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10 Best Office Apps For Android That You Should Use In 2021

10 Best Office Apps For Android That You Should Use In 2021


Most people do not know that there are Android apps that could literally help when it comes to office-related problems and purposes.

Well, I got to figure this out when I was in search of a way to document some of my information.

I also got to figure out that Android office apps do a great job as PC apps that are used for documentation.

There are lots of unuseful apps in the jungle of google play store.

That’s why am here to guide you in making the right choice with no stress.

In this post, I would show you some best office apps for Android.


List Of Best Office Apps For Android

The first app on our list is not just an office app, But it can serve as an alternative for the Microsoft word pc software.

This is one of the best office apps and is a lightweight app. WPS office is less than 35mb but can still do what other apps can do. It comprises all WordProcessor integrated functions.

Obviously, this apps allows you to create, view and edit office word documents.

It’s able to open all types of wordprocessor formats.

This app also supports about 45 languages and hopefully, we are expecting more.

It also supports wireless printing, which is pretty cool, too bad to know that this app has a premium version which is quite cheap.

OfficeSuite is another cool office app for android.

This app is old but still rocks because of its amazing features.

It has the ability to view, edit, modify and create documents like excel and powerpoint, it also performs advanced PDF functions. This app comes with an inbuilt file manager and also a” chat with client” document sharing that helps you lay complaints to the developers with ease. A lot of users love this app because of its handy tools which are very useful.

Also, this app has a paid version that has pdf scanning feature and a font pack that is very much compatible with Microsoft.

This app doesn’t have so many features, but it has mind-blowing features.

It is able to search for your saved document, open encrypted files and also create an encrypted file. This app supports both Microsoft and pdf documents which most office apps are not capable of.

It supports up to 18 different languages. The free version is quite ok, but the premium version is super cool, as it gives you more features.

Premium version gives you cloud storage ability and also the usage of one account on three devices.

You cannot get to talk about best office apps for android without listing out Microsoft word.

This app is quite popular and known by everyone, probably because it has a pc version.

Well, it may surprise you that the Android version rocks, it does everything the pc version does.

This app has tons of features like;

  • Editing, creation, and the opening of all file formats.
  • It is super handy and very easy to use.
  • You can get to share your works with friends on social media.

This app is trustworthy and you should not have difficulties in using it.

best office apps for androidThis app has some features that most apps that are paid for also have.

It has the ability to create living documents, combine chat, task lists, spreadsheets and lots more. You can also share your documents and task list to anyone you wish to.

It also has integrated real-time messaging for its users. It also has a fully functional spreadsheet feature, which I strongly believe can compete with the Microsoft Excel.

Quip also has a good user interface which makes it easy to access your files, your chats, and synchronization of all data or other devices, it also features cloud storage. This app is a must-try because it has all these features and it’s completely free.

From my research, I realized that this app was being paid for before now, But due to some reasons, the developers decided to let it go online for free.

This app is quite easy to use and has a very nice user interface.

It was designed to meet the essential office needs of this generation as you can use this app to edit, view and create documents. Basically, this app was built for wordprocessing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Well, there is nothing much to say, but this app is a sure and nice one.

best office apps for android 2018The 7th app on our list here is called docs to go.

From the name, you will get to know that it is all about creating and editing documents.

It syncs all of your files on cloud storage to reduce the chances of losing them.

This app has a premium feature that gives you access to password-protected documents without inputting the password.

I suggest that you guys should get the premium and see what kind of wonderful beast this app is.

With this app, you can get to work anywhere and anytime, no matter the situation.

best office apps for androidWhat kind of businessman or woman will run his or her business without a calculator?

Well, I know most devices come with stock calculators nowadays, but this one is very unique because it has a virtual tape mode for android and so much more.

This calculator apps is able to calculate the percentage, whether subtraction or addition of percentage values. It also supports three rounding modes and also allows annotations or comments on the tape. It has a premium version that allows you to use the app without displaying ads.

This app is a must-have for all business people, it will help you realize when you are losing and gaining.

best office apps for androidLet’s say you are called upon to give a speech with graphical representations and you are looking for a nice app to help you do that, then Microsoft powerpoint is the right bus stop.

This baby allows you to create, edit, view, present or share presentations easily from anywhere and anytime.

It has the ability to make a long-lasting impression by letting you create nice graphical presentations by writing text and inserting images, also you can insert background music to give it a different feel. This app allows you to share and also collaborate with friends while creating presentations.

Microsoft powerpoint has a very nice UI (user interface) and makes it easy for you to focus and work.

The last app in our category of best office apps for Android is called Microsoft Excel.

This app is a spreadsheet that is well designed and allows users to create, view, edit, and share your files with friends easily. It also gives you straight access to view and edit workbooks attached to emails.

It has lots of formatting tools that you can use in writing your documents in a cool way.

With this app, I assure you that you can create and calculate whatever you want on the spreadsheet with ease.


If you get to use any of these apps, you will notice that with time there will be improvements in your business of Office. Truth be told, these Apps offer great services that can be totally useful to you in your office.

Kindly feel free to use the comment box.

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