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12 Best Mystery Games For Android 2021 (Top-Tier)

12 Best Mystery Games For Android 2021 (Top-Tier)


Hey there guys, are you a fan of sherlock holmes? then you must be a fan of mystery games, that is why I want to introduce the best mystery games for android that will get your blood pumping.

Mystery games are one of my best category of games for android, I have a couple of these mystery game on my device right now, and I can say that there are entertaining, suspenseful and very educating as well.

So, gear up guys let’s get ready to burst that mystery!

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List Of Best Mystery Games For Android

  1. Mystery Manor

The first game on my list of best mystery games for Android is Mystery Manor. You are the detective in charge of the case to solve the mystery behind this mysterious manor.

The owner of the manor, mister X is no longer available, now things go bump in the night and creepy sounds are heard from it’s windows and doors, coming from inside the house.

You have a duty to find out the mystery behind this, find, hidden objects that will help you piece things together to solve the mystery of this manor.

2. Murder Mystery

Join the detective crew to figure out how to solve this murder. It’s all up to you, to use your detective skills to solve this mystery, you can’t do it all alone, that’s why you got help.

The excitement of playing this game cannot be over-emphasized, you’re going to have to play this game all by yourself to understand how cool it is.

So, hit that download button now, and lets solve this murder detective!

Murder Mystery

3. Mystery Society Crime Solving

Link up with your friendly neighborhood mystery society, together, you guys can do great things.

You are going to be given several missions, and test missions, search the room for clues and put the pieces together to solve the crime.

Your deduction skill needed now sir! hop in and do what you do best, yes you! I’m talking to you.

Mystery Society Crime Solving

4. Mystery of the Secret Guardians

This is a mystery that needs your attention, sir! stop whatever you’re doing right now and hit that download button and get this game, we need you!

That’s the cry for help from this game, I’m just doing my part as a messenger to pass the message. Looking for an entertaining and amazing mystery game for android, you’re looking at it.

Explore the world of hidden objects and solve whatever puzzle is keeping you from closing this case.

Mystery of the Secret Guardians

5. Adventure Escape

The 5th game on my list of best mystery solving games for android. The idea of this game is to escape, I really don’t get the adventure, are we suppose to have an adventure escaping? are you with me on this? I’m a bit confused here, if you are too, tap that download link and tell me what you think about the game later.

From what I’ve gathered on the game, you are to solve puzzles upon puzzle to escape from where you are been kept captive. It is indeed an adventure, moving through different locations trying to get out.

What do you say, want to give it a try?

6. Who Is The Killer?

This is still a mystery, no one knows who the killer is, do you? Oh, wait! I got a better question, don’t you want to find out who the killer is, right now I’m tempted to leave this article and find out for myself.

I’m here, don’t worry I ain’t going nowhere. This is one of the most popular mystery games on google play store with over 5 million downloads so far. It’s a new game, and it’s one of the best.

Don’t be left out of this adventure, dust off those detective skills and solve the mystery of the hidden killer.

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7. Detective Story

You are detective Jack, you’re assigned to this case, you have to solve this mystery now!

There is no one better suited for this, do you want to bet that if you download this game now, I might probably be the one to beg you to quit the game and take a break.

That’s how addictive this game can be, you won’t want to quit till you have solved a particular mystery, and after solving it, another one pops up and the game continues.

8. Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past

This was my first ever mystery game for android, I literally played this game till I became too critical and observant in the real world.

Apart from just playing mystery games and having fun, or passing time, you can learn a thing or two from playing games like this and become more sharp and calculative in life, that’s just a good side effect of playing this game.

There is a crime that has been carried out, with evil intentions, you have to solve the puzzle and figure out who is behind this and what took place. Gather evidence from the crime scene and build your case. cool right?

best mystery games for android

9. Crime City Detective

You will be taking the place of this good looking crime detective, hold on, you’re not going to look as cute as her in the game, so chill! but you will be doing what she does and even better than her if you’re up for it.

Go on an adventure to find hidden objects of interest to the case, figure out what it means and it’s relevance to the case, and voila you’ve solved the case, sounds easy, but not so easy.

10. Unsolved: Mystery Adventure Detective Games

Oh, wow! everywhere I turn I see cute detectives, I want this game, how about you? Well if you hesitate, I might just get it before you.

There is a mystery that needs unraveling, it’s unsolved, you are the best person for the job, I know you can do it, you were born for this, gear up, let’s move out.

This game involves searching for hidden objects, once you have gathered enough hidden objects that can lead you one step closer to the unsolved mystery that is when your job begins.

11. Haunted House Secrets Hidden Objects Mystery Game

This house is haunted, personally I’m scared of ghosts, I don’t want to be in this house, but you can take it up as a challenge, and be in the house to solve the mystery.

Find hidden objects, scout for good hiding positions, not for yourself of course, hahaha! are you that scared. You are looking for a hiding position to catch the ghost that will creep out in the dark when it thinks no one is around.

It’s quite hard to hide from a ghost, but it’s a game, nothing is impossible.

12. Sherlock Holmes Hidden Objects Detective Game

Here he is, the legendary Sherlock Holmes, the guy I told you about in the introduction, if you didn’t check out the intro of this article, maybe next time try checking out the introductions.

So, like the legendary Sherlock Holmes, you can become him in this game, dress like him, and solve crimes like him. If you even devote time to understanding and playing this game, you might even start thinking like him.


There you have it, are you ready to play some mystery games for android now? I bet your blood is pumping to try out one of my best mystery games for android.

Don’t think too much about it, give it a try and thank me later. Thanks a bunch though, for checking out this article. Contributions are welcomed in the comments section.

See ya!

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