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15 Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Case 2021 | Protective Cases

15 Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Case 2021 | Protective Cases


Also looking for the best Nintendo Switch carrying cases and covers you can get for your precious console? This post id just for you. If you will agree with me, the Nintendo Switch is the most portable console we’ve seen in years. Because of this, it’s quite convenient for many people to want to take it along with them when commuting or on a travel.

But how do you make sure your Switch is kept safe while you enjoy a nice game time away from home? That is the reason you need to invest in a good carrying case and cover. Thankfully, there are lots of options on the market to choose from. However, to save you the time and the stress while ensuring you get the best, here are the 15 best Nintendo switch carrying cases you can get for yourself.

List of Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases and Covers

Ugreen Nintendo Switch Case
nintendo switch carrying case

Ugreen is a good Nintendo switch case you can always rely on when you need protection for your precious switch console. It boasts of a joy-con slot lined with a dedicated shockproof foam for ultimate protection. It has enough space for all the essential accessories and comes with a zipper pocket to keep your memory cards, cables, and other tiny accessories. Its integrated handle makes it easy to go with you anywhere you like.

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Amazon Basics Vault Case 

Amazon Basics products are not only known for their quality products but are also comparatively cheaper than their competitors on the market. This Amazon Basics Vault Case is a hard-shell, heavy-duty Nintendo Switch case designed to give your console the ultimate protection it needs when you travel. Although it is a compact case, it has enough storage space to house your Nintendo Switch, 8 game cartridges, as well as your joy-cons too.

The case also offers protection against drops, thanks to its dual-layer design with a hard outer layer. It also features a soft inner layer that helps prevent scratches. With this case, you can carry your Switch anywhere because it can easily fit in your backpack.

Mumba Carrying Case

You don’t only need protection for your Switch when you are traveling, you also need to protect it even when you are using it. Mumba Carrying Case is a protective case that does the job pretty well. It is slick and has enough storage space to fit your Switch while the Joy-Cons are attached. It also comes with a pouch that helps hold extra cables and other accessories. If what you want is a case that will protect your Switch while you use it, this is just the best Nintendo Switch case for the job.

TomToc Ultra Slim Case
nintendo switch carrying case

Here is another cool case on my list of Nintendo Switch game cases. Who else like to travel light while traveling? This might just be the best Switch case you need. Without adding extra bulk of the load, this case allows you to carry your Switch and plenty of games along when you travel. While helping you save a lot of space, it is also pretty excellent when it comes to offering the ultimate protection your Nintendo Switch needs. It can also hold up to 10 games at the same time.

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag

This is what I call “Smart design.” This messenger bag is just for you if you are the type that loves toting things around your neck. PowerA Everywhere has a really striking internal design. The Switch protective bag ticks many boxes, including functionality and aesthetics. It conveniently fits your Switch, dock, controllers, cables, accessories, and games. A bonus – the bag also comes with a carrying pouch to carry your Switch in-hand. This bag is so unique that I couldn’t resist including it to this list of best Nintendo Switch carrying cases and covers.

Hestia Goods Nintendo Switch Case

Like the Amazon Basics case, Hestia Goods Nintendo Switch case is also a hard-shell case. While the outer shell offers protection against any damage, the inner layer, which is properly lined with soft fabric material is there to prevent scuffs and scratches. It also comes with a large zipper mesh pocket that helps you conveniently store extra Joy-Cons and Switch power adapter. The case also comes with a built-in card holder that can store up to 20 game cards at once.

RDS Traveler Deluxe Case

The RDS Traveler Deluxe case has always been a favorite among on any list of best Nintendo Switch cases and covers. It is petite and neat. It has enough storage space to perfectly fit your Switch tablet, Joy-Con controllers, Dock, and the Grip. It can also hold the various cables, all in a pretty compact factor.

Zadii Hard Carrying Cases
nintendo switch carrying case

This is a case with a pretty unique design too – designed like a lunchbox. But the Zadii hard carrying case comes with foam inserts that help put all your accessories in sections. This means you’ve just got yourself a case that can offer you Switch the best protection even in the shakiest of times. There is also a zipper compartment to keep extras, as well as a soft-backed flap for Switch cartridges.

Findway Nintendo Switch Crystal Clear Case

This is one of my most favorite out of the best Nintendo Switch cases and cover on this list. If you are also a fan of clear cases, you will surely love it too. Made of transparent TPU material, the Findway Nintendo Switch Crystal clear case is also very soft and flexible to touch. But it comes with a 3-part design, which means you will be getting separate cases for your Joy-Cons and console. Even though the case is a flexible one, it has strengthened corner to enhance the protection. Trust me; you can’t go wrong with this Switch case!

Fublab Travel Carrying Case

Looking to keep things more fun aside from getting on the console to game hard, this is a brilliant option to go. The name says it all. The Mario theme of the case will set you right as you contemplate your next Mario Odyssey or Mario Kart victory. There is even Mario Luigi if that is what you prefer.

ProCase Carrying Pouch
nintendo switch carrying case

Who says a Switch case can’t be fashionable at the same time? You only need to see the ProCase Carrying Pouch. It is just made for the fashionistas. Even though it may not be the most protection for your Switch, it is definitely the most stylish you can get. It may not fit more than your Joy-cons and your Switch along with a few games, but you are also not going to look like a person going hitchhiking when you carry it.

Finite Ultra Slim Nintendo Switch Case

This comes with a premium leather case with an interior guard made from soft microfiber to protect your Switch console from dust, dirt, and scratches. It has 3 different viewing angles from which you can enjoy your game in handheld mode, while the elastic strap at the back help holds it in place. Slim profiled and provides complete protection when your Switch is closed. This case is available in several pretty colors and designs, so finding one that perfectly matches your taste won’t be difficult at all.

#13: HORI Nintendo Switch Pikachu Alumi Case (Gold)

This is another stylish case on this list of the 15 best Nintendo Switch cases and covers. It comes in the form of a gold, metal case with the popular Pokemon on it. It may not be as protective as other cases on this list, and may not hold more than the console and five-game cartridges, but the look alone is enough to put it on this list. The lightning bolt design found on the inner lining of the case is pretty neat too.

Butterfox Nintendo Switch Travel Carrying Case

This also another perfect traveling case you can choose for your Nintendo Switch. It is pretty good at absorbing shock waves, thanks to its semi-hard outer shell. In order to prevent scratches, the inside is well lined with a soft cloth material. The large zippered mesh on the case also makes it easy for you to store your accessories like slim power banks, charging cable, extra Joy-Cons, and earbuds. It also has built-in storage space for your SD cards and game cards. One amazing thing about this case is also that; it doesn’t only pack enough functionality; it is also pretty cheap too.

Maxboost Nintendo Switch Travel Case

The last but not on this list of the best Nintendo Switch carrying Cases and Covers are the Maxboost travel case. It is another wonderful travel case that you won’t regret buying for your Switch. Its hard-shell case is durable and offers enough protection to your Switch from scrapes and bumps. It is also loaded with many features like the built-in mesh pocket, soft padded divider to protect Switch from scuffs and scratches, and storage space for game cards. However, it doesn’t come with an SD card storage space and also doesn’t have a zipper mesh pocket. But in all, it is a really good option that is worth investing in.

Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases and Covers

You’d be doing your Nintendo switch greater good by using a case which would serve for carrying around and protection. For this article, I carefully selected from a lot of Nintendo cases.

In this post, you will find the best Nintendo Switch carrying cases. Let me know your thoughts on these cases for Nintendo.

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