tend to have lots of accounts online, from that Pinterest account you just created to the Pexel account you are about creating and blah blah blah.

The list could be literally endless for some of us.

As you know already, using one password for all your accounts online isn’t a good move. If that password falls in the hands of a mischievous person, you are done for!

Like it or not, every account deserves its own unique password. We are always scared of having 12 different passwords for 12 unique accounts, but the truth is, you don’t have to be.

It is very possible to have 12 passwords with the help of a password manager.

best password managers

With a password manager, you can securely save all of your online/offline passwords and not have to reset password whenever you want to sign in.

There was a time that I’d always have to reset gmail password whenever I wanted to log in. This was because I always forget my Gmail password.

What Are Password Managers?

They are basically Applications that can be used to store passwords, most password managers also have password generators which helps you create an “impossible to guess password.”


Here’s an amazing password manager for storing, generating and auto-fill, you should consider installing this if you’re having password management issues like me. LastPass has all the necessary features all password managers should have.

Keeping track of tons of passwords is completely possible with LastPass. Yes! You don’t have to click on the forgot password link again.

LastPass doesn’t just keep a record of your passwords, you could also use LastPass to do other things like;

  • SSN number
  • Bank Account
  • Drivers license
  • Passport
  • Insurance policy
  • Addresses
  • Wi-Fi password
  • Membership
  • And more
best password managers
Image from Pcmag

Remember I said “generating” at the top? Well, yes. Lastpass can also be used as a password generator.

LastPass doesn’t generate a password that is easy to guess, It generates a password that contains small letters, capital letters, and numbers. LastPass also boasts of an auto-fill feature that lets you fill forms in seconds.

A cool feature I must say.

Google Chrome Auto-Fill

Some would say this is not an ideal password manager. Well, you’re wrong.

In fact, Google Chrome has saved me from the stress of having to input user ID and password whenever I want to log in to a website that requires authentication.

Take a quick peek at the number of saved passwords I have on my Google Chrome browser, and hey! They are all different passwords.

best password managers

Imagine the stress of having to remember all these passwords.

Nah, I’m totally not that kinda guy.

How do you save passwords on Google chrome? It’s simple. All you need to do is;

  • Open the website you want to log in to.
  • Input the username/ID and password of the website.
  • Google Chrome will ask you if you want to save password. Click on Save.
best password managers

You can view your save passwords, delete save passwords or turn off the feature on Google Chrome. It depends on what you want. Google Chrome doesn’t just save Passwords, you could save addresses, card details, and phone numbers.

Google Chrome is actually my favorite password manager and is totally worthy of being on our list of best password managers 2019.


So, according to the developers of this password manager “You were not born to remember passwords, Enpass is”. Enpass is the last but definitely not the least software on our list of best password managers 2019.

To start with, I think Enpass has the best user interface compared to LastPass.

Enpass is free to use on PC. Isn’t that great? However, if you want to use the mobile App on your device, you will need to pay. Enpass is also available on IOS and Linux.

Just like Google Chrome, Enpass supports autofill.


Q: I’ve purchased Enpass on one platform. Do I need to purchase it on other platforms separately?

A: Yes, you need to purchase Enpass on every platform independently. It’s because your purchases on every platform are managed by the respective stores and are not available across the apps (even between iOS and macOS). Apple has stated this in their documentation as “Every product is associated with a specific app. Products created for use by one app are not available in other apps. Companion apps on a different platform are different apps—the products of the Mac app are not available in the iOS app and vice versa.”.

Q: Does Enpass also work in Flight Mode or without an internet connection?

A: Yes, of course. Enpass saves all your data locally on your device and works without an internet connection. That allows you to access your data even in flight mode or without any internet connection. But in case, if you have enabled sync and modified data in Enpass in flight mode or without internet, then all the changes will be stored locally on the device and will be reflected on the other devices once the internet is connected.


There are lots of password managers out there, but for me? I’d recommend LastPass, Google Chrome and Enpass. These Apps have amazing features that you will love.

You don’t need to worry about your passwords being compromised, these softwares are highly encrypted and it will be quite difficult to steal your password.

Thanks for stopping by.

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