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10 Best Offline Games For Android 2021 | No Internet Required!

10 Best Offline Games For Android 2021 | No Internet Required!


There are games out there that don’t require an internet connection or WiFi to be played. A list of the Best Offline Games For Android has been carefully mapped out for you. Best Offline Games For Android simply means, action games, adventure games, arcade games and more, that don’t require an internet connection or WiFi to play, so basically you can play this game any time and anywhere you are.

Offline games are completely amazing, you may think games that are online are more entertaining and interesting, If you use WiFi or an internet connection to play a game on your Android device, it will definitely be amazing, but trust me offline games are mind-blowing, from the graphics to the gameplay, and the controls are superb. So, I didn’t just want to put any kind of offline game on my list for you guys, I searched and found some amazingly outstanding offline games that are jaw-dropping.

A list of these jaw-dropping games are below, let’s dive in!

The List Of The Best Offline Games For Android 2021

3D Pool Ball

Best Offline Games For Android

Developed and offered to you by CanaryDroid, 3D Pool Ball is a thrilling and entertaining pool game, amazing graphics, smooth gameplay, and the controls are just excellent. This Pocket billiard game is just amazing in the 3d view, you can only imagine what it looks like right now.

The amazing thing about this game is that in addition to the offline tournaments, it also has an online tournament as well, so if you are getting tired of playing offline against computer or player 2, then you can get an internet connection and go online and play against friends and people you might not even know, to test your skills and improve your gameplay.

Bet big, you have a chance of winning big in this game, if you are a snooker fan then this is the game for you. Just 29MB in the installation size, with over 10 million downloads on google play store alone.

Shadow Fighter

This is an amazing, addictive action and adventure offline game that will get you on your toes. This cool RPG game is one of the best offline game on my list, I’m just starting, and if I end here with this 2 games, trust me you’ll never get bored again.

Play this game with over 50 levels and missions that just keep coming. You have a lot to do, you’ve got zombies to kill, monsters to kill and other dark forces to kill as well, so get prepped and equipped with the latest and most sophisticated weapons you can find in the weapons inventory. Pick your weapons and go zombie hunting.

You can never get tired of playing this game, if you are tired of the particular character you are using in the game, you can always make a change to another powerful character and keep fighting. Start this game playing in the normal mode, but then after a while of playing and getting better at the game, you can increase to the hard mode or even the extremely hard mode. Just 35MB stands in your way to perfectly entertaining action and adventure game on my list.

Cover Fire

action game on google play store, totally free and offline with an outstanding graphics and gameplay, controls are alright, so all you have to do is download this game now and enjoy the mysteries Cover Fire has in store for you.

This is a unique offline FPS game on android, get ready to eliminate your enemy on sight. play as a well-trained assassin and play alongside other powerful assassins. You can create and build up an assassin squad to make it easier for you to reach all your assassins and upgrade them to be more deadly.

Step into the battlefield and take charge, prove that you are the leader and as their leader.

you can lead them to a battle that will not only prepare them for other battles ahead but also increase your earnings in the game to enable you but more ammunition. You can start a storyline in the game if you aren’t feeling the occasional fights as an assassin. With over 10 million downloads, this game is just 31MB in the installation size.

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Offline Bubbles

No WiFi or any internet connection of any kind required, totally free and very entertaining. Offline Bubbles is an amazing Arcade game with cool graphics and smooth gameplay, trust me you’ll like this game a lot. Now the controls are easy, very easy to play, simply tap on your screen to be able to drag the aim, or laser aim as it’s called. When your ready remove your finger from the screen to take your first shot. You must clear the board, simply by three bubbles of the exact same color.

Progress in levels as you complete each level successfully, there are about 1000 levels in this game for you to scale through, clear all the bubbles to move forward to another level. Play this game with a winning strategy, there are amazing power-ups for you and boost that will help you pop all bubbles.

This addictive game is just 18MB in the installation size.

Traffic Rider

The next Best Offline Games For Android on the list is this thrilling racing game from the bike racing category from google play store. You can play the endless racing adventure or play some time challenges or some other amazing racing options, take this racing game to a new level, and a better note when you start the amazing new career mode.

