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10 Best Online Shopping Apps 2021 | Shop Till You Drop

10 Best Online Shopping Apps 2021 | Shop Till You Drop


Are you tired of going to the mall to pick up whatever you want to buy? Well, I understand what it feels like, so here is where I step in, in this article I will be out listing the best online shopping apps.

Surely You’ll love these apps if you try them out.

Shopping online is a nice way to buy and sell these days, the act of picking up your mobile device and searching for stuff online just too convenient.

So with these apps, you’ll be able to sit in the comfort of your home and order or pay for and receive whatever you need.

List Of Best Online Shopping Apps

amazon app thumbnailHere’s the first app, this app is called Amazon shopping.

This app is one of the best android online shopping apps because with it you’re able to choose from millions of products around the world in just a single app.

You can also use Alexa (a voice search that’s helps you search) to help you make a better choice while shopping.

You can also use this baby to signup for shipment notifications, in order to know when what you ordered will be arriving.

This apps makes buying and selling online much easier.

ebay app thumbnailSo the second app here is called eBay. With this app, you’ll be able to buy, sell & save money.

You can also shop top-selling electronics, gym equipment, clothes, and other stuff available. The most interesting part is that you can also sell and buy used car parts or just about anything.

You can find some great stuff on eBay for good prices if you’re patient. eBay is more convenient and very much easy to use.

Best online shopping appsAli express is the third darling on our list, that you can use for online shopping. It is actually my favorite.

AliExpress is what you’d wanna have on your mobile phone because with this app you can get the latest fashion fad that broke the Internet last week, a new chaise lounge for the living room, weights for body workout etc.

There are also millions of top trending stuff on Ali express.

They also give free shipping on over 75% percent of their products.

With this app, I assure you that you’ll get stuff at a lesser and cool price. Check it out!

Jumia - online shopping apps The fourth top online shopping app on this list is called Jumia. (Strictly for us Africans)

Jumia is one of the Africa largest and popular online store, that gives you great discounts on each stuff you purchase.

There’s also a policy of easy returns or should I say money back guarantee (getting back your money if their services are not satisfying).

With this baby, you can get notifications on the latest deals and flash sales and coupons.

Online Shopping apps With Alibaba app being the fifth darling on our list of best Online shopping Apps, you can shop for millions of products online.

You can find worldwide suppliers and buy whatever you need on the go!

The app makes it super easy to attend to business inquiries, communicate and chat with suppliers.

You can also make international payments through credits card and wire transfers.

Alibaba app has been made extremely easy to get all that you want online.

Online Shopping appsDo you have any unused stuff you wish to sell? If yes, Then OLX is an app you should try out.

With this app, you can buy and sell stuff within your neighborhood or better still with people with profiles on OLX.

You can also create an advertisement which will enable you to sell your stuff quickly. You can also find great stuff at cheaper prices and great quality.

Online Shopping appsAre searching for a good online store to buy and sell on in Nigeria? Then I suggest you give KONGA a try.

With Konga, you can get exciting deals for you and your family. You can get to enjoy great deals and discounts on every stuff you get to buy.

So in order for you to be part of the people who’ll partake in the great discounts, then I fully suggest that you give Konga a try.

Online Shopping appsWe can’t talk about top shopping apps without mentioning WALLAPOP.

With wallapop, it’s easy to buy and sell almost everything you like. You can also chat with sellers directly, meet up with them, check out the item and buy it.

You can also sell your used stuff and that is what most people like about it. It’s one of the top grossing apps on the Google Play store.

You can also make money and save money on great items too.  (that’s sound cool right?).

If I were you I’d try this app out in order to sell out my old stuff Before it gets damaged. 😎

Online Shopping appsYudala is the only African retail e-commerce platform that combines twenty-two offline stores that can be found nationwide.

With yudala, you can get your stuff delivered to your doorstep.

Payments of things bought can be done online where you are assured of the safest online shopping payment method, allowing you make hassle-free payments.

You can also choose to pay on delivery if that is more convenient for you. With yudala, you can get the best quality products at an unbeatable price tag.

Online Shopping appsWish is one of the secrets to affordable shopping.

Wish offers 50 to 80 percent discount on anything you purchase compared to what you’d pay in a mall.

It delivers anything purchased to your doorstep and it’s #1 of the shopping malls in Europe and North America

It also allows you to browse through a wide range collection of trending fashion wears, accessories, electronics with ease.


We’ve finally gotten to the end of this article on best online shopping apps, in case we missed your favorite app. FEEL FREE TO USE THE COMMENT BOX.

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