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Top-Tier 12 Best Notification Apps For Android 2021

Top-Tier 12 Best Notification Apps For Android 2021


Hello Android user, I believe you understand what notifications are, and what notification apps for android are.

You are here to discover the best notification apps for android that will serve your purpose. I got you covered, you have nothing to worry about.

I have a simple list of notification apps, they work correctly and they work on any android device, mostly android 6 and above.

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List Of Best Notification Apps Android

Notification apps help you get notified of any incoming message to your android device, even calls, and other notifications. With amazing customizable features that allow you to tweak the app to your taste.

  1. Notification Sounds

Notification sounds app is a cool notification app. You can download and set any ringtone, and notification sound, then, receive calls or notifications faster than your traditional notification sound feature.

With over 5 million downloads, and 12mb in the download size, you can use this app on your device, and I really hope it’s compatible with your device.

Best Notification Apps

2. Best Notification – Heads up

Best Notification takes the 2nd spot on my list of best notification apps for Android. This displays your notifications with a colorful notification bubble that pops up at the top whenever you got a notification. You can customize the size and color and make it look cool and smart.

It really doesn’t matter the android device you are currently using, it will work perfectly. Although, if you’re using a Samsung device, you probably don’t need this app.

This app notification’s bubbles are very similar to the Samsung bubble notification, just 3mb in the download size and you’re good to go. This app is worthy of being on my list of best notification apps.

Best Notification Apps

3. Notification History Log

If you receive a notification like everybody else, and you have a habit of Swiping it out of the screen, then with Notification history log app, you can get it back.

You can always go back to the history log and check out what you missed and view them again.

This app will need to be granted access to some certain settings in your android device, but once that is one, its got you covered.

4. Notification Toggle

This app can access your status bar, create notifications, and quick access tools for you.

You can toggle from one app to the other, but some toggles might require root, so if your android device is already rooted, you don’t have an issue at all.

This app is compatible with any android device. The toggles that are available, and accessible.

There are popular toggles and shortcut like, Bluetooth, WiFi, Hotpot and the rest.

5. Recent Notification

Get a hold of the notifications that you missed and read through them again.

If any app on your device is misbehaving and refuses to receive notifications on time, you can refresh and get the notifications as fast as possible

Get your notifications filtered and grouped to make it easier for you to reach them. This app was created to make receiving notifications as fast as humanly possible, so you got nothing to worry about.

Of course, there are permissions you need to grant to continue to the app home user-interface, don’t let that scare you. Once you work your way around that, your notifications will come pouring.

6. Notification Blocker & Cleaner & Heads-up Off

This is one of the top notification apps for android, so you download and see what this little app can do.

We have cool heads-up notifications, the blocking feature to block all unnecessary notifications that you select as a low priority.

You can also block notifications from apps that don’t have the ability to block notifications and hey! it gets better, it cleans up all notifications that have pilled up and are causing lagging or poor loading on your device.

7. FrontFlash Notification

Trust me, you want a notification app that gives you a cool customized notification look, and indicates that you’ve got a notification even when your phone’s screen is off and inactive?

You should probably download this app, and you can get the best notification out of it. In addition, your front flash will blink when you have an important notification, but you can adjust the flash time in the settings option.

Best Notification Apps

8. Notification Light / LED S20, S10 – aodNotify

Be wowed by this amazing app, smooth notification light like the Samsung s20 and s10 notification feature.

This is basically for Samsung devices when your Always display feature is active. But if you need the extra lightning effect, you can set this light, and it will work perfectly.

Basically, you will always know when your phone has got a notification, apart from your phone vibrating in your pocket.

With a highly customizable feature, you can use this for all Samsung device, ranging from the S series, the A-series, the C series, and the Note series respectively.

9. NotiSave: Save Status & Notification History log

I bet you didn’t know that you could save notifications on your device and come back to the saved history to view them. Fascinating right?

That what this is all about, cool features are just added to spice thing as up and make this app amazing.

Manage your notifications through a simple user interface.

Save all messages and notifications from all your social media apps and save others from messaging apps. Here’s a little tip, this app can auto-save WhatsApp status, isn’t that cool?

10. Notification Notes

The 10th app on my list of best notification apps for android is Notification Notes. Get your notes ready, start up your day with important things that need to be done in your note, and get this app to remind you from time to time if you think you won’t remember on your own.

Once the notification reaches your device, and your device screen goes off temporarily, it will immediately come upon the arrival of the note notification.

You can edit your notes in a way that it will pop up on the lock screen, but will not show the contents of the notification.

11. Glimpse Notifications

Catch a glimpse of all your notifications on your device, no notification passes you without your knowledge. I know that feeling of having to press the power button to see any notification on your phone.

Imagine waiting for an alert and literally press your power button a hundred times just to check if the alert has come, quite frustrating I tell you. However, with this app, you won’t need to press your power button regularly. You’ll get notified by Glimpse when the alert finally comes through.

You can set a time in the app to control the pop-ups. Only you get to see the notification displayed on your screen for a few seconds, then the timer makes the screen go off again to protect your private messages from prying eyes.

12. Edge Lighting : Notification, Rounded corner

This one is my personal favorite on my list of best notification Apps for Android, I have used this particular app and it’s amazingly outstanding. You got Edge lightning, cool notification, and even rounded corner screen features, all in one, wow! isn’t that amazing?

If I want to take you through how all this works, I will tell you that, the rounded screen gives your device that cool new rounded screen look.

Then the addition of the edge lighting that comes up when you have a notification, makes it the perfect notification app, for you.


I like to explore a lot of options and customize my device, you can decide to use more than one of these notification apps at a time on your phone and that will still be okay, it’s all up to you.

All the apps above are working, it won’t occupy much space on your android device and will give you that cool notification feature you desire.

I hope this article on the best notification apps for Android has been helpful. Thanks for stopping by.

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