The objective of this game is to drive any bike of your choice through the traffic and attain high points and money to be able to activate some boost and buy some other high-end bikes to add to your collection.

Enjoy the amazing first-person bike racing view and also the smooth graphics which makes the gaming experience a unique one. Traffic Rider is totally fun for you all, with just 80MB in the installation size, with over 100 million downloads so far.

Asphalt Nitro

Best Offline Games For Android

If you haven’t heard of this game then you haven’t lived my friend, this is one of the games among the Asphalt series that came out with the first series, this game needs no introduction. With just 35MB you can download this game and experience true Nitro power in this fast-paced Asphalt special. cool, right?

Asphalt Nitro can be called a lightweight Asphalt racing game among the Asphalt series, other Asphalt games are basically high in the file size, thus making this particular one be game that everyone can download, so if you don’t have enough Data or a Large WiFi plan, then you can download this game for a lower price and get that amazing Asphalt experience.

So, so far this game has had over 50 million downloads on google play store, want to give it a try?

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an amazing endless runner game on my list of Best Offline Games For Android, you might have downloaded subway surfers couple of months back, but this version is quite different, subway surfers always have occasional updates, which will include new cities and more characters.

The gameplay is so cool and easy to play, the graphics are amazing and the controls are so easy, swipe left to move left, swipe to the right to move to the right, swipe down to duck, and swipe up to jump. All this swiping and movement is to help you dodge trains and scale through obstacles and keep going till you can’t go anymore.

Basically, when you start this game, your speed will be kind of slow, not fast at all, as you progress in the run, you speed increases till the point where you can’t keep up any longer. For those that are too good in this game and know how to keep their cool, will still be running even when it’s super fast.

This game is just 83MB in the installation size, with over a stunning 1 billion downloads which are just crazy, people around the world have joined the fun, what are you waiting for?

Brothers In Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 is one of the most entertaining action-packed shooting game you’ll ever see, one of it’s kind. It’s one of our top Best Offline Game on my list of top Best Offline Games For Android. It is a multiplayer game in which you can play with friends all around the world, but you are going to need an internet connection to play the multiplayer mode, but regardless you can play this game in the career mode without any internet.

Now, there is an active offline story mode, in this mode you have objectives, follow Sergeant Wright as he goes through the after the battle of the World War 2 invasion. Also, to add to that, there are maps you need to know to use to know your way around, study the gameplay and progress with your brothers in arms.

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Red Bull Air Space 2

Well, welcome to one of the racing games on google play store that is not totally all about cars and bikes, you are basically racing in the air, airplanes and the rest. This game features amazing airplanes, Motorsport also in the sky, just amazing, right?

Red Bull Air Race 2 has over 400 races, play each race one after the other, also the many events that take place in the game. With incredible graphics and unique gameplay, trust me you are sure to have an amazing time with this game, just click on the download link below and download this amazing game.

This game is just 30MB in the installation size, with over 500 thousand downloads so far.

CSR Racing 2

This game might be large in its size, over 1 GB, but the gaming experience is not to be found anywhere else, with impeccable graphics and smooth gameplay, you can be playing this game for hours and not even know it, very addictive and totally entertaining. The game objectives are solely based on the crazy on-road ability to break the rules while racing. Regardless of the fact that you’ll need an internet connection to play some of the features and modes, but this game can totally be played without any internet connection.

With over 10 million downloads on this game, there is really no game on my list of Offline Games on Android that is as large as this game and also has immense gameplay and a lot of features and activities, you can never get tired of playing this kind of game on your Android device. Just 63MB in the installation size, but there will be an additional file to be downloaded.


relax your nerves with some thrilling action-packed offline adventure games from google play store. Google play store has the best and latest offline games that are totally amazing. I know most people, once they hear offline the get worried that the game won’t be anything to be compared with the online games available. That is true, but before you choose which offline game will serve you well, you need to understand that the Best Offline Games For Android are no joke.

So keep enough space on your Android device, so that you can comfortably download an of the games I have in store for you. Thank you for your time, see ya next time!

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